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1.Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying.

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*FRERARD* Seems cliche at first, but gets better, I hope. Frank moves to New Jersey, and meets Mikey's older brother Gerard, who has serious trust issues.

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This is my first attempt at writing a story ever, so tell me what you think. It may start out traditional cheesy storyline, but hopefully, that will change in the upcoming chapters. If it's bad, tell me what I can do to make it better. Otherwise, enjoy!

Chapter One- First Impressions
[*Frank's POV

"Ugh, why did you have to wake me up NOW?" I groan rather annoyed at being woken up from my dream. In my dream, I was just about to kiss Billie Joe Armstrong when the little fucker of an alarm clock rudely interrupted our special little moment... le sigh
"FRANK!!!!" my oh-so-quiet mother hollers up the stairs, I mean God, does she have to be that loud in the morning? "Get up please, you don't want to be late for school!".
Well, at least she said please, and seeing as she was so polite I decide to drag myself out of bed to the bathroom. Once in front of the mirror, I take a long moment to evaluate myself. Hair shaved at the sides and dyed blonde with a long floppy fringe a dark shade of brown covering one of my greeny-hazel eyes, olive skin tone, small button nose and full pink lips. On the outside, I don't look too hideous.... It's what's on the inside that caused the bullying that forced me and my mom to move. You see I'm gay, and it appears people don't approve of that. Also I'm an 'emo' as the jocks would call me, because I wore all black and listened to good music. As a highschool student, being gay was not ideal if you wanted a quiet life. The jocks constantly hurled abuse at me and would take any oppurtunity they could to beat the shit out of me, just because I was different to them. It got so bad, that I became distant and moody and wouldn't talk to anyone, just shut myself up in my room. My mom noticed this, along with the bruises covering my face, and we decided to move away and get a fresh start.

Which is how I ended up here, in New Jersey, currently shitting bricks about my first day at a new school. My mom thinks that this school will be different and that I'll make friends here. I know better than that, but I don't have the heart to tell her, she seems so hopeful that I might actually be a normal child.

Finally, I decide to stop looking at myself and focus on the task of getting ready for school. I rummage through my wardrobe for something to wear that wont get me punched in the face, but still looks like me. In the end, I decide on my black skinny jeans with holes in both knees and a misfits shirt, finished off with a zip up black hoodie. I put my silver lip ring into place and I make my way over to the mirror on my bedroom wall, contemplating whether or not to wear my eyeliner.....
'Ah fuck it, they're gonna hate me anyway' I think to myself.
Well, that's a positive attitude! I've got to think happy thoughts if I'm going to survive today.
I carry on with my eyeliner, smudging the black all around my eyes. When I'm done, I step back and evaluate my appearance. God, why can't I be good looking, then maybe people would like me more. With that thought, I trudge down the stairs into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom.

"I made you some toast for you to eat on the way to school." She says with a loving smile.

"Thanks mom," I reply gratefully trying to sound positive, but she can sense the strain in my voice.

"Oh sweetie, don't you worry you'll be just fine." She hugs me and kisses the top of my head. God I love my mom, she always makes me feel better.

"Yeah, I'm just nervous, I guess. Well, I'd better get going I don't want to be late on my first day of school."

"Okay sweetie, have a good day."

"I will, love you mom."

"I love you too, honey" And with that I step out of the door and make my way to school. I have never wanted to run back to my mom more than I do right now. I'm extremely scared. Scratch that, I'm fucking terrified.

The walk to school isn't so bad, because I left early to avoid any confrontation with fellow students. I walk for about five minutes before the school begins to come into view in the distance. I'm starting to regret eating the toast as I feel my nerves pushing it back up my oesophagus. I mentally slap myself.
"You'll be fine. It' a chance for a fresh start, you'll make friends and have fun." I mutter, trying to convince myself.
Strangely, my little pep talk for myself actually worked, and my spirits lift a little.

Finally, I'm at the gates to my new school, Belleville High. After a few deep breaths, I step through the gates and make my way past a few students who have also arrived early to what I assume is the main building. Luckily, my assumptions are correct as I step through the door and see a sign saying 'Administration Office'. I step up to the desk and clear my throat to gain the attention of the woman sitting there. Her head snaps up, eyes wide.

"Yes?" She asks.

