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We're Gonna Make It

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Frank’s POV

When I got back to Ray's house I noticed the door cracked open. I walked in to find Ray and Gerard on the couch, Ray was comforting Gerard. My anger level was almost out the fucking window as I watched this, I had done all this crap for Gerard and now I'm the bad guy, the whore. I had done this to get enough money for our life together, to get an apartment, to maybe have a family and a future with him but now he hated me. It wasn't what I wanted to do, but guitar playing and singing could only get me so much money in tips. Whatever, I had fucked up royally and now my life had another fucking roadblock in it.

"How could you do this?" Ray's voice broke through my thoughts.

"Do what?" I stupidly asked. God, I'm a fucking idiot!

"Sell yourself while Gerard is here worrying about you!" Ray was glaring at me, Gerard's face was pressed into his chest.

"I did it for him!" Hot tears of anger were blurring my vision.

"You whored yourself for him?"

Ray chuckled and I clenched my fists. "We're as broke as fuck! I was getting 20 dollars at most in tips a day I needed more so we could at least have enough to rent a shitty apartment! You think I wanted to fuck things up!? I love Gerard more than I love myself! That's why I fucking did it!"

Gerard pulled away from Ray and wiped his eyes. "Y-You really mean that?" His voice was hoarse from crying so much, I felt so shitty.

"Yes, Gee. Baby I love you so much. Why would you think I’d hurt you like that?" I wiped my eyes.

Gerard shook his head. "I-I'm just so used to people leaving me... It’s a habit... I just automatically thought you just used me."

I sat beside Gerard and looked at Ray, he nodded and left the room. I held Gerard close to me and wiped his tears. "I would never use you, I've loved you for so long. Gee you're the only one for me, you're my whole world, y-you're my soul mate."
He looked at me. "I-I am?”

I nodded and leaned close to him, pressing my lips against his. Gerard trembled but I held him closer and I kissed him. I kissed him with all I had, as much love and passion as I could possibly give this beautiful man. When the kiss ended and we were both gasping I took Gerard's hand in mine and looked into his eyes. "We're gonna make it, Gee."

Gerard smiled.


I ended up getting a job at the comic store with Gerard. We worked our asses off for the little time we stayed at Ray's house. We got enough to pay for a dingy one-room apartment. It wasn't what I had hoped for but Gerard was happy to finally have a place. I found work at a small restaurant downtown and would serve during the week, then perform on weekend nights. We were just about steady when Gerard had brought up a topic I never thought about; it was something I never really knew he wanted.

"I want to go to art school." Gerard said after taking a bite of the leftover pizza. "I want to be an art teacher."

"You've never told me that." I replied.

"Well I didn't even really know I wanted it until today while you were at work. I was working on a new art piece that I want to decorate the apartment with when I realized that I wanted to make art my life. I've always been fascinated with art and how art teachers can really change their students' perception on their everyday life, kind of, see the world in a different way. It's really cool." His eyes lit up as he talked about this, he really wanted it badly.

I bit my lip and pondered this. We sure as hell didn't have enough cash to send him off to school. Hell, he didn't even have his high school diploma. I confronted him about the issue.

"I'll get my diploma in August when registration starts, I'll just have Mikey bring it to me. That's all." He responded and I sighed. "Yeah Frank I know, we're broke." He sounded disappointed.

I took Gerard's hand in mine. "Baby... I promise you'll go to art school." I looked into his beautiful eyes.

Gerard's face lit up and I kissed his cheek. It wouldn't be that bad, we'd go into a huge debt, but it was worth it for Gerard. He needed to be happy, to know I'm not like the others.

Okay so this story will be wrapping up very shortly, maybe even the next update, I don't know yet. But I feel like this would just go on forever if I didn't finish it soon, so thanks everyone for reading :) the next update will be up soon!
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