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3. Uncharacteristic Breakdown

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Mikey has a bit of a meltdown....

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Third chapter up guys! This one is a little longer but I hope it's good, let me know what you think :P

Chapter Three- Uncharacteristic Breakdown

Frank's POV

Mikey and Ray have kept their promise, I notice with a sigh of relief as I spot them waiting for me outside my classroom. As we get walking to English, they start talking about my life, trying to find out more about me.

"What's your favourite colour?"Ray asks.

"Hmm... Black and Red. Don't question it." I reply. Ray looks puzzled

"But that's mo-" I silence him, placing a finger over his lips.

"Don't question it." I smirk.

"Okay.... Favourite animal. ONE animal." Mikey asks this time, adding emphasis on the one.

"Dog. No question. They're amazing." I say instantly

"Ooh, don't say that to Bob. He's like in LOVE with cats."Mikey says loudly to me. And then he whispers for my ears only. "And Ray has a little relationship going on with his cat. Keep it on the downlow though, they're not ready for people to know yet." He winks at me and I giggle. Yes giggle.

The rest of the walk is spent by Ray asking what Mikey said to me, but we weren't telling, much to Ray's annoyance. I remember something that Mikey said.

"Who's Bob?" He just winks at me,

"You'll meet him soon enough."

When Ray has to go to a different way we split and it's just me and Mikey. Even though I've only known the guy an hour there isn't an awkward silence and I find myself talking to him with ease.

"How was science, did you learn anything..... sciency?" Mikey asks.

"Not really, I couldn't focus." I sigh.

"Oh?" He asks, curiosity and amusement clear in his voice and facial expression.

"And why is that Frankie boy?" A smirk on his lips now.

I think about telling him of Gerard, but I was probably being stupid, so I simply shrug

"No reason, just a bit dull."

He gives me a suspiscious look but drops the subject. I'm thinking it's gonna be hard to keep secrets from this kid.

Mikey and I walk into our English class and Mikey heads towards the back, leaving me standing at the front of the classroom looking confused. Mikey sits down and takes his bag off before he looks up, confused, and his gaze falls on me. He rolls his eyes and stands up, walking towards me. When he's by my side he grabs my arm and drags me to the seat next to him. I blush, which makes Mikey chuckle and he pats me on the shoulder.

"Relax, Frankie. This school isnt't as bad as you think. If you take away the people.... and the lessons..." He looks confused by the end of that sentence. I just laugh at him. God, he's so random!!!

The rest of the English is filled with hushed chatter between Mikey and I, eventually moving on to passing notes after about the 50th death glare from the teacher. I love how easy it is to have a conversation with Mikey. Although he appears to be an awkward person at first glance, conversations with him are never dull. I've never had a friendship like this before. It's nice.

At the end of English I follow Mikey out of the classroom and round to the back of the school, into a hidden clearing in the trees surrounding the buildings. The area is peaceful and well hidden from view, so nobody could catch us bunking. Ray is already there when we arrive, along with another ten unfamiliar faces. I assume they're Mikey and Ray's friends. I try and guess which one is Bob but I completely fail as I actually don't know anything about him, other than his love for cats. We reach Ray and his friends, who all greet me with friendly smiles. A small girl with short bright purple hair steps forward.

"HI!!!!" She attacks me with a hug. I just stand there for a few seconds, confused, before I return the hug.

"Um... Hi??" She's like the female version of Mikey, hyper but friendly.

"Sorry, I'm Alicia. What's your name?" She asks, with her head tilted to the side slightly.

"Umm... Frank?" I make it sound like a question. All of them laugh at my confused state, before Mikey pulls Alicia to the side,

"Calm down sweetie, you'll scare him." He says, giggling, and kisses the top of her head.

"You two are such a cute couple." I blurt out. They both look at me, puzzled. "You know, 'cause you're like the same, just opposite sexes." I'm starting to feel embarrassed now, and I feel my face heat up. Their faces relax, and Mikey says,

"Well I should hope she's not the same gender as me, because I'm not into guys that way."

Everyone laughs at this, before they all go off into different groups, talking about different things.


I'm sat in a group with Mikey, Alicia, Ray and a boy whose name I don't know. He's tall, wide- but not fat, just incredibly muscly. He looks like he could beat down an entire football team. I feel a little intimidated by this boy, but I relax when he smiles at me and says.

"Hi, I'm Bob. Frank, right?"

I smile back "Yeah that's me. So YOU'RE Bob!" Bob looks worried at this.

"...Yeah. Why?" He turns to glare at Mikey "Hey, Mikes, what have you been saying about me?"

He just shrugs, as if completely unphased by the huge boys death glare. "Just about your fetish for cats."

