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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 of 'A New Kind Of Titan'

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The streets of Jump City were filled with Slade's robots. The entire sky was grey, as was the visibly polluted air in which Slade now ruled as of a few moments ago. A larger-than-usual Cinderblock, Overload, and Plasmus patrolled the destroyed streets. Slade's new ignorant apprentice flew through the city she solely brought to her knees. Her name was Terra. 
"We did it, Slade. We brought the entire city under our rule and destroyed the Teen Titans."
"Excellent." replied the super villain, although his voice was a bit scratchy over the earpiece that Terra wore above her ear. 
The apprentice smiled, this time, without having to force it. This is what she had wanted. Even though the Teen Titans had accepted her with open arms and given her a warm place to stay and unconditional friendship, especially from from Beast Boy, this damned world is what she wanted, along with Slade. 
"Report back to me, apprentice."
She did as her master commanded. 
Just as she was about to summon a larger rock from the asphalt below to ride on, a star bolt flew out from the surrounding dust and smashed Terra's rock into pieces, causing her to fall to the ground. Startled, she stood up, and glared through the dusty air. A wolf ran through the debris behind her, making growling noises. She quickly turned around, going in a fight stance. A dark blue cloak rippled through the air from behind her and disappeared when Terra spun around, her eyes glowing yellow. 
"Who's there?!" she demanded. 
A long pause. 
"What's going on, apprentice?" yelled Slade through the earpiece. 
"I...I don't know." replied the confused girl. 
"Whatever it is, you stay and fight!"
"I will, Slade."
Just then, Robin came flying through the dust and slammed Terra into a car. Cyborg came from up above and smashed the car, nearly missing Terra, for she jumped out of range. Raven's claw came from underneath Terra and grabbed her, as Starfire's bolts thrashed Terra, causing her to lay motionless in the middle of the street. From behind, five figures merged from the debris. 
"You betrayed us, Terra."
"We'll never forgive you."
"You attempted to annihilate us."
"We should have known you were a traitor from the start."
"We've given you too many chances."
From the earpiece, a stunned Slade screamed. 
"Terra, get up and fight!"
Weakly, Terra rose and ran down the street behind a building and into an alley. 
"Young lady, did I tell you to run? Stop being a coward and get out there and fight! I command you!"
"But, Slade, I was getting thrashed! I could've died!"
"They're doing nothing compared to what I will do to you if you don't get back out there and fight!"
With a troubled sigh, Terra walked back out into the street, facing the five silhouettes of the Titans. 
"Give up, Terra. You got nothing on us." Cyborg calmly said , emerging with the other four out of the dust. 
"That's what you think, robo-boy."
Terra summoned a large chunk of the street in front of her and threw it at Cyborg, only to have Starfire intercept it with her super strength.
"We trusted you and I called you friend." Starfire said, as she flung the giant boulder back at Terra. Terra flew back and slammed into the ground. Starfire flew next to the motionless girl. 
"Friend Terra, I am so sorry! Are you unharmed?"
"You always were easy to fool." replied Terra, as she flung another boulder at Starfire, slamming the alien princess into a building. 
Terra stood up, facing a green T-rex, who was charging at her with Cyborg ontop. He blasted her with his sonic arm, but she jumped out of the way. She summoned six medium-sized rocks and flung them towards the couple. Cyborg and Beast Boy were forced to jump out of the way. From behind them, Robin came charging at Terra, and a fight was beheld. Starfire got up and her eyes lit green, while attempting to hit Terra. Cyborg and Beast Boy had recovered and charged at Terra, doing everything in their power to destroy the ex-Titan, who was now their greatest enemy. 

The street was filled with commotion. Dust and debris were flying everywhere. Not a building in sight could be seen. All the citizens had already cleared out.
As Raven quickly flew away from the chaos, she could hear Slade's robotic army moving inwards, towards the epic fight. She stopped and sighed, staring off into the grey and pale orange sunset over the vast Ocean. 
"I need you." she mumbled. 
She positioned herself in a meditative stance just over the black sands that barely touched the gentle waves of the sea. She was not pleased with the location, but it's the farthest she wanted to get away from the possible extermination of her friends, so she stayed somewhat nearby, just barely drowning out the ruckus caused by Terra and Slade's army. 
The half-demon, half-human girl chanted strange words that she has never chanted before while with the Teen Titans. 
"Am convoca puterea Sumdothsian...
Am convoca puterea Sumdothsian..."
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