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You Owe Me

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So sorry I haven't updated, heres an update :)

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I'm so so so sorry I haven't much s* has been going on and I have writers block, school is taking up most of my time. So I hope this update is okay because I'm not right now. I promise better updates in the future, thanks :)

"N-nothing, Dad!" Gerard called back.

"Gerard are you and Frank doing anything?" His father said suspiciously.

"N-no." Gerard stuttered and looked back up at me with scared eyes.

I didn't understand why he was so scared. I handed him a t-shirt that was lying on the ground. He wiped his face with it and stood up. I pulled up my pants.

"Gerard open the door, now." His Dad was getting impatient.

Gerard unlocked all of the locks on his door and slowly opened it. His father barged in and hit him to the ground.

"Ow!" Gerard cried out.

"What happened?" He glared at Gerard.

"Nothing!" Gerard yelled in response.

"Why did I hear a moan then? You being a faggot in my house?" He asked angrily. “I know your mother let’s you get away with it but I won’t!”

“I swear, Dad! I wasn’t doing anything!” Gerard protested from the ground.

“I am not going through this, Gerard. Your ‘friend’ will sleep upstairs until he finds another place to stay!” He stomped out of the room.

I looked at Gerard, he was shaking on the ground. “Hey..” I started. “It’s okay.”

Gerard shook his head. “H-he caught me with Nick once..I got a brutal beating.”

I got onto the ground with him, wrapping him in my arms. “We’ll get through this, okay? Even if we’re not accepted we still have each other. I’m here for you, Gee.” I kissed his forehead.


I turned over on the couch, terribly uncomfortable. The floor was better then this. No matter how much Donna tried to convince Gerard’s father I still had to sleep on the fucking couch. The couch wasn’t even meant for sleeping on but I needed to stop complaining. It was still better then living with my asshole parents. I wondered if Gerard was sleeping, biting my lip at the thought. He was so beautiful when he slept, so peaceful and innocent.

I was drifting into unconsciousness with the image of Gerard asleep in my mind. I had finally gotten to sleep, only to be woken up. Someone was on top of me, my eyes were still blurry and it was hard to see through the dark.

“W-What?” I asked, still tired.

“Shh...” A hush came. I felt soft lips press against my neck, kissing and biting gently. A gasp escaped from me. The kisses moved up from my neck to my lips. Kissing me gently, moaning against my lips. I kissed back and pressed his body closer to mine.

I woke up suddenly, looking around. Morning light filled the room.

“Frank do you wanna pass? Or do you wanna sleep through the exam?” Gerard asked.

I sat up and turned to see Gerard smirking and leaning against the entrance to the living room. He, of course was wearing his signature leather pants and an Iron Maiden concert t-shirt.

“If you leave your mouth open too long you might get a mouth full of bugs.” Gerard chuckled and I quickly shut my mouth. He raised an eyebrow. “You know we have our english exam, right?”

“Fuck!” I jumped off the couch and grabbed my school bag.

“Aren’t you gonna get dressed?” The smirk was plastered to his face.


“The exam started ten minutes ago..Gee you owe me.” I muttered.

“Sorry I had to do my hair, why don’t you kill me for it?” He smirked.

“You still owe me..” I kicked a pebble.

“Okay I have no problem with that.” He smirked and grabbed my crotch.

I pushed his hand away. “Gerard!” I whined. “I don’t want a boner, not now!”

He smirked and skipped ahead of me.

Of course the exam wasn’t any better. Gerard sat across the room from me, making faces and gestures to me. My pants were painfully tight and I couldn’t focus on the exam. There was only ten minutes left in the exam and I wasn’t even past the second page. Little miss tease was skimming through the exam, filling in all of the answers without any problems. Curse my abilities to help people. But at least he was gonna pass. He just owed his life to me for flunking my exam.
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