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2. Icy Stares and Death Glares

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Frank meets Mikey and Ray. Who does he encounter in science class?

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Sorry this is uploaded later than expected, but I have shitloads of chemistry revision to do, so I'm swatting like mad!!! I hope this chapter is alright. Rate and review if you like it, or tell me what I can do to improve

~Bulletproof Ninja

Chapter Two- Icy Stares And Death Glares

Frank's POV

All the way to the music block, I think of the mystery boy. I mean, sure I'm gay and everything but no guy has ever affected me like this before, EVER. And I haven't even spoken to him...... Yet.
My mind is so focused on the boy that I find myself in front of my new homeroom sooner than I expect. My heart starts beating faster and I feel like vomiting up my intestines.
I take a deep breath and gently tap on the door before opening it slightly. I hope this teacher is as nice as the receptionist. As I step into the room, I see that there are only a few students in there. A couple of barbie bitches, chatting animatedly to one another about some shit or another, few jocks trying to get the barbies attention, and the taller boy from earlier who is currently talking to a guy that looks like a walking candy floss. Seriously, the guys 'fro is awesome.
It takes me a few seconds to realise that the room has gone silent and everyone in the room has their eyes on me.

I swallow the bile that has risen in my throat and make my way over to the teachers desk. She greets me with a kind smile.

"You must be the new boy?" She asks sweetly. Thank God, she's one of the good ones.

"Um, yeah, my name is uh- Frank Iero." I mumble, sounding like an idiot- under the watchful eyes of the other students, who are keeping the silence going.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Frank my name is Mrs. Robinson." She offers her hand, which I accept with a nervous smile.
Mrs Robinson stands up and addresses the class, which now seems to contain a lot more students than I remember seeing. I return my gaze to my feet.

"Right class, this is Frank. I'm sure he's very nervous so I would like you all to be welcoming towards him." She looks at me and smiles before carrying on. "Can I have a volunteer to show Frank around for the day please?"

I look up, expecting to be greeted with icy stares and death glares.(AN:Ha! I made a rhyme!) Instead I see a few smiles and to my complete shock, someone with their hand in the air. The tall boy from this morning. Mrs Robinson interrupts my thoughts,

"Thank you, Mikey." she says loudly to him. She then turns to me "Frank, if you would like to go and sit by Mikey."

I look over at the tall boy, who I now know is called Mikey and I'm greeted with a warm smile and a wave. This boosts my confidence a little and I smile at Mrs Robinson and start walking towards Mikey and the puffball. I take my seat next to Mikey, who has turned his whole body round to face me.

"Hi!!! I'm Mikey" he practically shouts at me... a little hyperactive but he seems friendly.

"Frank. Thanks for volunteering to show me around." I say in what I hope is a friendly way.

"No problem, I saw your shirt and I thought, this kid belongs with us." he says matter of factly.

"Umm... okay" I shake my head, slightly confused by how upfront he is. then I realise what he said, "Oh, you like The Misfits?"

Mikey's eyes widen, and he reaches behind his back, his hand emerging holding a Misfits bag. "Dude, I LOVE them, they're soooo good!" He gushes back, sounding like a teenage fangirl. I think I like this kid.

"I know right?" Is my intelligent response. Realization flashes across Mikey's face and he leans back in his chair, revealing the puffball.

"Frank, this is Ray. Otherwise known as, Torosaurous, Fro-man or Princess Fro-Fro." He informs me with a smirk.

"Dude! I've told you this before, do NOT call me princess Fro-fro!" I stifle a laugh at the mischievous look on Mikey's face when Ray addresses me. "Hey Frank, don't let Mikey here put you off being seen with us, we're decent guys. He's just had waaaaaaay to much coffee." Mikey starts to laugh hysterically at this.

"Good one, Ray!" He goes for a high five, but Ray just stares at his hand, looking incredibly confused. Mikey decides to elaborate. "You said, WAY to much coffee?"he states still giggling. The look on Ray's face implies that he now understands Mikey and he kindly fills me in. He leans around Mikey so I can see him.

"Mikey's last name is Way." He says flatly. "Jesus Mikes, lay off the coffee, yeah? It's sending you crazy." He attempts to be stern, but ends up giggling at his friends goofy laugh. I start giggling aswell, at the sight of Mikey with his head on the table, laughing uncontrollably. I definitely like these two.

