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You Give You Get

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Things start to heat up in Gerard's room.

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Okay so I'm finally back from my vacation and I have a great update for this story. The moment you've all been waiting for =P Enjoy!

My back ached and Gerard had to help me up. But I didn't complain about sleeping on the floor, I was away from my parents.

"Sorry, Mikey rarely has nightmares anymore but when he does I promised he could sleep in here." Gerard wrapped his arms around me.

"It's ok, Gee." I kissed him gently and chuckled.

He grinned.

"You're really hot, you know that right?" I smiled up at him.

He  flipped his hair back, brushed mine out of my eyes and pulled my face to his. "I've been told that." He smirked and crushed his lips to mine.

After a few moments of kissing I felt his tongue glide against my bottom lip. I moaned and opened my mouth. His tongue entered my mouth and explored every inch of it. A moan came from the back of his throat and he pressed my body closer to his. He pulled away from me, smiling.

When he smiled it had to be the best thing in the world. His smiles were so pure and innocent. I was proud that I had made him smile, and was ecstatic that I was the one witnessing such a thing. I don't know how anyone who hurt Gerard could live with themselves.

I was so mesmerized by his smile that I didn't feel his hand gliding along the bulge through my pajama pants. I gasped and looked down. His hand was at the top of my pants and slowly slid in through my underwear. It wrapped around my hardness and started to rub it.

I threw my head back in pleasure. I felt my pants fall to the ground, along with my underwear. I looked back at Gerard.

He was smiling. "We never got to finish."

I opened my mouth to speak but only stutters came out as Gerard got to his knees. He looked up at me, smiling. I bit my lip, he was too damn beautiful.

"I love you, Frankie. You treat me so well." He kissed the tip and I gasped.

He started to rub my shaft and slowly slid me into his mouth. I forced myself to look down, moaning at the sight. Gerard had his eyes closed, jet black hair getting into his face as he gave me a blow job. His mouth felt so amazing, it had to be the best feeling ever. I gathered his hair behind his head so I could see his beautiful face more. I bit my lip, trying not to moan too loud. His parents and his brother were right upstairs.

His head started to move faster. I could hear faint gagging noises as he went deeper. I put my head back again but looked back down to see his beautiful hazel eyes, sparkling up at me. I smiled at him.

Gerard pulled me from his mouth, and started to rub me fast. I was so close and didn't care as I let out a loud moan. I came hard onto Gerard's face.

A knock at the door startled us. "Gerard, what are you doing?"

It was his father.
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