"Uhh, my name is Frank Iero, I'm supposed to be starting here today?" I end up making it a question rather than a statement. Her expression softens into a warm smile.

" Oh yes. Well, it's nice to meet you Frank, my name is Mrs. Francis." She offers her hand for me to shake.

"Hello." I reply awkwardly, accepting her offer. She releases my hand and rifles through some papers, picking some one and handing it to me.

"This is your timetable, your teacher is Mrs. Robinson in room 13 in the music block. Would you like me to show you where to go?" She asks, her smile still in place.

"I'm sure I can find it myself, but thankyou anyway." I reply returning her smile.

"Well, come back if you need help with anything." She waved me off. Maybe school won't be that bad after all, if the teachers are that nice.
I walk over to the door, ready to make my way out to find somewhere to pass the time while i wait for school to start.

Then I see them. Two boys walking across the school yard. One rather tall, the other quite short in comparison, not that I can talk, what with me being about 5 ft. tall.

The taller of the two was ruffling the shorter ones hair, the latter looking rather pissed off, while the former just stood there with a big grin on his face.
The tall one is slim, but not too skinny. His dead straight hair a mousy brown colour, covered with a grey beanie hat. He's wearing glasses on the tip of his nose. He's not

that bad looking overall.

I look at the shorter boy and my eyes practically come out of my head. Even though half of his face is covered with his glossy black hair, I can tell that he is extremely gorgeous. With his pale skin, small pink lips and small, straight nose, he has a perfect face. I can't see his eyes because his hair is covering them and he has his head down. He shoves the taller boy, who responds with something that makes the gorgeous boy smile. His smile makes me want to run over to him and jump on him but I hold my composure.

The two boys say goodbye to eachother and split ways, the shorter one starting to walk towards me. I notice this and panic slightly, not wanting to be caught staring. I gather my thoughts together and start off out of the building, my path in line to cross his. I make myself look busy by looking at my timetable, sneaking glances up at the mystery boy every few seconds. We are just a few metres apart now so I lift my head up, ready to smile when we pass eachother. When I look up however, he is already looking at me, and I see his eyes.... They are a gorgeous shade of bright green and brown, and I feel myself staring. His eyes, gorgeous as they are, seem troubled and full of sadness. I suddenly realise that my mouth is open and I've stopped in my tracks. I try and cover this up with a small smile and rush off to find the music block, leaving the mystery boy behind me, probably thinking I'm some sort of freak.

Gerard's POV

"Ugh, seriously?" I mumble. "Shut the fuck up!" I shout as I smash my hand down on my alarm clock to stop the persistent beeping. Come on, I've had like an hours sleep! After I lay in bed for a few minutes trying to wake myself up, I come to a sudden realization. Oh Shit I think to myself. It's the first day back at school.
"FUCKING ASSHOLE SHIT BASTARD!!!!!!" I shout in anger..... Thank god my mom's working away at the moment, because if she heard that, she would probably wash my mouth out with soap. But as I get back to thinking about school, my heartbeat quickens and my breathing deepens. I don't want to have to go back to the torment I suffer under the hands of the school jocks. They all hate my guts. I don't even have any friends to talk to. I suppose I don't really help matters by being an awkward dracula lookalike with the social skills of a peanut. The only person I know that I actually like at school is my little brother Mikey, but he has his own friends to hang around with, leaving me on my own.

"Oh my GOD, I'm such a loser." I shout aloud in frustration.
I gather my thoughts together and proceed to my bathroom. I keep my eyes to the floor until I reach the mirror. Eyes closed, I take a deep breath and prepare myself for what I'm about to see.
"Here goes...." I sigh.

I open my eyes and I'm instantly overwhelmed with revulsion. As I stare at the hideous person in front of me I do as I do every day and I analyse my reflection. I see a disgustingly pale, and round face surrounded with shaggy, greasy ink coloured hair that reaches my ears. My nose is horrible and pointy, sticking out at a weird angle. My mouth is small with chapped lips, and is inhabited with irritatingly small and off white teeth. And that's just my face. My body is covered in rolls of fat that hang over the waistline of my pants, making me want to cry and claw at my flesh until I was perfect. My fat arms covered in scars, some more recent that others, all the result of self hatred and depression. The only thing I view as half decent about my looks are my eyes, a bright shade of green with little flecks of golden brown in them. Of course the only good thing about me is ruined by dark circles under them which makes me look even more of a freak.

