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My smile disappeared....

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Hey Guys!
Sorry for not updating in a while, I haven't been sleeping at my own house lately because I'm sleeping over other people's houses practically all of the time! So, here you go.
DOES ANYONE STILL READ MY STORIES?! (Sorry for sounding whiny, I just wanted to know if I should keep updating or not.)

Ray's POV
I was getting nervous. Where were they? I started pacing. Mikey just sat in a chair and looked at me.
"Chill out, Ray. I'm sure they're fine." he said.
"I hope so. The fucking paparazzi have been vicious lately."
His expression changed. He knew what I had meant.
We had all known that Gerard had feelings for Frank since day one. But no one said anything. It soon slipped my mind. But then Mikey had started to talk about it again.
Gerard tells Mikey everything. Mikey tells me everything.
I knew about their little "Relationship" that they had going on, and was scared for them. And to make matters worse, the paparazzi, stalkers, and creeps really were seriously vicious lately.
I saw two figures walking down the sidewalk to my house. It was them. And they were holding hands. I saw them pull away from each other, and try to act normal as they walked towards the door. I walked outside with Mikey.
"Hey guys." I said. They both smiled at each other. I rolled my eyes. "I know about you two, okay? No need to act like there's nothing going on." I said.
Frank immediately grabbed Gerard's hand. Gerard rolled his eyes as well. "Slut." he muttered under his breath. We all started laughing.
"What do you say we go inside so we all DON'T wet?" Mikey laughed. We all agreed and went inside.

Gerard's POV
I looked at Frankie. He was leaning against me. We were all in Ray's living room, on couches, chairs, etc., watching a movie. Frankie and I were on the loveseat, Mikey was taking up an end of the bigger couch, and Ray was sitting upside down on the other end of it.
Frankie put his head on my shoulder and sighed. My heart started to race.
He looked up at me. I smiled and he smiled back. I kissed the top of his head, and then went back to watching the movie. Mikey noticed and raised an eyebrow at me. I just shook my head, and he went back to watching the movie.
I wondered how much he approved of this.
"What are you thinking, Gerard?" I thought to myself. "He's your baby brother! You don't need approval from him!"
I sure hoped so.
The movie ended, and Ray and Mikey went into the other room to get something. But the look Mikey gave me was telling me something else.
They were giving us time to be together. That made me smile, and Frankie noticed. He cocked his head to the side, a confused look flashing upon his face. He was so cute, I smiled even more.
"What are you thinking about?" he asked.
"You." I said. "I can't get you out my mind."
"Good." he smiled. "'Cause you only have a little over a week left."
That hurt. A lot. My smile disappeared.
He noticed.
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