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The Note To Gerard

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It felt like someone ripped out my heart, cut it into a million pieces, and put it back in my chest....

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So, in this story, Gerard has heart problems. And heart attacks can be stress induced.
Enough said. READ AWAY!

Gerard's POV
I woke up. I was glad I put pajama pants on after everything had happened because it was cold in my bedroom.
I looked over at Frankie. He was sleeping. Like a little angel. I couldn't help but my arms around him. He shuddered for a moment, but went back to being still. I loved him to death. I don't know how I could let him go, figuratively. I wanted him to be mine. Forever. Not Jamia's. No one's. Except me.
He was cold, so my touch warmed him. Last night, we had been sober, so it had been much better. I couldn't help but seem desperate for the moment.
Not my fault.
I only had about a week left with him. I loved him too much. It took all of this thinking to realized that last sentence. I loved him too much. Maybe it would be for the best if I let him go... No. Never. Not my Frankie. I needed him. I had always been the weaker one, and he was my crutch for those weaknesses. Take him, I fall.
He interrupted my thoughts with muttering something meaningless. He was talking in his sleep again.
"Gerard." he mumbled. I smiled. Then he opened his eyes.
He cautiously looked around the room. He seemed scared.
"Frankie." I said. He looked at me, relaxing.
"Hey Gee." he said.
"Hey." I said. I kissed him on the forehead. He rolled his eyes and smiled. He snuggled right next to me, and shuddered again. He was really cold. I looked over to see a cold, rainy breeze coming from the window and he was on the side of that window. No wonder.
I held onto him tighter, and sighed. This was a perfect moment, and I didn't want to ruin it by getting up to close a fucking window.
I fell asleep again, and didn't wake up until 12:27 in the afternoon. I opened my eyes. Frankie wasn't there, the window was closed as well.
There was a note.

"Gee," it said.
"I have to leave. I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. She needs me and you have Lindsay. Be glad we had the time we did, and let's just forget about it. This all never happened, and I never loved you. -Frank."
I couldn't believe it. I was heartbroken. It felt like someone ripped out my heart, cut it into a million pieces, and put it back in my chest.
I felt myself become overcome by a severe pain in my chest. Not figuratively, but literally. I started to gasp for air as I went into cardiac arrest.
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