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The Dinner Guest

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"Don't go off with your friends afterschool. We've got a guest coming over for the evening."

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I haven't updated in a week. Yeah, I know I suck :( I'm sorry, I had so many homework and projects it's killing me D: This chapter is a bit rushed. But from here things will start to get interesting. I was wondering what you guys would think about me adding the Good Charlotte boys as well? Or if you'd prefer OMCs and not so many bandoms at once, what would you prefer? So far the bandoms included here are
-MCR (duh)
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Panic! At The Disco
-Fall Out Boy
-Cobra Starship
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Good Charlotte and more others to come in the upcoming chapters!! :L

Also, I know Frank is supposed to be aggressive and a pyromaniac and that hasn't show until now. But you'll understand what I mean in like...chapter 4 or 5 maybe. Anyways, let me know what you think! Reviews are love, Rates are sex xo



Chapter 2
The Dinner Guest

When Frank's alarm clock woke him up, he was feeling very grumpy and annoyed. It wasn't because of anything, really. It was one of these random mood swings that pass by him every once in a while. He then remembered yesterday, and his mood suddenly lifted. He groggily got up from his bed and looked in his mirror and noticed that he looked a bit disgusting. Time to freshen up, Frank thought. Jamia would appreciate the hygiene.

Yesterday had been awesome, apart from the fact that he returned home late and had to get up early today for school. Jamia had cuddled with him throughout the whole movie, and Frank was so damn nervous and ecstatic to even remember which film they saw. He'd never ever felt this way about a girl before, or anyone really. When the movie was over, everyone said their goodbyes and left. Frank drove Jamia home and walked her to her door like a gentleman. She smiled sweetly at him, gave him a peck on the lips, and headed inside. Frank stood there in shock for a moment, and then he raised his hands gently, and softly traced his lips with his fingers.

Frank smiled at the memory of last night. He ran his hands through his greasy hair and immediately decided he needed a shower. As he's making his way to the bathroom, he stubs his toe on the foot of his dresser.

"Fucking ow," he grumbled.

"Frank, honey, you up?" His mom shouts from downstairs. He smells something warm and delicious, so he figures she's in the kitchen, baking of course.

"Yeah mom," Frank shouts back.

"Don't go off with your friends afterschool. We've got a guest coming over for the evening." He hears her yell. Frank skips down the stairs and heads for the kitchen. He finds his mother checking the oven to see if the chocolate chip cookies are ready, then she resumes cooking pancakes.

"Why do I have to be here?" He groans.

"Because," His mom begins, "He's new to the neighborhood, and I want to make him feel welcome. He just moved two houses next door, in Mr. Nevis' old house. I ran into him yesterday while you were at school. Such a nice man…."

Frank was only half listening. His mind had drifted off somewhere in the middle of his mom's rambling. He started wondering how soon he could get into Jamia's pants. If she was easy or if it might take some time, he prays she's easy.

"…I know it's a bit of an odd name, but I want you to be on your best behavior tonight, understand?"

"Mmhmm," Frank mumbles absently.

When the oven tings, his mom opens it up and brings out to trays of her delicious cookies. He snatches one when she isn't looking, and stuffs it into his mouth as he climbs up the stairs, ready to take a warm shower.


"That's why Uncharted beats Black Ops," Bob concluded, smirking.

No one was actually listening to Bob as he rambles about video games no one gave a shit about. Zacky, Frank, and Bob were walking to the bus stop so they could catch the bus home. Bob didn't live in their neighborhood, but he was going to spend the night at Zacky's house. Frank told them he'll come by later after his mom's guest leaves.

"I don't get why you have to go, man." Bob began. "Just ditch and come here early, I got all my game set, DVDs, and we're going to order pizza."

"Mrs. Iero is a bit on the strict side when it comes to ditching," Zacky answered for Frank, who felt fucking grateful. "It's no big deal, Bryar. He'll catch up later."

"Whatever," Bob grumbled.

They boarded the bus, and Bob continues blabbing about how Among Thieves was awesome, and how Nate Drake is like, the best video game hero ever. Frank and Zacky almost snoozed during Bob's rambling.

