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Passing Notes

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Frank opened the note and scanned the page quickly. He sighed at how frequently he gets these notes, but who it was from shocked Frank a little bit.

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A/N: I couldn't resist adding Valary Dibenedetto and Gena Paulhus. These women are fucking rad! I love them. Enjoy the new chapter. I'd still love to hear your opinions. Also if you notice any typos, please point them out.


Drool was sliding down from Frank's mouth as he started drifting off to the voice of his Physics teacher explaining parallel circuits, or whatever other shit he couldn't care less about. He forced his eyelids open and wiped away the spit with the sleeve of his Misfits hoodie. He's been forcing himself awake for about five minutes when his eyes started shutting automatically again.

He finally gave into sleep, and buried his face in his arms when he heard a low, "Pssst," Frank ignored it and continued drifting off when he received a hard kick in the back of his chair. He turned around to see Bob rolling his eyes. Frank gave him a questioning look, as bob passed him a note folded in four, with a cursive To Frank on the top.

He raised his eyebrows as he slowly opened the note. Not knowing who's it from or what's in it, he lowered his hands and attempted to look more discreet so Mr. Whatshisface doesn't catch him. He looked up, but the teacher was completely oblivious. Frank wanted to be extra careful. Something told him he didn't want whatever was inside to be read out loud to the entire classroom.

Frank opened the note, and scanned the page quickly. He sighed at how frequently he gets these notes, but who it was from shocked Frank a little bit.

Hey Frank. Me and some friends are going to the movies tonight. I was wondering if you could come? As in like a date, if you're confused.
-Jamia x

Frank stared at the note. He re-read it a few times as his mouth hung open in shock.


Frank had a crush on her since forever. She was the only girl that actually peaked his interest other than all the others who were just there for him to get off. That being said, Jamia was also the only girl that hadn't shown much interest in him. He'd try to talk to her a few times, she'd converse with him politely, then find an excuse so she could leave. After that, Frank preferred admiring her from a distance.

He nearly fell off of his chair in his hurry to get his pen out and scribble a reply. He heard a brief chuckle and a mutter of, "dork," from Bob, but he ignored him. When he snatched his pen from his bag, he immediately scribbled the first reply that swam into his mind.

Yeah, sure! That sounds great. Pick you up at 7?

He watched from the corner of eye as Jamia opened it up, the corners of her mouth lifting a bit as she read Frank's reply. She scribbled a reply, handed the note to Bob, who threw it at the back of Frank's head. Frank turned around and glared at Bob.

"Frank is there a problem?"

He turned around to find Mr. Whatshisface scowling at Frank.

"Umm…No problem here," He muttered a reply.

"If I catch you and Mr. Bryar conversing again in the middle of my teaching, I'l have no choice but to give you detention, understand?"

Bob and Frank nodded dumbly.

When the teacher turned around and continued his lesson, Frank opened the note. He smiled when he read it. Yes!

Sure :P 7 sounds gr8
-Jamia x

He looked at Jamia, who caught his eye immediately and smiled. He smiled back, ecstatic that he's finally going to get what he'd been wanting for years. She just looks so damn pretty, unlike most of the other girls in his class. He spends the rest of the period daydreaming about Jamia.

When the bell finally rings, Frank jumps out of his seats, and quickly throws his black, messenger bag on his shoulder. First thing he was going to do was ask Matt for some actual dating advice. Matt is after all, the 'ladies man'. Even though Frank had gotten with at least half the girls in school, including the entire cheer squad, he never really had an actual girlfriend before. His love life was just a bundle of one night stands and some drunk fooling around he'd do at Gabe's parties.

"You're really happy about this shit, eh Frank?" Bob asked at some point, as they were dashing through the crowded hallway.

"Why wouldn't I be? It's fucking Jamia.

Bob rolls his eyes, as Frank frantically scans the hallways for Matt Shadows. He eventually finds him leaning on the wall beside the vending machine, laughing about something that Frank is sure isn't even that funny, with Johnny.

"Dude! I just scored a date with Jamia!" He bounces. He doesn't give a shit that he sounds like a girl who had just gotten asked out by the captain of the football team.

