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He smiled at his phone, then locked it and started a game of Angry Birds on his iPod.

I hadn’t realised I’d been staring until the bell signalled the end of lesson, wait, why was I staring, it’s not like I was amazed by his eyes or the way his hair softly graced the back of his neck.. NO, What the fuck Ryan?! I wasn’t gay, I..I wasn’t gay!

I wasn’t sure.

The whole class flooded out of the classroom, I hung back, wanting so badly to follow him, but not seem like a stalker. I saw a brunette girl from my class, and some ginger girl outside the door. He was on the other side of the corridor, texting someone? I walked up to him, to ask him…something… anything, hoping he’d say I could hang around with him. But someone beat me to it.

“Brenny!!”A camp-sounding voice uttered from behind me. It was Dan. His blue eyes lit up when he saw him, and he immediately pulled him into a hug. Great. He had a boyfriend. That’s why he was glaring at me. Wait…boyfriend?

“Hey Dan” He smiled, hugging him back.

The two other girls rolled their eyes; I could tell they hated him as much as I did, not for the same reasons though. Maybe they were homophobic. I wasn’t sure why they disliked him, but I did, he seemed like a very irritating person. Wait, I wasn’t jealous...why was I jealous?

I could see his expression; his eyes were fixed on him as he spoke, I couldn’t tell whether Brendon was smiling or not, but he was.

“Okay, I’ll see you later” He grinned, as Dan departed,

He skipped of in the opposite direction, no, I mean literally skipping, he had to be gay. Brendon’s expression changed the moment he left, his eyes widened angrily, but still smiling when he saw me.

“You okay?” I asked,

“Yeah, you?” He seemed relieved to be rid of it…him… I couldn’t quite grasp why I was so jealous.

“Fine thanks, ermm...” I desperately wanted to continue the conversation, but wasn’t sure how exactly..

“Do you know.. where the toilets are?” Yea. I should have left it there.

He laughed, and gestured towards the door behind me ‘Boys Toilets’ I died a little inside.

“Oh.. thanks” I grinned at my own stupidity.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his pocket, I presume, he glanced at it and quickly tapped out a reply.

“I better go, see you later” he said, smiling and walked off.

“Okay, see you later” I really hoped he meant it.

I looked round, not sure what to do next, the boys toilets didn’t look too inviting. Neither did they smell very pleasurable. I turned to face the direction Brendon had gone. Then I heard a voice behind me,

“Hello” It was the brunette girl. She wasn’t that pretty close up; she was practically orange and she was fluttering her fake eyelashes made her look like she had a couple of epileptic spiders attached to her lids.

“Hi” I looked behind her, the ginger was laughing with another girl who’d just appeared, a rather overweight blonde.

The brunette tossed her hair.

“So, where are you from?” She pouted her lips, very unattractively.

I told her that, she kept asking me questions, including was I okay, was I settling in okay and if I had a girlfriend. Yes, yes and No. I found out that her name was Taylor, not that I was particularly interested.

She did a lot more ugly tossing and pouting; by this point I had come to the conclusion that this girl was a total slut. She kept thrusting her non-existent chest towards me; I wouldn’t be surprised if she still wore a training bra.

She said bye and went to join her friends, they walked past me, talking, I hung back then followed them, I wanted to know what they had to say about me.

“ugh, he’s disgusting !” The brunette said, I overcame the urge to kill her.

The other two laughed.

“He so fancied you though! You can tell” Said the ginger; she was just, ugh. How could she have possibly thought I fancied that slut?!

“Ha-ha, yea! Brendon fancied him though, it was SO obvious, ha, he’d never go out with him, even if he is queer, he’s such a jerk!” The whore giggled in a very annoying way, the others laughed and agreed.

I pushed past them, giving her my best evil glare
“Don’t say that about him, slut!” I was ready to hurl insults.

“Oh, how is she a slut?!” shouted the Ginger, putting one hand on her hip.

“Yeah and you don’t even know him, why the fuck are you defending him?!” The blonde joined in. Great, I’d got into an argument already, and why was I defending him?

“Well for one thing she looks like her Dad fucked an orange crayon..”

“WOOOOO!” I heard some insane clapping and cheering coming from behind me, I looked over to see two boys sitting on the grass, laughing uncontrollably, one of them was Brendon, the other, I presumed was Spencer.

“A very popular opinion today I must say” Spencer said, still laughing, he had kind blue eyes and a friendly smile; he looked like someone I could trust.

“What!?” The bitch demanded, still thrusting her chest out, I couldn’t believe her.

“Oh, nothing” Brendon said, mocking her, fluttering his eyelashes. “Come sit down, Ry” he smiled. I sat down next to him, surprised at the fact he’d given me a nickname already. The trio walked off, the whore turning round a couple of times, shooting daggers at us.

"S-lut!" Brendon laughed, emphasising the L.

“What’s her problem?” I asked, half joking.

“Her and Brendon had a thing” Spencer grinned, “But he broke up with her after realising his true preferences” he added, raising a hand to his chest, dramatizing his story.

“Shut up Spence” Brendon laughed, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.

“What? So you prefer it up the ass, I’m not here to judge” He said, casually, Brendon shot him a sarcastic glance.

"Just cause you want me" He joked, winking at Spencer, who made a disgusted face before turning back towards me, “Anyway, long story short, she’s still wants him back but he don’t swing that way" He quickly ended his story, winking at Brendon when he'd finished "I'm Spencer by the way”

“Hey” I said, laughing, “I’m Ryan”

“Haribo?” He asked, thrusting a bag of jellied sweets towards me, “My mom got them from England”

“No thanks” I smiled gratefully, “I’m a vegetarian”

Brendon’s eyes widened, “Me too! What can I say Spence, meat is murder!” He pushed the bag of haribo towards Spencer, who shrugged and filled his mouth with what can only be described as brightly coloured gelatine.

"Hey, Ryan" Spencer said, his mouth still full "We're going to Starbucks after school tonight, you wanna come?"

"Sure!" I looked over at Brendon, smiling, I felt genuinely happy for the first time in a while, I knew right then, I couldn't fuck this up.

Who was I kidding?

I always fucked things up.
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