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Know Thy Enemy

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By the time Bert managed to stand up shakily on both of his legs; the three boys were long gone.

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I'm sorry this is a bit late. I have no other excuse besides school and shit. This chapter is horribly written, so I apologize. I was in a rush to get this up. I won't bore you with another Authors note, so I'll just shut up now.



Chapter 3
Know Thy Enemy

It was about 8 PM when Frank rang the doorbell and stood on the front porch of Zacky's house. Mrs. Baker answered the door with a warm, greeting smile. She was a kind woman in her late thirties. Her chocolate brown hair was usually tied up in a messy bun, but today she had it tied up in a ponytail. Mrs. Baker's name was Maria, and she was a dear friend of Linda's. They're as close as Frank and Zacky are, which is pretty cool.

"Zacky and Bob are upstairs in the movie room. I think they're going to the arcade now, though. So you might want to bundle up. It's going to be chilly tonight," Mrs. Baker opens the door wide and makes way for Frank to enter.

"Thanks Mrs. Baker. I will," Frank said politely.

She smiles at him. "Now, you boys go have fun. But don't stay up too late. You have school tomorrow."

Frank climbs the stairs and makes his way towards Zacky's room. He doesn't bother knocking; this is like, his second home. The first thing he hears is, "Nathan Drake" and, "Rad" coming out of Bob's mouth. Zacky was just lying on the bed looking bored as hell, and his face immediately lights up when he sees Frank.

"Frank! I'm glad you came, man. Bob's going to drive me out of my wits soon with all this shit I couldn't care less about."

Frank smiled. "Well, I'm here now. Your mom mentioned you guys were going out to the arcade, though.

Zacky got up from his small double bed and grinned. "Hell yeah! You up for it?"

"I don't feel like going out tonight, guys," Bob grumbled. "Besides, it's a school night, I'll get a headache if I don't get enough sleep

"Well, sleeping beauty, you can stay here and entertain yourself with video games and pizza while me and Frank go out and have a blast," Zacky said as he slipped on his coat.

Bob sighed, and paused for a while.

"Fine, let's go to the damn arcade," He muttered. As much as he prefers staying home and playing video games, he doesn't feel like being alone.

"I knew you couldn't resist tagging along," Frank smirked.



Frank shoves the front door of the arcade, and stares around at the crowded room filled with teenagers. He kinda wishes he had called Jamia. It would have been great if she were there. It would also have been their second date, but he'd prefer it if they were alone for that.

"My stomach is fucking growling," groaned Zacky. "Let's get some hot wings, man."

"I'm a vegetarian," Frank points out. "Remember?"

"Oh, right," Zacky laughs. "How 'bout some pizza, then?"

"Pizza's fine with me," Frank agrees.

"How come no one ever asks me what we should eat?" Bob fake pouts.

"Because you like everything, so what’s the point?" Frank points out, as he raises an eyebrow.

Bob shrugs. "True."

They walk over to Pappa's Pizza Booth. Frank orders a small cheese pizza, and Zacky and Bob split a pepperoni large.

While they wait for their orders, Frank noticed something at the corner of his eye. A girl. She has chocolate brown hair just under her shoulders, brown eyes, and flushed cheeks. The girl giggles and Frank decides he knows that giggle all too well.


She's standing on the corner next to Auntie Anne's Booth. The sounds of her giggles are tremendously loud, and she has her hand on the shoulder of another guy. Frank instantly recognizes him as Bert McCracken, who eerily resembles a homeless hobo. He's smiling, and their both sipping their Strawberry Dutch drinks and talking, Frank couldn't make out what they were saying, though.

He doesn't realize he's staring until he sees Jamia's eyes go wide at him, then she smiles a bit uncomfortably and waves him over.

"Bryar, Zacks, I'm gonna go say hi to Jamia, call me when the pizza is done," He gives Zacky a pat on the back and heads in Jamia's direction.

"Sure!" He hears Zacky call from behind him. "Just keep it PG!"

He ignored Zacky and makes his way over to Jamia and Bert. The first thing he notices is how Bert is raising his eyebrow at him. Okay…

"Hey, Frankie," Jamia says flirtatiously as she leans forward and gives him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Frank smiles, ignoring Bert's glare. "Hi babe," he turns to Bert.

"McCracken, right?"

"Yup," Bert says, popping the P. "Iero, huh? You're shorter than I thought." He sneers.

Take a deep breath, and calm the fuck down, Frank thinks as he inhales a gust of air. He isn't worth it.

"You smell a bit worse than what people usually say, and you look like you haven't showered in months."

Bert grins, "I haven't."

Jamia ignores both of their bitching, and turns to Frank. "How long have you been here?"

"I just came actually, but I feel like leaving. Bryar needs to get his beauty sleep, and Zacky's mom gave us a curfew."

Jamia nods. "Oh, okay."

Frank notices Zacky thrashing his arms at him from the pizza booth.

"I gotta go. We'll just get out pizzas and leave. This place is fucking crowded." Frank leans down and kisses Jamia on her lips. "Bye, babe."

Jamia smiles. "I'll call you."

Frank turns around back to the boys. Zacky is holding two pizza boxes and looks pretty irritated. Bob looks like he's about to eat Zacky's head off.

He smiles apologetically at Zacky, and takes his pizza. After they exit through the arcade doors, Frank suddenly notices his phone isn't in his back pocket. He realizes he must have forgotten his phone on the pizza booth.

"Shit! I left my phone. Hold on!" He thrusts his pizza box in Bob's arms and dashed inside. He finds his iPhone carelessly lying on the floor next to the booth. He bends down to pick it, and freezes.

Jamia and Bert are making out in the corner. He has his hands gripped tightly around her ass, and he hands are pulling on his greasy hair. Millions of feelings surge through Frank. Hurt, anger, betrayal, but all his forgotten when he finds himself straddling Bert's waist on the ground, and gripping his collar tightly.

"What the fu-," Bert begins, but is immediately silenced as Frank's fists collide with his jaw. Frank doesn't stop, doesn't think. All he could do is throw punch after punch, not caring at the amount of blood spilling from Bert's nose (Which was probably broken by now) or from his mouth. Bert has managed to throw in a punch or two, managing to give Frank a black eye, but he is in far worse condition than the shorter boy.

He is immediately pulled off by two pairs of arms, but he keeps thrashing wildly trying to escape, to cause more damage to Bert. But they kept a tight grip around his waist.

"Frank, calm down," Zacky's soothing voice is suddenly in Frank's left ear.

"Holy shit, we gotta get out, before someone calls the police!" Bob yells. Bert's on the floor, unconscious. Jamia has both hands on her mouth, and suddenly bent down besides Bert, trying to wake him up.

Frank stares at both figures, thunderstruck. He doesn't pay attention or feel any pain towards his own injuries. Blood was falling freely from his now swollen lip, and he has a black eye he needs to cover with foundation before he goes home. He sees two security guards jogging over.

So he runs.


By the time Bert managed to stand up shakily on both of his legs; the three boys were long gone.

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