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Dont Cry

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Rated for violence, hence the warning. Enjoy the lovely death :)

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“Kristy! Hurry it up!” Bob yelled as I finish up my makeup.

“Shut it! I’ll be ready when I'm fuckin’ ready!” I put down the eye pencil and grab my phone. “Frank, you ready?” I look at my partner to see him lounging on the bed looking very bored.

“For half an hour. Come on already, I’m quite exited for tonight.” My little munchikin skipped down the stairs.

Tonight was a formal event. The three men; Ray, Bob and Frank, were all dressed in black jeans, a white shirt and black tie. I had on a black dress which showed off my hourglass figure with sparkly netting over smooth black silk. Tonight marked a very special date. This night, two years ago, was the night I made my first murder.

The plan was to go out, have a nice meal at the fancy restaurant in town and then get shit faced.

I hadn’t realised, but over the last two years, I’ve made quite a living off doing what I love the most. I kill because I like it, and because it’s my way of getting back at the world. I used to only kill those who I deemed the scum of the earth, but I ran out eventually. So now I make money killing for other people.

The night went well, the meal was delicious and the party was pretty cool. I invited a few friends and business associates as well as prospective clients and it all went pretty well if you ask me.

The next day was fine for me, being the heavy weight drinker; I really wasn’t drunk at the party. Some people see it as a blessing to be able to go out and not get drunk, but I still haven’t had a hangover... I didn’t stop drinking all night! Frank, Bob and Ray, however, did not have such a good morning. Therefore I had to work by myself while they slept it off.

Without my little housewife (Frankie) I was pretty much useless when it came to food, so I figured cereal would have to do it for breakfast. After which I looked at the list of people on today’s agenda.

First on the list is a guy called Mark. He’s wanted in almost every state in the country for sex crimes and I have the delight of disposing of this being. Oh, I am known by the FBI and many other governmental organisations and I have a contract with them which allows me to carry on, as long as I work for them free of charge.


681809 into the lock... door slides open. In a chair in the centre of the small room is a middle aged man. He has short brown hair and nice clothes. The file that the FBI had supplied me with informs me that he is the prime or only suspect in almost 50 cases in which he had raped, or sexually harassed women and men. Ok... let's see how he likes being abused.

“Mark! Darling, don't look so terrified.” I coo as I walk up to him in my suit. I have a short black skirt and a white blouse on.

“Wh-who are you?” He stammers as he takes in my appearance and voice.

“That’s not important. What is important is what I am.” I smile wickedly.

“Erm, ok?”

“Did I ask you a question?” I yell and punch him in the face. I learned at an early age how to throw the best punch, and now I get to use that knowledge every day.

So the punches continued for half an hour before I got bored and simply slit his throat with my pocket knife. It wasn’t interesting, I’ll admit. But this next one seems promising.

“Marie Phillips.” I mutter to myself as I look through my notes. Oh, of course. It’s the one. This person will have a particularly long and painful death.

/Marie Phillips.
22 years old. Married to David Phillips. Formerly known as Marie Thomas. Killed parents in house fire 7 years ago./

I finally found her. I didn’t even have to call in my friends from the government.

I need Bob and Ray for this one.

time lapse

“What do you think she’s going to do with her?” Bob whispered in the basement. Marie is secured in a chair, bolted to the floor.

“I don't know, but I hope it’s not as bad as last time. I was almost sick.” Ray replied, just like the script said. I was, of course, watching and listening on our cameras while getting changed into more comfortable jeans and a t shirt. The boys went through their routine of talking about things I’ve done in the past, including gauging people’s eyes out with a spoon, causing their cells to burst and simply burning them. I’m going to use a mixture of all these, and more. I waited ten minutes after they guys had left the room before entering.

I enjoy the show with people like this. If it’s personal, it’s all about the showmanship. I have to look the part, as well as act the part. Here I am playing the role of successful serial killer/crazy bitch.

I enter the door first, with Ray and Bob keeping in step behind me. I silently pull up a wooden chair and sit facing the woman. The last story the guys had relayed to her was one where I had killed one person by burning them over four days. So I opt for that approach.

Fishing into my pocket, I find a silver lighter. I simply sit there flicking it.














I walk closer to her, holding the small flame in my hand. I stare cold and hard into her eyes. I move my hand slightly so she does not notice and singe her hair. The yelp she emits makes me want to laugh, but I control it to the darkest chuckle I can manage. Turning away I go to get what I deem necessary. Petrol can.

I walk back to Marie smiling, still flicking the lighter on and off.

“Wha-what’s in there?” Marie stutters through her tears.

“Well, it’s a petrol can, so I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.” I smile as I unscrew the top. I start to throw it over her, allowing a puddle of liquid to form around her feet. When the can is empty, I stand back and take out my lighter. I open the top and flick it on.

“NO!” Screams Marie. “You’ll blow the place up! It’s suicide!”

I take out a small piece of string which I light with the flame. “I think I’ll risk it.” I drop the burning string.

In the split second it takes for the rope to drop, three things simultaneously happen. Marie gasps. I look at the horror on her face. The rope burns brighter. And then...


The rope hits the water and goes out.

“Hahaha, you think I'm crazy enough to kill myself just so I can kill you? Hell no! I want to see you writhe in pain.” I laugh, but soon get bored. I have lots more toys to play with before I'm done with this one.

I tie up her damp, perfectly manicured hands so her wrists are right at the end of the arms of the chair. I then go back to my tools, knowing exactly what I want.

I pick up the big, bulky chainsaw. I start it up and walk quickly back to Marie. The chainsaw is easy to start due to frequent use so when I'm close to her, I step behind and rest the stationary blade on her shoulder. “What do you think of my toy?” I ask loudly, startling little Marie.

“Uhh-it’s a-a chain s-saw.”

“No shit Sherlock.” I pull it up and start it loudly. Walking painfully slow to her front where I wave it around aiming, trying to get the best angle.

Each time I adjusted the objet slightly, a little whimper was emitted from Marie.

“Grow a pair, bitch. We all have to deal with pain.” I say and just go for the angle I have. The machine expertly severs through flesh and bone easily. Her hand flops to the floor with the sound of flowing blood and an annoying high-pitched scream.

“One down, three to go.”

After I’d finished with cutting the hands and feet off with my lovely chain saw, I knew I only had a short amount of time before she’s pass out from blood loss and die. I switched the chain saw off and grabbed my nail gun.

“DIE BITCH< DIE!” bang bang a nail through each eye and into the brain.

“Bob, Ray, Frankie, I’m done.” I say as I exit to room to find my Frankiekins.

He’s right outside the door to attack my face when I try to exit.

We stumble backwards into the room where so many people have been killed as his tongue easily gains dominance. I knew I wasn’t getting any work done until after lunch.

WOO! I really loved writing this. I might write another tonight :) the chainsaw/hand combo was courtesy of ItsM0llyBitch so thank you :)
I asked for ideas of torture and I got some really interesting ones I cant wait to write :)

I must tell you all, I am going on holiday for a few weeks so I may update less, or more. I will definately carry on working on my other story that I'm hoping to start updating after i have a few more chapters written :)

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