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Ughhhh. Read this if you read my stories. It's a little important. Sacrifices and new stories.

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So, as you may or may not know, I am a Catholic. And also, as you most likely do not know, unless you're my Billie Goat, this is the year of my Confirmation (if you don't know what that is, look it up. I don't feel like explaining). And also, as nearly all of you know, the season of Lent starts next week.

Lent is a time where some Christians choose to give things up in order to grow closer to God and yada yada. And since I'm gonna be Confirmed this year, I have decided to kinda go through a big spiritual cleansing in preparation for that. So, I have decided to give up Facebook, soda, and Pokemon, as well as fasting once a week. But I have also decided to give up fanfiction. I know, it's gonna suck. So, from Ash Wednesday until Easter, you'll have to say goodbye to me temporarily. Please don't cry; it won't be forever. And in the second week of Easter (my Confirmation is on the second Sunday of Easter, so I'm gonna wait till after that), I'm finally gonna post the end of "Only Friend." Thank merciful God that's gonna be over. I have a oneshot written specifically for the Day of Silence that I will post on the eve of that day too.

But there's something even more exciting I have to tell you about. I'm gonna start posting a new story!! Hoorayyyyyyy!!!!! I'm not gonna give away any details right now (other than it's a Frerard. Duh). So hopefully you can have that to look forward to.

I think that covers about everything. Tschüs, Kinder!!! I'll see you in 40 days, excluding Sundays!!

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