Bob looks annoyed. "It's not a fetish!!! I just happen to be able to appreciate the beauty of cats, unlike SOME people!!!" He finishes with a slight smirk, so it's obvious he's not truly angry with Mikey. Was it even possible for anybody to be angry with such a good guy??

After a few insults thrown back and forth by Mikey and Bob, separate conversations start up and I just lean back against the tree, looking around at the different groups of people who are also escaping the horrors of gym. They all look happy, surrounded with friends, laughter and joking, all of them belonging. Something which I have wished for for so long. And for the first time in my life, I think I may be starting to belong with these people. My new friends.

I'm still looking around when I notice a dark figure sitting hunched over under the shade of a nearby tree. I struggle to get a good look at his features in the darkness, but I manage to see enough of him to reveal his identity. Gerard. My eyes begin to adjust and I see that he's actually drawing. Damn, he's mysterious. But the expression on his face gives the impression that he's sad. A few more minutes pass before curiosity gets the best of me and I can't resist it any more. I turn to Mikey, because I know that he knows Gerard.

"Hey Mikey, what's with that Gerard kid, Is he okay?" I ask, interrupting his conversation.

For a second I think he'd be annoyed at me but he just sits up straight before looking around until his eyes fall on Gerard, who is now sitting there with his head in his knees. Mikey's face falls for a split second before he turns back round to face me, looking confused.

"Wait a second, how do you know his name's Gerard?" I look around to see the other members of the group gawping at me.

"Umm... He's in my science class, he t-told me his name was Gerard." I stutter, feeling unnerved by the groups stares.

"Dude, he NEVER talks. He's like a mute or something. How'd you get him to tell you?" Ray splutters, clearly dumbfounded.

"Yeah, the dude is seriously weird. Like there's something wrong with him you know?" Bob says. Mikey suddenly looks angered by their words.

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouts, getting to his feet and storming off, causing surrounding groups to turn and stare, identical shocked expressions on their faces. Ray, Alicia and Bob look worried.

"What the fuck? Mikey NEVER gets angry. What did we say?"

While the three of them sit there trying to figure it out, I get to my feet and follow after Mikey.


I find him slumped against a tree out of sight of the others, head in his hands. I walk over and sit down in the space on the grimy floor next to him. He looks up, sensing company. His face looks pained but angry. I wonder what's troubling him so much.

"You okay, Mikes?" I ask, rubbing his back soothingly.

He sniffs and I realise that he's crying. "It's Gerard."

His words shock me, and I stop rubbing his back. "What?" I ask stupidly. He sighs, more composed now.

"It's Gerard" He repeats.

I frown, "What about him?" I question.

"What Ray and Bob were saying. I got pissed off. It's not their fault, I was the one stupid enough not to tell them." He replies, completely ignoring my question.

"What did you not tell them, Mikes?" I try and sound soothing. He was really confusing me now.

"Gerard........ He's my brother." He says with a sob.

"I- uhh.... What?!" I splutter. "Really?!"

Mikey chuckles a little, but tears are still flowing. "Yeah, he's my older brother. Didn't see that one coming, huh?" A hint of the teasing side of him showing through with his smile, which falls in a heartbeat. "So you now see why I got angry."

"Yeah, of course. But Mikey, why don't Ray, Bob and Alicia know? They're your best friends." Im completely lost by this point.

"Gerard... well, he has a lot of... issues." He sniffs. "He's had a really bad experience in the past and he's just shut everyone out of his life, won't talk to anyone at school. Nobody knows he's my brother... well you do now, but no one else. I'm just scared if people know I'm his brother then they'll ask questions. If they ask questions, I'll have to face up to Gerard's situation, and I just can't bring myself to do that, Frank. It hurts too much." He finishes, leaning into my shoulder, drenching my shirt with tears. I wrap my arms around him and murmer comforting noises to try and calm him down. When his sobs have subsided, he raises his head once more. "Sorry about that, your shirts all wet now." He smiles sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it. I know I've only just met you, but I'm here for you man, if you ever want to talk about it. Just keep that in mind." I stand up, pulling Mikey with me and hug him tightly.

"Thanks Frank, you're a good friend." He smiles gratefully. "But can I ask you a favour?" He hesitates, waiting for a response.

"Uhh... sure. Shoot."

"Could y- Could you maybe... You know.. like try and talk to Gerard. Get him to open up to ONE person?"

"Sure!!!" I say with a little too much enthusiasm. But I would be lying if I said I don't want to talk to the guy. I want to talk to him SO bad.

"Thanks Frank." He replies. He's stopped crying now and his smile looks genuine and happy. Well, happier.

