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Chapter 2: Welcome

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Chapter 2

I sneeze, a result from the dust and mold that has piled up in this damn marble tunnel. Desmond managed to get me inside the villa, from Mario Auditore's office. I hear my footsteps resonate off the grimy, ivory walls.
Desmond is in front of me, leading me through the tunnel. I walk onto the ebony planks set ontop of the steps, since the steps are crumbling and could easily break away under any person's feet. I cough and bat away cobwebs that cling onto my hair or face, gross. Soon, I see the large opening and chamber up ahead. I gasp.
The whole chamber is large, marble, and lined with six ivory statues. Three on one side, three on the other. They all reside in the far back, Gathered around one large statue that seems to guard and watch the room. I instantly know who that is; Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, master assassin from the Middle East who, with the power of the Apple of Eden, managed to revolutionize the whole Syrian and worldwide order. The statues surrounding him are other, famous master assassins, all of whom I can't remember. My eyes drift down to the boxes and desks set up around in a circle; one is a desk with a wall covered in pictures of people and locations with red lines dancing over them. Another is one by itself, with a laptop and monitor, and a nice comfy chair. The last one is bordered by hardwares, boxes, wires, and a normal office chair. However, in front of the desk is another chair, this time its different. The chair is bright crimson in the center, white is on its outsides. Where someone's head would go is a small, crystal-clear screen, with wires hooked up to the back of the computer on the desk beside it. Where the right arm would rest is a cuff of some-sorts, wires snake out of it, connecting with the same computer. There are three people down there, one is a male, with honey hair and glasses, grey sweater, and dark, possibly ebony slacks. Another is a female, short black hair, grey eyes, pale skin, and wearing a light green vest with a white shirt, dark pants and brown boots. The last is a female, blonde, blue eyes, fair skin, and wearing a white, sleeveless shirt with jeans and boots. Their eyes lock onto mine as they notice Desmond and I enter. I smile nervously and following Desmond down the stairs, and into the center of the tech-ring.
"Hello, you must be Genesis?" The blonde says, walking over and skating my hand, smiling sincerely, "I'm Lucy. This is Shaun Hastings, and Rebecca Crane." Shaun mummbles an annoyed hello, his accent is British, and it's very noticeable. Rebecca comes over and shakes my hand.
"Good to meet you, Genesis! Don't mind Shaun, he's being a dick like always."
"Excuse me? I am not a dick! I barely do anything to piss you off, and here I am, nice and all, while you bloody idiots make me your scapegoat!" He snaps, making me arch my eyebrows.
"Shaun! Shut the fuck off-"
"Becca." Lucy stern voice warns, making Rebecca sigh aim defeat. Lucy turns to me. "Sorry 'about that, those two can barely stay in the same room, let alone speak to each other like mature adults." I smilied and laughed a little.
"That's all right! My brothers and I fight most of the time. It's kinda the same. So, um, what will I be doing?" I ask, still not sure as to why I'm even in Italy. Lucy holds up her index finger and rushes over to her desk, and reads some papers. She returns, and informs me on my situation. Apparently, I'm here to train for a bit, and protect the group. Also, I'm in charge of medical(I trained as a nurse for some time) things, and to act as a doctor. How fun(not)! She leads me into the villa again, this time onto the second floor. I'd be sleeping in the large bedroom on the third floor(which belonged to Ezio Auditore himself). Lucy also stated that the last people that slept in that bed Reeling in slight horror, I shuddered and walked back with Lucy to collect a couple of lights and lamps for the bedroom. Desmond helped as well.
By the time we had finished putting up the lights in the bedroom, it was dawn. I yawn and stretch, tired from the lack of sleep and jet-lag.
"Well, uh good morning then. You gonna sleep here?" Desmond asks, rubbing his tired hazel eyes. I nod and yawn once more.
"Yep. I'll leave my door open, in case there's any trouble." I say as Desmond climbs down the old ladder out of the room. I sigh and look around the room. There's a large bed, recently made by me, and thrown down chests, a wardrobe, and a single heavy desk. Walking over to the bed, I remind myself that the activities preformed here were 500 years ago, not last night. I grab onto my backpack, and zip it open, finding my spaghetti strap and shorts. I quickly change into them and close the pack, throwing it onto the floor. I could less about it. Getting into the bed, I sigh leisurely and close my blue eyes.

I feel hands on me, groping me and feeling me. I gasp and try to get away, until I feel soft lips on mine. I tense at first, then relax and become subdued by the stranger's lips. I feel them smile against mine.
"Questo è tutto, tesoro. Non sai quanto tempo ho ho aspettato per voi di essere mio conquista...(That's it, sweetheart. You don't know how long I've waited for you to be my conquest...)" The words are soft, passionate, and husky. I open my eyes to see a warm pair of hazel eyes, boy do they look familiar....
The man in front of me is quite handsome, with olive skin, brown hair that's long enough to be pulled into a short ponytail at the base of his head, and strong muscles. I notice his bare chest, the sweat on his body. I then notice my own body is naked, sweaty, and directly underneath his body. I attempt to move, but then he thrusts into me.

I awake, heart beating madly, and sweaty. It was so....vivid. I've never had a dream so real, and strange.
"Genesis! Genesis! Come now!" It's Lucy's voice. But something's wrong, her voice is urgent and stressed. I shake my head and hop out of bed, praying that the damn Templars haven't found us. But at the meantime, I can't help but wonder: What the fuck did I just dream about?
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