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Love's Just Like That

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A small tale about the relationship problems of a mister Gerard Way. Oneshot.

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I am officially back, and boy, oh boy am I back with a mother fucking vengeance! I have decided to stop posting A Death By Music, seeing as it sucks.
Don't deny it to make me feel any better. You know it does.
Anyways, I was planning on killing Carrie off in the end. It was gonna be all sad and depressing and shit, but I honestly hate OC fics except, of course, for Guardian Angel!
I have a lot of Frerard coming up soon! Along with that, the very anticipated sequel to the previously mentioned OC story of mine!
So FuckWad, how have you been?
Considering the fact that I shall either start posting a Frerard soon or the sequel, I am doing my tradition of posting a oneshot before it. This oneshot is my own little take on a smidge of Gerard's life when it comes to relationships!
(Have any of you seen recent pics of Frankie? He's not wearing his wedding ring! People think that he and Jamia might get divorced, but I think it's a load of BS!!!)
Sounding desperate is lame so that's why I'm just gonna say: Reviews and Rates are appreciated, and I am currently staring at a photo of Freddie Mercury with two of his fluffy cats. Did you know he used to "talk" to them on the phone while he was on tour?
God, Lauren. Just shut the fuck up and let the ficwad people read!
Sigh. Alas, my dearest concisence is right. I hope you enjoy this, guys!
xoxo Lauren

Love's Just Like That

"It's over, Gerard! I'm leaving!"
Gerard never thought that five words could plunge a hole so deep in his heart to the point where there was nothing at all, just a gaping hole where he used to feel love.
"Eliza, wait-" Gerard tried to stop Eliza from leaving by grabbing her wrist, and pulling her back through the door. She twisted out of his grip and slapped him across the face, slamming the door behind her.
Gerard stood there for a moment, then it sunk in. Eliza, his, now ex, fiancée was leaving him for someone else. She lied about everything. All the times they said they loved each other, she lied. Gerard didn't. He meant what he said and felt it in every bone in his body.
He fell to the floor, covering his face in his hands. She was gone, and she has taken his heart, and his love with her. He started to sob and ran a hand through his messy black hair, wondering just why this would happen to him. Why did he have to feel heartbreak? Why did she have to leave? Why couldn't he just never fall in love?! The world was an ugly place.
That gave him an idea.
He ran to find his notebook, where he kept ideas and such, and flipped to a new page. He started humming a tune, and soon put words to it.
"The world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me...."
This soon became the song "The World Is Ugly" by My Chemical Romance.
That day, Gerard promised himself he would never fall in love again.


Gerard was rushing to get to the stage, due to the fact that his alarm clock hadn't been working properly, and he was running late. (Naps were a crucial thing on tour.) He was so caught up in his own problems, that he didn't even watch where he was going, and ran straight into someone.
It was a girl from another band, with a bass guitar in hand.
"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" he said, worried he had angered the woman. She just laughed. ....Laughed? Wait a second.... Why would she laugh?
"It's fine!" she giggled as she waved a hand in the air, as if to swat the conflict away.
"Oh, well I don't believe we've met before. My name's-" Gerard struggled to remember his own name in the presence of such a beautiful woman. He scratched the back of his head as he worriedly tried to remember his name.
"Gerard! You need to be onstage now!" someone shouted.
"So, it's Gerard, huh? My name's Lindsey, and also," Gerard was waiting for her to say something like to meet her later, or something along those lines. She got really close, her lips almost touching his ear. He gave a shiver at the slight contact. "Your fly's down." she said, before pulling away. "Have a nice show!" she giggled as she skipped down the hall.
"Yeah," he said to himself, as he fixed his zipper, shaking his head. "I've got no chances with her."
"GERARD, ONSTAGE, NOW!" someone shouted and he snapped out of his haze, running out onto the stage.
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