"Hey Frank, what do you got first?" Ray asks over Mikey's now quieter giggles. I pick up my timetable and hand it to him.

"You've got science first, with Miss Brown, she's nice. Let's see.... you got English second, with Mikey. Gym third, same as us- wanna skip?"

"Uhh." I mumble like an idiot.

"What? Too scared to skip class?" Mikey teases, over his giggle fit by this point.

"No, I'll skip, the hatred I hold for gym is one filled with passion." I say melodramatically adding a shudder for effect. Ray just gives me a weird look but carries on.

"Great. You can just follow Mikey from English. If yo-" Ray was cut off by the bell signalling the end of homeroom.

"Let's get to class, guys!" Mikey shouts with fake enthusiasm, a goofy smile planted on his lips.

Mikey and Ray walk me to my science room before parting ways, both promising to meet me at the end of the lesson to walk me to my next class. Now that I'm alone, the nerves start to return. I walk into the room to see about 15 or so students in their seats already. I'm greeted by yet another kind face, who I assume is Miss Brown. She's nice enough to not make me endure the horrid task of introducing myself to the class and just lets me go straight to my seat.

"You can go sit over in the back there, by Gerard." A black-haired boy who I assume is Gerard lifts his head up curiously, looking for the person who uttered his name. He locks eyes with me. Eyes, a bright shade of green and brown.

The boy from this morning.

I slowly make my way over to the seat and sit down next to The black haired boy. Gerard. A unique name that fitted him well. I put my bag on the floor and turn to face him.

"Hi, my name's Frank." I say in what I want to be a confident voice but instead it comes out quiet and pathetic. Gerard looks up at me, and gives a slight smile.

"Gerard." He replies in a husky voice that makes me want to fall on the floor before shaking his hair back over his eyes and facing the front.

That's all I heard from him that lesson, but I could feel his gaze on me the entire time.

Gerard's POV

I wish I could say that the short journey from where I saw the beautiful short boy to my homeroom is undisturbed, but it isn't. It's filled with abusive, hate filled words and even a few punches. I don't let it get to me, though. I'm too used to it to let it get to me anymore. Everyday I get pushed into lockers, punched to the floor where I am then kicked repeatedly until I beg for mercy. It's that fact that is a major contributing factor for my self loathing. Although I can't really blame them, I mean, why would anybody show any kindness to an ugly fat emo like me?

With that, I walk into my homeroom and make my way to my usual seat in the back with my head down. I just sit there, listening to other people's conversations for a few minutes. That's one of the advantages of being me. Because nobody notices me I've become a brilliant observer. I've learnt what people are thinking by the their body language, and I know all the gossip of the school. Like the fact that Hannah has a thing for Josh, but she's going out with Damien. Although, there's no point in me knowing the gossip because I have no one to share it with.

I start to get bored with the mindless drivel that these idiots are speaking and I remove my sketchbook from my bag. I start to draw absentmindedly, and I start thinking about the short boy again. Why is he having this effect on me? He's just a guy, I'm not even gay.... am I? No. At least I don't think so.
I look down at my drawing and freeze. The page has started to fill up with the features of a certain short boy. I huff in frustration and shove my sketchbook back in my bag, just as the bell goes, signalling the start of science.

The space in between homeroom and science is filled with the usual bullies and bitches that I've grown so accustomed to, but I just keep on walking. I finally reach my science room and I walk inside, making my way to my seat in the back corner. I sit there with my head on the table, waiting for class to start. After about five minutes, I hear somebody say

"You can go sit over in the back there, next to Gerard." Upon hearing my name my head snaps up, looking around for the source. My eyes fall upon Miss Brown talking to a student. Shit.

It's the short boy from earlier.
I lock eyes with him, drinking in the sight of his beautiful eyes. He slowly starts to make his way over to his seat and I look down again. He sits down and puts his bag on the floor before turning to me

"Hi, my name's Frank." He says in a soft, smooth voice. I look up at him, smiling weakly.

"Gerard." Is the word I utter so bluntly before shaking my hair in front of my face once more and turn to face the front. I see him do the same and I can't help but look at him. Briefly, mind, but frequently.

What is wrong with me???

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