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This Too Shall Pass

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We all have to take jobs we don't like sometimes, right?

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Hello people. I'm so fucking sorry for not updating in 10 days. I had a Biology exam, so I was busy studying for it, and it TOTALLY payed off, I got an A guys :D This chapter is longer than I usually update with so I hope that makes up for not updating in a week and a half. This is also dedicated to my friend, Shahd, who keeps bitching at me because my updates are short. I hope you're satisfied, bitch. :) Can we get this chapter green? ;)




Chapter 5
This Too Shall Pass


Frank acts like a moody bitch for the entire day. He wakes up in a bad mood and a terrible headache. He goes down to the kitchen to find his mom making him a sandwich, and then he snaps at her rudely. She scolds him then sends him off to take a shower, but he decides to fuck it. It's not like he's trying to impress anyone today.

When he goes upstairs, he looks at his grim expression in the mirror and feels instantly disgusted. He feels bad about snapping at his mother, and he feels worse that he let someone like Bert get him down like that. Frank sighs, then runs his hand through his greasy hair. Whatever. He has the right to be a bitch today, and to make matters worse, his two hour shift at Way's Bookstore is right after school. Frank figures Gerard wants him to begin work as soon as possible so that the bookstore could open up soon. Shit, he'll must have a ton of organizing to do.

Frank opens his wooden closet and takes out whatever is hanging right in front of him. A Lost Prophets shit and blue skinny jeans. He throws them on and doesn't bother brushing his hair. Then he ties his black converse into tight knots.

It feels weird. He's going to school today, he's going to see Jamia in the hallway or in class, and then he's going to feel depressed again. Then he'll see Bert again, with his greasy, long hair, his gross unshaved stubble, and his annoying sneer. It would take everything in his willpower not to snap his arms in two. Not just for kissing his girlfriend, but payback for being an annoying shithead all these years.

He grumbles some swear words under his breath, then exits his room. He goes down to the kitchen, again. His mom is stacking up the cookies she made in a plastic Lock & Lock box, and she's not looking Frank in the eye.

"I'm off," Frank says, announcing his departure.

"Frank," his mother's voice stops him. "I want you to head to Gerard's bookstore straight afterschool. And I'm going to call in to check if you skipped or not. You’re going to be in deep shit if you do, got that?"

Frank rolls his eyes. "Yes, mom."

"Good," she simply states, then goes back stacking up her cookies. Frank looks at her, scoffs, then heads for the door.

The sunlight hits him hard. It's such a beautiful day to feel this shitty. Frank wishes his mood would become this bright. It's hot, and he feels glad that he hadn't brought a jacket.

He stands on the sidewalk impatiently, waiting for Zacky to get his ass over so they could walk to the bus together. He contemplates walking alone to school today, which almost never happens unless Zacky feels like skipping with Brian and Jimmy.

After a few more minutes of impatient waiting, Zacky shows up. He's wearing baggy blue jeans, an old Slayer shirt, and his Eastpack backpack is slumped carelessly on his right shoulder. He takes off his Aviator sunglasses and gives Frank a sympathetic smile, to which Frank returns with a scowl.

They walk in partial silence, even though there seems to be a one-sided conversation going on. Zacky attempts filling the uncomfortable silence, and asks a couple of questions which Frank either dodges or mutters a, "whatever," to. Eventually Zacky gives up talking, and they walk in quiet. Zacky notices the frown that's been plastered on Frank's face since he first saw him.

"Careful man, or your face will stick like that," Zack jokes.

"Fuck off, Baker," Frank mutters, not the least bit impressed at Zacky's failed attempt at lightening the mood.

"Jeez, Frank," Zacky begins. "I get that you mad at Jamia and shit, but your acting worse than Gena on her period."

Frank glares at him, and says nothing. They finally reach the bus stop. Frank sits on the bench, and takes out his iPod from his black messenger bag. Zacky puts his aviators back on, and Frank notices a couple of wannabe scene girls from his school staring at them and giggling. The girl with the red hair giggles a little too loudly than the others, and when Frank looks at her she gives him a small wave with her fingers.

When Frank deliberately ignores her, she walks over and sits next to him on the bench. She gives him a toothy grin, and giggles again. What the fuck is wrong with her? Can't she clearly see that I'm not in the mood?

"Hi Frank. It's Stacy, from Biology." She says in an annoying nasal voice, then bats her eyelashes in an attempt to look flirtatious.

"Hi," he mutters. He remembers her now, clearly. What was it she used to call herself again? Ah, Stacy Stabheart. Her "scene" name was just as stupid as her hair. He tries to subtly shift away, but she insists that there be no space between them.

"I hear what happened with Jamia," She says, dragging out Jamia's name. "She's a slut, anyway. Besides, I could give you a much, much, better time."

Stacy presses herself to Frank, and encircles her long, pale fingers around his wrist. People are starting to look over, and Stacy's crew are huddled together, watching with anticipation as their scene queen makes a move on the hottest guy in their school. They whisper to each other frantically and giggle. Frank is used to this kind of thing, but not in a bus stop for fuck's sake. Zacky's standing there watching him with an amused expression, and trying his best not to burst out laughing at the ridiculous scene in front of him.

"I'm not interested," he mutters quickly. The sooner she leaves the better. And he can't stand all these eyes looking at him like that when he's in such bad shape.