When the bus halted, they said their, "See you later" and Frank walked to his house while Zacky and Bob left in the other direction. When Frank stood in front of his house, he dug his hand in his messenger bag in search for his keys. He took them out and unlocked the door, then slammed the door shut.

"Mom, I'm home!" He announced his arrival.

The only light in the house was coming from the living room, where Frank heard two people laughing. One of the voices he identified as his mother.

"Frank! Come say hello to Mr. Way," His mom yelled.

"It's Gerard," A voice corrected.

Frank froze.

Gerard? From the bus stop? He's their new neighbor? Maybe, that's why he's never seen him around before. It's a small town, everyone knows each other.

When he managed to get his feet to move, he walked to the living room, and was met by his mom's kind face, and Gerard's small smile. His hair was still the same, greasy, messy, and rumbled. His black ray bans were positioned on his nose, and his stick was clutched tightly in his hands. "Hello. Frank, I presume?"

"Yes," Frank replied, sounding impatient. "We met before."

Gerard's eyebrows raised as he said, "Have we?"

"Mhhmm," Frank replied monotonously. "At the bus stop, yesterday morning."
Gerard's face lit with recognition. "Oh! I remember you know."

Frank's mom looked puzzled. "You met Mr. Way before, Frank?"

"It's Gerard Mrs. Iero. And yes, I accidently bumped into him and we had a brief chat. Didn't we, Frank?"

Frank doesn't remember them chatting, they only exchanged a few words. It shouldn't be classified as chatting. "Yeah, we did." He replied, in a hurry to leave.

"Frank, why don't you talk to Gerard" She emphasized his name, "for a while until I fix us all dinner?"

"Whatever," Frank muttered.

Linda frowned at her son for a second and then turned to the direction of the kitchen.

"So Frank," Gerard purred, "Tell me about yourself."

"What is there to tell?" Frank replied, it came out a bit harsher then he intended it, but Gerard just brushed it off.

"What is there not to tell?" He replied. "Your age, friends, about yourself. Anything."

"Umm," Frank began. "Well, I'm seventeen. I go to the local public school. I…erm…play guitar?"

"That sounds nice. Your voice sounds a bit older than seventeen, though. I'd like to hear you play sometimes."

Frank hadn't played guitar in front of his friends before, let alone a stranger. "I don't know about that."
Gerard smiled, his gaze fixed on nothing. "Well, whenever you're ready to play for me, I'll be two houses over."

Frank said nothing. They sat for a few minutes in silence until Gerard spoke again. "Would you mind describing yourself, I'd hate to be picturing you as something else completely."

"I…uh..I'm five foot four inches. My hair is a bit long and a chocolate brown color. I have hazel, green tint eyes. That's about it?" He made it seem as if it was a question.

Gerard smiled. "Exactly how I'd pictured you to look like."

"Okay," Frank said.

"Do you live by yourself?" Frank blurted out suddenly. He mentally slapped himself at his stupid question. Why was it any of his goddamn business who Gerard lived with?

"No, actually. I live with my girlfriend Lindsey. We've just moved in with each other." Gerard seemed a bit surprised by the question, but he shook it off with a smile.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Frank?" Gerard smiled.

"Yes," Frank replied instantly.

"What’s her name?" Gerard asked.

"Jamia," Frank replied smoothly, his thoughts wandering off to perfect, perfect Jamia.

"What a pretty name," Gerard oozed. "Is she as pretty as her name?" I got that line from the Dove Keeper. I admit xD

"She's even prettier," Frank put in.

"That's nice," Gerard replied. "How long have you two been together?"

"Uh…Since yesterday," he blushed a bit, glad that Gerard couldn't see him.

"Me and Lindsey have been together for about two months. We kinda rushed the whole moving in thing, but I had to leave town, and she needed to be with me, so why not?"

Frank said nothing, what is he even supposed to say to that?

Gerard seemed a bit lost in his thoughts though, but from what Frank could tell from his expression, they weren't happy thoughts.

He seemed happy when he first mentioned her, so why does he look like a pained cow now?

"Dinner's ready!" Frank's mom yelled, breaking his thoughts. "Get your asses over here!"

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