"You mean that pretty brunette who you've been ogling since third grade?" Matt raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, her."

Johnny snorts, "Good for you, man." Then Bob grabs him in a headlock which he struggles to escape from. Johnny was the only human being Frank knew who was his age and actually shorter than him.

The bell rang again. The boys parted their ways with a few fist bumps and a, "See ya," Frank headed off to chemistry (which he had with Jamia) Bob and Johnny had English on the other side of the building, and Matt had gym. Matt was the only person of the lot who actually enjoyed P.E. His muscles said so. But Frank guessed he would probably skip gym today to spend it with his girlfriend, Valary. They both said the 'L' word last week and they've pretty much been inseparable since.


Frank picks up Jamia at 7 PM sharp. He borrows his mom's silver jeep. They discuss the Misfits, school, and how ridiculous Johnny looks in his short, spiky, Mohawk. They were supposed to meet Jamia's friends at a Pizzeria next to the local cinema, where they could all eat then catch the late movie screening. When they arrive there, Frank opens the door for Jamia, like a gentleman, and she giggles at him. It was the best sound Frank's heard all day.

They entered the restaurant, and their friends waved them over. The Pizzeria was empty except for them. It seemed like a giant group date night. Matt was there, with Valary DiBenedetto sitting on his lap, Brendon Urie and his boyfriend Ryan Ross, Bob and Katlyn were in the corner seeming to be in a deep discussion, probably about Halo, the video game geeks they are, and a few other couples that seemed to be Jamia's friends. Frank kinda wished Zacky was here.

They had to combine a couple of tables so they could all fit together. After they all managed to take their seas and get comfortable, Matt started talking about how much he wanted to start a band, Valary kept giving him encouraging comments and kissing his cheek every once in a while.

Frank really wanted to make a move on Jamia, but she seemed to be on an entirely different planet. Every time he'd look at her, she'd be texting and giggling once every while. After a couple of minutes Frank asked her who she was texting. Bad move.

Jamia frowned at him. "Just Gena, Frank. Chill."

Frank however, knew that Jamia wasn't texting Gena. Gena was Zacky's girlfriend, and Frank clearly remembers Zacky telling him yesterday how Gena had accidently dropped her phone in the toilet, that he was going to surprise her with a new one after Gabe's party.

He shrugged these thoughts off. It wasn't his business who Jamia was texting. He shouldn't be intervening like that.

Something suddenly caught Frank's eye. At the far corner of the Pizzeria, Frank noticed two couples closely huddled together on a tiny table. They were both talking and giggling loudly; Frank was surprised he hadn't noticed them when he'd first entered. The girl had pitch black hair that was below her shoulders. She was bright red lipstick on, eyeliner, and very pale powder on that made her look like once of those Chinese porcelain dolls. She was wearing a short, plaid skirt, revealing her long, pale legs, though they weren't as pale as her face. She leaned in to give her date a kiss on the lips. Frank was about to turn away when he noticed the man who was eagerly kissing her back. It was Gerard. From the bus stop.

His black, greasy, hair was still falling in strands on his face. His eyes were still sheltered by the black spectacles, and he was wearing the same, old leather jacket Frank saw him wear this morning. Though, underneath he was wearing different attire. His stick was lying carelessly beside the table. Frank didn't want to get caught staring, even though Gerard obviously couldn't see him, the porcelain chick could/ He didn't want to get classified as a freaking weirdo. His thoughts were broken when Urie asked him what he was ordering.

"Oh, me and Frank are sharing, and Frank's a vegetarian." She smiled and put her hand on Frank's thigh. Underneath the table, of course, so nobody could see. oh, so she finally decided to put away the damn cell phone and remember me.

He chuckled nervously. "Oh yeah, umm. Sure. Whatever Jamia said."

Edit; I don't like Jamia's character much D: Don't worry, there isn't going to be much Frank/ Jamia, since this is, after all, a frerard. Also, can anyone guess who the woman in the short skirt is? ;] Also, could anyone tell me what mild/medium/severe spoilers mean? o_o rate and review, please? :D
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