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Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Party Poison's POV:
Fun Ghoul's breath was completely in sync with Atomic Jumper's that night, their hands inches from each other's. The mission had been a success, of course, but that was the least of my concerns.

Fucking fuckity fuck of fucking fuck shit.

She loves me she loves me she loves me

I didn't know what to think. I had no fucking clue. If someone handed me a quiz asking, "Name one thing you don't know," I would put down "WHAT THE HELL TO BE THINKING RIGHT NOW" without a second thought.

My brain hurt. A lot.

Kobra had gone to bed without a word to me or Gift. She had gone to bed without another word to anybody. Her eyes were wide, and when Grace asked her what was wrong (I'm assuming that's what "Was ist los?" means), she didn't even acknowledge Grace.

I heard a rustle behind me.

Fuck fuck fuck. It was her. I knew it without turning around. I knew she wouldn't be able to sleep. Motherfucker. What do I do? What do I do?

Footsteps. Shit shit shit shit shit.

Fucking motherfucker. The footsteps stopped.

She took in a deep breath. I turned around. There were bruises on her neck.

"...Party Poison?" She didn't meet my eyes.

I stood up.

No, dumbass, why are you standing up? Did I tell you to stand up? What are you doing?

"A...about earlier, I..." I took a step closer to her. The fuck are you doing, legs?! I did not tell you to do that!!

"I don't know what made me say it, I-"

I didn't even realize why she had cut off for about five whole seconds. There seemed to be something obstructing her mouth.

And that something was my mouth.

...Wait, what?!

My limbs, using a mind that apparently they have all their own, had grabbed her shoulders and slammed my lips into hers, doing what they had been yearning to since...well, if I was being honest, since day one.

And she wasn't fighting.

Her lips were much softer than Crescendo's. I slid my hands down to her slim waist, and she wrapped hers around my neck almost shyly. I sucked on her bottom lip, and she let me in almost immediately, pushing her hands into my hair.

We broke apart to stare wildly into each other's eyes. Hers were wide, brown, and excited. We were breathing heavily. I pressed my forehead to hers, feeling her hot breath tickling my face. There was no need for words.

I dove back in, slamming our lips together harder than two cars hitting each other, but it wasn't hard enough. I let my lips trail down her ghostly neck, and she let out a low sigh as I covered it in kisses.

I became aware of the pressure in my jeans.

I went back up to kissing her lips, the pressure increasing when she groaned as my tongue entered her mouth. I could feel her heart racing, and I smiled a little. My breath caught when I felt her hand on the bulge in my pants.

I broke away again to stare at her hand. She bit her lip, as if she was worried that she was going too far.

I suddenly realized that I had never seen her with her hair down. Shakily, I lifted my hand and pulled the band out of her hair. Gold cascaded down to her waist, shining in the moonlight. I gasped.

"What?" she whispered, her hands shooting up to her hair.

"You're so beautiful..." I murmured. Her incredible eyes reflected the moon at the best angle, and her skin was almost like snow in the light. She was the most perfect thing in the world.

Her hands tentatively reached up and started unzipping my jacket. My eyelids fluttered as she dropped it on the ground and started pulling off my shirt.

At that moment, there was no need for me ask her.

I lifted her off the ground (she weighed almost nothing) and carried her two-handed to the car. I ran as fast as I could; the pressure in my jeans was almost painful.

She placed her hand on my bare chest, right over my thumping heart, and looked up at me. Even though she wasn't smiling, I had never before seen such pure joy in her eyes.

SPOILER ALERT: they're about to have sex.
Sorry, but I just couldn't bring myself to write the whole sex scene out. You people would probably barf cuz it would suck. Plus, if my parents ever found out (which they shouldn't), they would KILL me. Soooo hard.

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