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5. Explanations and Revelations

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Frank and Mikey talk

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Hello people who actually read this story! This chapter is a bit of a filler, because I'm kind of swamped with revision and I have a GCSE Chemistry exam tomorrow! 25% of my final grade -_- Woo(!) Anyway, I hope it's alright, nothing really interesting happens just a few explanations. Let me know what you think :P

Chapter Five- Explanations and Revelations

Frank's POV

Mikey and I are heading over to his house because he invited me over, which was nice for me because I haven't done that in ages. Ray's walking with us aswell but he isn't coming to Mikey's. We all have a laugh around, being extremely loud, which causes us to get death glares from other people. We don't care though, we're just having fun. I haven't had this much fun in
years, and I had forgotten what it felt like to enjoy myself. After another ten minutes of us all goofing around and acting like idiots, we reach Mikey's house. Ray says goodbye to us and continues walking home. I turn to Mikey who gives a big grin and grabs my arm, pulling me towards his front door. He paused in front of the door, eyes narrowed.

"Are you ready, Frank?" I giggle, not taking him seriously. Mikey continues the act. "I said 'are you ready'???" I decide to play along.

"Ready for what, oh superior one?"

"Ready to see the house of Way?" He says with his ever present poker face.

"Mikes, how much sugar have you had?"

He exchanges his military stance for an extremely camp one, hand on hips and everything. Seriously, I thought I was the gay one. "I dunno, like, a lot?" He bursts into giggles again, and I just stare at him as if he's going crazy. His giggling subsides and he sees the expression on my face. "Just come on!" He sighs dramatically. He opens the door and leads me into the hallway by my shirt.

I look around me and see pictures of two young boys all over the walls. The two boys are laughing or smiling in every photo, and they look like the best of friends. I turn around again, only to find Mikey stood behind me, also looking at the pictures, the look on his face unreadable.

"Hey Mikes?" I wave my hand in front of his face. "You okay there?" He snaps out of it and looks down at me.

"Yeah, I guess. It's just those pictures remind me of the past." He looks saddened by the memories.

"But you guys look so happy in the photos." I state, confused. Why is he sad about that?

"That's the problem, it's hard to look back at those photos because they remind me of how Gerard and I have drifted apart." His face becomes pained when he thinks of his brother. Oh.

"It's okay, Mikey, it happens sometimes."

"Yeah, maybe to other people, but not me and Gerard. Just look at those pictures, Frank, we were so close as kids. Inseparable. But we couldn't be further from that now. It's like I don't even know him anymore. He always comes home from school each day more distant than the day before. Everyday I see it getting worse and I can't do anything to stop it." I realise now how badly this is affecting Mikey, he looks really down. The happy, lighthearted mask he wears at school well and truly gone. He's terrified for his brother.

"Mikey, about the school thing. I have something to tell you..."

I didn't tell him about what happened between Gerard and I in French, I figured he'd been through enough worry today. However, that doesn't stop me thinking about the afternoons events. Why did he react like that? Did I do something wrong? Everything was going fine and he was talking more, but then he just changed back. I'm not sure if I should mention it to Mikey or not. My thoughts are interrupted by the walking flag pole, who waves a hand in front of my face. I'm going to have to tell him now, because there is no lying to this boy.

"...What is it? Why do you look so guilty?"

"Is Gerard home?" I ask before telling him.

"Umm, I think so, why?" His brow furrowed in confusion.

"Can we go somewhere private?"

"Sure, let's go to my room" Mikey suggests hesitantly. When we get up to his room I explain what happened. By the time I've finished, Mikey looks deep in thought. I give him a moment to process the information I've just given him. After five minutes he is still silent, so I speak up.

"Mikey?" He looks at me and takes a deep breath.

"Was this after gym?" I nod. Mikey sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I saw Gee in the bathroom after gym, before fourth lesson. You know, after he ran off? Well, I went to see if he was alright but when I found him his eyes were red and puffy from crying. When I asked him if he was okay he said he was, but I told him that I knew he was lying and I had a go at him for it." He lets out a shaky sigh. Then he realises something. "God, Frank, I told him that I've given up on him." That last part leaves me confused.

"What do you mean give up?" Mikey looks at me.

"I told him that I give up trying to help him." He sees the confusion on my face. "Did I not tell you his problem?" I shake my head. "Well, it hasn't been diagnosed but I'm pretty sure that Gerard is suffering from depression, and me and him have drifted apart. In fact Gerard has drifted apart from everybody. Well, as time progressed, I noticed that Gerard wasn't eating as much as he used to, and he started to get really thin. Soon he just stopped eating altogether unless I kept hassling him about it, but even then he wouldn't eat a lot. It's gotten really bad, Frank, but he won't let us help him. He just keeps pushing everyone away." Mikey pauses, and a lone tear takes the oppurtunity to escape his closed eyes. "So, I told him that I've given up trying to help him. You should have seen his face, he looked so broken. All he did was hug me and apologize, he didn't even try and deny it." He chuckles darkly, "You know, a small part of me used to hope that I was just exaggerating everything, but after today I've realised that I was just being extremely naive. He's got a problem, anybody can see it." He finishes with such a serious tone to his voice that it makes me look at Mikey, I mean really look at him. He looks tired, his eyes full of wisdom way beyond his years. He must have been through a lot, poor kid. While I'm looking at him, I find my respect for the younger boy increasing.

"What happened to him, Mikes?" I ask quietly. I'm curious, but I don't want to upset him further.

"That's the thing, Frank. Nobody knows." He sighs "I mean at first we thought he was just looking for attention, but that's just not like Gerard. We realised he had a genuine problem and we tried to talk to him but he'd just stare back at us, not listening."

"Well, I promised I'd try and get him to open up to me, and I will do that." I pat his back reassuringly. "But it's going to take a long time, you know that? And even then it still may not work" He nods to show his understanding and sniffs. "Come here, Mikey." I pull him in for a hug and he lets the tears fall down his cheeks and onto my shirt. We stand there for a few minutes, Mikey crying on my shoulder while I try and soothe him and assure him that it will all be okay.

But in reality I have no idea how it's all going to end.

Sooooo......How was it? R&R for naked party with My Chem! :P

P.s: Is Gerard's hair brown now? I've seen pictures, but I can't tell in the light. It looks brown. I'm gonna say it's brown :)
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