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Important Matters

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After the Dollarhyde incident, Dr. Lecktor has important matters he needs to discuss with Will. Manhunter.

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Important Matters


Note: I do not own the Hannibal Lecter Tetralogy, Manhunter, or any of their characters. Oh, and because this is a parody, the characters might be slightly OOC.


"WILL! CAN YOU GET THE PHONE? I'M IN THE SHOWER!" Molly's voice called out of the bathroom.

"Got it!" Will shouted back as he scooped up the phone.. "Will Graham." He said curtly into the phone. He was slightly annoyed at the caller for interrupting the book Will had been reading. It was a good one about-

"Hello, Will." The all too familiar voice on the other end answered. Graham fumbled, nearly dropped the phone. "Will? Are you still there?"

"I'm here." Will paused, gathering himself. "I'm a bit confused, though. How the hell did you even get this number?" Confused but not surprised; Lecktor had probably found it the same way he'd found Graham's address.

The Doctor chuckled. An unpleasant sound that many of his victims had no doubt heard in their final moments. "That is irrelevant. I have called you, hoping that you could satisfy my curiosity about a certain matter in the press."

'Hang up, Hang up, Hang up.' Will's subconscious told him. "What is it?"

"I have read that you ran straight through a glass window to save a damsel in distress. Is that true?"

"Yes. Now unless you have-"

"Oh, Will, Will, Will. How careless of you!" Lecktor tsked. "You could have been hurt! Killed! Or is that what you were hoping? Tell me, are you suicidal again? I promise I won't tell anyone if you are. Doctor-patient confidentiality."

"No, Dr. Lecktor. I'm not suicidal." Will growled. "Now if you don't have anything more important-"

"Then why were you so careless about your health?"

"I know you probably don't understand this, but I actually wanted to save someone's life."

"So you risked your own?" The Doctor asked.

"Sounds like it." Graham knew he should get off the phone now, before he was drawn into a deep psychological analysis of his actions. Is that all?"

"No, Will." Lecktor's calm wavered for a moment. "I am not. Do not be rude." There was a pause. "I am simply wondering why you did not just shoot Mr. Dollarhyde through the glass. It would have been a quicker and less dangerous way of dealing with things than you chose to do and yet you didn't. Why is that?"

"I…" Will flushed as he turned this scenario over in his mind. "I guess you had to be there." He stammered out lamely, and slammed the phone back on the hook.
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