I pull my eyes away from the mirror before I throw up from the sight and brush my teeth. My weird, unnaturally small teeth. I finish brushing my teeth and I start taking my clothes off to get in the shower, revealing more scars on my torso. I step into the shower and just let the warm water wash over me for a while. I wash my greasy hair, hoping that it would make me look more presentable. I finish with my hair and move on to wash my body. Each time my hands touch the rolls of fat I despise so much, another troubled thought goes through my mind. Eventually, I get out of the shower and make my way back to my bedroom. I quickly get dressed, trying to avoid looking at myself longer than necessary. I decide on my ripped black skinnies, black Nirvana t shirt and a Black and white striped zip up jacket, finishing off the look with a thick layer of smudged eyeliner.

I take one last look at my appearance, before giving a sigh and begin my walk up the stairs to the kitchen. I instantly make my way over to the coffee machine to make myself a cup of the liquid heaven that is coffee.
I swear to God, coffee is the only thing that keeps me sane.
I finish making my coffee and I turn around, only to notice my younger brother Mikey sitting on the kitchen table, legs swinging back and forth, just looking at me.
"Morning, Mikes." I mutter, a little unnerved by his stare.
"Morning, Gee. I made you some breakfast." He replies, holding out a plate of toast.
"Thanks, but I'm not hungry. Plus we don't wanna be late for school!" I refuse, feeling slightly annoyed at Mikey.
"Come on, Gee we've got ages before school starts!" I shake my head.
"I wanna get there early I have to hand something in, come on!" I lie
Mikey sighs, defeated and puts the toast back on the side. "Sure, whatever"
I feel bad for getting annoyed at Mikey. Afterall, he was only trying to take care of me. I hate being the source of the worried expression on his face but I can't eat. I just can't.
"Well, come on then, let's go!"

We step out of the house and begin the short journey to school. You'd think after what happened in the kitchen that things would be tense, but me and Mikes are really close and there is never an awkward silence between us.
"I wonder if there's gonna be any new people this year." Mikey thinks aloud. "What do you think, Gee?"
I shake my head in distaste. "I hope not, because if there are they're probably gonna be either an obnoxious jock or a wannabe Barbie.." I reply bitterly.
Mikey chuckles, "Whoa. At least give them a chance, eh Gee?" I just grunt in response.
He then seizes his oppurtunity to fulfill his job as a younger sibling to annoy the hell out of me. Yeah, we're close and everything, but GOD that kid is annoying. He just grabs me in a bone-crunching hug and ruffles my hair. When he puts me down, he has a frown etched into his features, but he tries to cover it up. I, pretend I haven't seen his sudden change in expression and glare at him.
"Why?" I say dramatically, giving him a shove to show my annoyance, but I end up grinning when he gives me a big goofy grin and says
"You know you love me Gee."

By this time we're already walking across the school yard to our homerooms. I say goodbye to Mikey who heads towards the Music block, while I head toward the main building. I look up and I see an unfamiliar face, which makes me curious. I see he is looking at me and I look down, embarrassed and blushing. I carry on forwards and the boy starts to walk aswell. I notice he is looking down at his timetable now, so I take the oppurtunity to get a good look at him.
The first thing i notice about him is his height. Damn, that boy is small. I then notice his features, starting with his hair. Sides shaved and dyed blonde, with a long brown fringe covering one of his eyes. A small button nose, full pink lips that hold a silver lip ring, and an olive skin tone. We are only metres apart when he looks up and catches my eye, stopping in his tracks. As he looks up his moves out of his face, revealing two bright orbs surrounded with dark eyeliner. His eyes... Light green with flecks of hazel in them, widen in surprise as he sees me looking. He gives me a small smile but I quickly shake my hair back in front of my eyes and carry on my way, away from the gorgeous boy.

'.... Gorgeous????? What the hell?! I'm not gay!!!!' I think, panicking slightly.
'Well, he is pretty fine. I'd tap that.'
'You have no say in this!!! I am NOT gay!'
'Whatever you say...'
'Oh, just piss off.'

As I carry on walking I register what just happened.... 'Great... ANOTHER person to add to the list of people who think I'm insane.' I think bitterly.

This years going to be fun!

Soo.... How was it? Rate and review, maybe? Next chapter up soon if I get enough positive feedback. :)
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