"You do know you're gonna have to tell the others now, don't you?" I point out quietly.

"Yeah... I guess so.... Let's go back, then." He says, turning around.

I stop, thinking over something Mikey said. "Hey, Mikey. If you're Gerard's younger brother then how are you in the same year?" A smug smile appears on Mikey's face.

"I'm just super smart, so they bumped me up a grade." He says before setting off back to the others, leaving me standing there, staring at him. I run to catch up with him before he reaches the shade of the trees.

When we get back to the rest of the group, they're talking in hushed voices, and occasionally looking back towards Gerard. I see Mikey's fists clench at this so I just pat him on the shoulder to get him to look at me.

"It's okay, you can do this." I encourage him. He just smiles back before closing the distance between him and the three on the floor and sitting down. Their heads all snap up at once and their conversation comes to a halt. Alicia fiddles nervously with her hands and Bob and Ray both look at the floor. I join them on the ground, giving out a "Hey." which seems to reduce the tension.

"What were you guys talking about?" Mikey asks. Ray looks up.

"Umm... Uhh... We were tal-" Mikey cut him off.

"Gerard?" He asked cooly. Bob spoke up then.

"Yeah... he was- uh crying a minute ago, while you were gone." Mikey looks slightly worried then.

"What?" Yup. Definitely worried.

"Yeah, he was just sat there crying. Like I said earlier he's seriously wei-"

"STOP!" Mikey hisses.

Bob looks at me, as if asking me what was wrong. I indicate for him to listen to Mikey.

"Go on, Mikes. Tell them."

All three of them looked up at that. "Tell us what?" Alicia speaks for the first time since we got back. Mikey takes a deep breath.

"There's something I haven't told you. Don't get annoyed, I had my reasons." All of us stare at Mikey, waiting to hear what he has to say.

There is a minutes silence while we all wait for Mikey to speak.

"....Gerard's my.... He's my brother."

There is a shocked silence for at least five minutes before Ray speaks up. "Dude!!! We're you're best friends, how come you didn't tell us?" He sounds slightly irritated.

"Yeah, we've known you for like three years and you didn't tell us this?" Bob also sounds annoyed. Mikey just sighs.

"Come on, remember what you guys were saying earlier?" Ray and Bob suddenly look guilty. Alicia just looks at her feet.

"We didn't... I mean- We wouldn't have said that if we knew." They try and cover up their previous words.

"Yeah you wouldn't have said it, but you'd still be thinking it. Just not saying it to my face, which is even worse." He takes a deep breath. "I didn't want you guys to pity me or something because of my brother. And I definitely didn't want you guys to ask me assloads of questions." Mikey sits up straighter and clears his throat "But no matter what shit you say about him, he's my brother and I love him."

Ray leans over and hugs him. "Mikes, we wouldn't have thought any different of you. You're our friend. We love you, man"

"Do I sense a hint of homosexuality Raymond??" Mikey smirks, diffusing the tension.

"Oh, you know it, babe." Ray winks.

They all continue laughing and joking around, but I'm just sat there panicking. Are they homophobic? Should I tell them that I'm gay? Or will they beat me up?
Mikey, being the clever and observant little shit he is, notices my silence and asks

"Frank? You okay?"

"Ummm... yeah. I was just wondering.... Are you guys, like... h-homophobes?" I stutter quietly. Bob scoffs.

"God no, you see Brendon over there? He's gay." The blonde says, pointing to a dark haired guy wearing a white dress shirt and braces with black skinnies.

"And Andy, he's the queen of the gays." Ray chips in, pointing to an extremely tall and very thin guy with long black hair wearing all black, who is currently prancing around the clearing in a ballet skirt and fairy wings.

"I see what you mean...." I chuckle. "And that's cool." I feel a little relieved at this revelation.

"Why, you got something to tell us?" Mikey asks, head tilted to one side.

"Umm... I'm gay." I look at the floor and blush.

"Dude, that's cool. You're an awesome guy. We don't care if you're gay or straight, if you treat us good we'll treat you good. The only reason we could ever have for not liking you is if you went all asshole on us.... Don't do that." Bob pats my back once.

"I'll try my hardest." I laugh.

The rest of 'gym' is spent having random conversations about random shit. I notice, however, that Mikey keeps on looking over at Gerard who is still sat on his own and staring at his drawing with a look of horror etched onto his face. When the bell for fourth lesson goes, we stall for time for a few minutes before deciding to get up and go back to class. Just before we start walking off, we see Gerard run past us, looking paler than usual. Mikey just looks at me before running after him. The rest of us look at eachother and shrug before continuing on our way to class.

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