The girl frowns. "I know you are, Frankie. I see the way you look at me at class. But I also know you need some time after that little whore cheated on you with Barf McCracken."

Frank shoots up from his seat. Stacy looks up at him, shocked at his sudden leap of action. "Fuck you! You fucking cunt," he yells. Stacy's jaw drops, and all her little followers gasp. A mother who was clutching her five year old daughter's hand looks over at Frank, horrified. He looks around at all the glares of shock and dismay that were focused on him. When he turns around, Zacky is there, grabbing his arm and motioning for them to leave. The bus arrives, and they get on. When they both settle in their seats, Frank looks out the window at Stacy's posse, all of which are comforting her, and whispering things Frank couldn't make out from their lip movement.

What catches his eye is that Gerard is standing on the far left. He is standing behind the place where Frank was sitting, and a couple of feet away, so Frank didn't notice him when he first came. His eyebrows are raised and there is an amused expression on his face. He's leaning on his stick in an apathetic posture, and his black Ray Bans were sliding down his nose.

Frank sighs and looks away. He puts his headphones in his ears. He was about to listen to some Rancid until Zacky pulled out the wire from his ears.

"What was that all about?" Zacky asks, motioning with his head to the group of neon hair colored girls on the sidewalk.

Frank sighs. "Sometimes, people can't take no for an answer."

He notices Frank's discomfort and shrugs, changing the subject. "Hey I forgot my iPod today, mind if I share."

Frank shakes his head, and Zacky plugs the headphone is his right ear. Frank puts on the Misfits instead, and the voices of the people boarding the bus dissolve into the tremendous vocals of Glenn Danzig.


Frank feels himself loosing his mind in Physics. Jamia had been staring at him for the previous half hour. When he had first walked into the hallways in the morning, he had accidently bumped into her, her mouth opened and she started sputtering out apologies, but then Frank just ignored her and walked away. She was left standing there in the middle of the hallway, her mouth open in shock at the fact that Frank had just simply walked away like that. Like she wasn't there. Like she meant nothing to him. People sure do change fast.

Frank does his best to ignore Jamia. But she's been looking at him for half an hour, and her stare is so hard he could almost feel it on his back. Bob kicks his chair, and Frank mutters a, "quit it!" at him but Bob ignored Frank and kicks his chair again. Frank turns around abruptly, and gives Bob a bitter scowl. Bob rolls his eyes, he passes Frank a note, and gives him a look with his icy blue eyes that Frank is sure if supposed to mean something, but he can't just figure it out. He takes the folded piece of paper from him, and slowly opens it up.

Listen Frank, I'd hate to explain this in a note. It's just that you won't talk to me at all, and I really don't blame you for that. But please, let me explain in person. Meet me after school under the bleachers. I promise you I'll clear everything up. I fucked up pretty badly. Please hear me out.
-Jamia xo

Frank doesn't know how to feel after he folds the note back. A wave of unidentified emotions surges through his veins. He looks at it for the longest time, contemplating what he should reply. After a few brief moments of deep thinking, he crumples the note and shoves it in his pocket. Jamia just watches him silently, her expression unreadable.

Bob leans in to whisper something in Frank's ear. "Don't buy her shit, Frank."

Frank just sighs, then buries his face in his arms, and zones out for the rest of the class period.


The bell to his last class finally rings, and Frank feels like jumping for joy. It has been a long, drab day, and Frank couldn't wait to go home and just relax in bed. Where no Stacy Stabhearts, Jamias, or Berts could get to him. Except that he can't. He can't go home, and forget about doing his homework and lie there for the rest of the die because he has a job to do. A job which he's supposed to stack books, and organize shit for a blind man. A cocky, blind man with the name of Gerard Way.

He hates this. He hates being forced into something he didn't give consent to. It was his punishment, though. So obviously he couldn't get a say in it. Since when did he ever get a say in whatever shit his mother came up with?

Skipping his job to hear Jamia out was something that Frank has been considering the entire day. He almost even agreed to it, but Bob talks him out of it. He sits in break time with the guys, complaining about his life and Jamia. Bob convinces him not to go, Zacky says he'll support Frank with whatever he decides to do, and Pete just tells Frank to man up and confront that bitch, then changes the subject to which type of Beer he is going to bring to Saporta's party.

Frank decides by the end of break time, that hearing Jamia out is not as important as upsetting his mother. Actually, Frank didn't really care whether she got upset or not, he just doesn't want to sit home and wash the entire house's cutlery while everyone is getting shitfaced at Gabe's.


Frank stood facing the green door that had a sign hanging on with Way's Bookstore printed on. He lifts a hand to open the door gingerly, but pauses before his palm touches the cold surface of the door.

Frank sighs. He knows he go in now, before his mother calls and Gerard tells her Frank isn't there. He decides to suck it up. No way in hell is he missing Gabe's party for skipping two hours of this shit. When he opens the door, he is met by the stuffy feeling of the room. There are crates filled with books pilled everywhere, and the shelves are almost empty except for a couple of books here and there. He isn't done inspecting the room when he hears a familiar voice calmly saying, "Frank, is that you?"

"Yes," Frank replies, instantly.

"Good. Come here, I'm in the back storage room."

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