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A New Kind Of Titan

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Out of desperation and fear, Raven summons an old-time female friend to help defeat Terra. However, Raven's friend turns the Titans' lives upside down and creates quite a ruckus. (The new character...

Category: Teen Titans - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Raven - Published: 2012-07-15 - Updated: 2012-07-15 - 544 words

 "My name is Terra." said the petite, stringy-blonde haired girl. 
"And do you promise to serve me forever?" 
Terra turned in the semi-darkness and faced the bronze and black mask staring back at her. The subterranean room was filled with cold air, enclosed within the rock structure. This was to be her new home. Or, at least the only home she ever really had. 
"I do." She replied.
"Do you promise to obey my every command as your ultimate master and do as I say?"
"And do you promise to help to fight by my side and help me destroy the Teen Titans once and for all?"
There was a long pause. The masked villain turned away and took a few steps away from the new female apprentice. Facing his back, Terra narrowed her gleaming, gold eyes and put an evil smirk on her face. 
"I thought you'd never ask, Slade."
The room was filled with activity: the commotion of Cyborg and Robin going at it in, yet, another racing game on the big screen; Beast Boy blasting his boom box in the center of the room, showing off his dance moves to the silent demon-girl who was reading a Wiccan book on the floor about spells and curses; and the sweet, innocent Starfire who was cooking...something lime-green and smelled like sewer water. 
"You may be the leader out there, but not in MY game!" Cyborg rebelled, a big ape-like smile on his face.
"Wanna bet?" The Boy Wonder challenged, while his fingers were faster than lightning on the high-tech video game remote. 
"Unce, unce, unce, unce..." The music blared as Beast Boy effortlessly looked like a fool.
*It was 1975. The lights were flashing and the disco ball was spinning over the Dancing King - Beast Boy. The music flowed through him like sunlight. The giant circle of groovy, up-beat dancers surrounded and cheered the green James Brown, who was busy with his jam... 
"Uh-uh-uh-uh, Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive..."*
"You're despicable."
A raspy voice interrupted the shapeshifter's fantasy, and his dream came crashing down around him, as the disco ball shattered to pieces. Raven snickered. 
"Awww!" He blurted out. 
"Beast Boy, might you try my Hofgnarp? It is a delicious dessert on my planet that we enjoy savoring while being in an unjoyous mood." 
He grinned and walked to the kitchen, raspberrying at Raven along the way.
"So, what is it Star?" Beast Boy curiously asked while peeking over the counter and into the boiling pot of steaming goo. 
"It is an enlightening treat that I am positive you will love!" The Tamarainian had a childish, excited look on her face as she shoved the wooden spoon into Beast Boy's mouth. As she pulled the spoon out of his mouth, his eyes went white and he sweatdropped, sticking his tongue out. 
"Uhhhhh..." He murmured, trying to quickly get the alien taste out. 
"Oh, no ya don't! This is my game! I'm always undefeated!" 
"Not today, you're not!"
Suddenly, the red, blinking alarm blared throughout the Titans Tower. The five Titans rose. 
"Titans, trouble!" Robin yelled, running for the door. As leader, he was always the most prepared. This time, however, he could never be prepared for what was about to take place. 
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