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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Pt 1

Rose's POV:
After a sleepless night, I was still struggling to find the truth. I decided to put it out of my mind, though, when Denominator gave us some pretty bad news that morning.

"What's wrong, D?" Green Wallflower asked him.

He sighed. "With so many people, we're going to need some more food. We won't make it through tonight with the amount we have."

"I'll go!" Wallflower volunteered immediately. She was practically bouncing. "I've been bored as hell with no dracs to shoot."

"It's been two days," Crescendo pointed out, rolling her eyes. It seemed that the two didn't like each other that much. "But I guess I'll come too. Make sure you don't fuck it up."

"Don't be mean, Crescendo," Party Poison said. "But if you're going, I will, too." She beamed at him.

Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa. Suddenly, my vision turned red. I didn't know why, but no way did I want those two alone together.

"I'mgoingtoo," I heard myself say without missing a beat.

Denominator cocked his head. "Aren't you going to BLI?"

Shit. Uhh..."He...said...that he...didn't want me to come in today," I invented wildly.

Denominator raised his eyebrows. "Oh?"

"Nope." The lie came a little more easily now that I knew what I was doing. "We're...having a little fight." It was sort of true. But that's true every day.

He shook his head. "That's not good, Gift. We need him to trust you."

I noticed everyone was looking at me. My ears burned a little, which helped my act wonderfully. "I know." I took a deep breath. "I was just thinking that...tomorrow he'd be more agreeable."

Denominator shrugged. "Alright. You know him better than I do."

Poison grinned at me. I couldn't tell if he saw through my lie or not. But one thing was for certain: Judging by the look on her face, Grace certainly did.


"And so then, Billie Joe would take someone from the audience and have them sing with him!" Wallflower gushed excitedly. "And if you were really lucky, he'd make out with you!"

"Huh," I said brilliantly. It's not like I didn't find this interesting, but without seeing a picture of this Billie guy, I didn't know if making out with him in front of thousands of people was really "lucky."

At any rate, Green Wallflower was a lot more friendly to me than Crescendo. She made me and Wallflower sit in the back seat while she squeezed Poison's arm so hard that he told her to stop. I couldn't hold back a grin, which Wallflower shared with me.

So here we stood, outside by a vending machine while Poison and Crescendo were getting shit to-go. I had no idea why the restaurant people didn't kill them on the spot. Maybe they were on our side.

Maybe they were mindless zombies.

Before I had the chance to ponder this, though, I got a strange feeling.

"Hey, I'm gonna run inside real quick, I really have to piss," I told Wallflower.

"Mmkay," she said. "I'll be here."

I pushed open the door, and a pitiful ting sounded. I wandered over to the bathrooms and passed a room marked "EMPLOYEES ONLY," the door of which was open just a crack. I thought I heard...voices in there.

Familiar voices.

I felt a curiosity attack coming on.

I poked my eye in through the crack and had to stifle a gasp.

Winding Crescendo had Poison's back pushed against the wall, her face less than six inches from his. She twisted a lock of his red hair around her finger. His eyes were wide as she said something that I either could not or would not hear.

He looked like he was trying to stutter something back, but she pulled her long finger out of his hair and shushed him. I felt my throat getting more and more closed as she drew closer...closer...

She pressed her lips to his.

He was completely stunned. I was sure that he was going to push her away. It lasted for one second...two seconds...and then...

His eyes closed...


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PS for the record, yes, kissing Billie Joe Armstrong in front of thousands of people does make you lucky.

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