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Chapter 3

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"Answer the question Shayera." Bruce said forcefully. "Are you pregnant?"

Shayera gave him a look. "Do I look like the maternal type to you?"

"You were the one that came flying in here asking about Rex a while back. Now answer the question." She remained silent. "If you can't tell me the truth than I can't help you. You need to trust me because I trust you and trust is a two way deal."

Shayera looked dumbfounded. The very man that voted her expulsion from the Justice League was claiming that he trusted her. "How do you know you can trust me?"

"I only voted you out for morality sake. If I was in your shoes, I would have done the same. You weren't a trained liar, you were a trained soldier. Sure you were in the espionage wing but you never lied when it mattered most. You told us the truth during the Thanagarian Invasion in order to save us and the planet. You knew what you were doing was wrong. That's why you can't forgive yourself because you have a conscience. You cared about what would happen to Earth and its population."

"I did too forgive myself." She muttered.

"Then why do you still have nightmares when you sleep? Why do you still second guess your presence in the Justice League and on Earth?" He asked as she looked down. "You need to tell me everything. What they told you, how much you knew about the mission before you came here. You need to tell me your life as Shayera Hol not as Hawkgirl."

"You won't tell the others what I say, will you?" She asked.

"No," He replied. "Not unless you want me to. Now I'll ask you one last time. Are you or are you not pregnant?"

"I don't know for sure but I think I am."

"Did you ever mention this to John." She shook her head. "I'm not going to tell you want to do, that's your decision, but I don't advise keeping secrets from him."

"How do you know I'm not lying about being pregnant?" She cynically asked.

Bruce took a small step back. Shayera tilted her head in curiosity. What he did next she wasn't expecting. He made a quick movement as though he was going to land a right jab on her. She, just as quickly, moved to defend herself.

"Look where my fist is." He said as she slightly looked to her left.

"It's headed towards my head." She unamusedly replied. "What did that prove?"

"Now look where you defended yourself." She looked down to see her arms unconsciously wrapped around her stomach. She quickly moved her arms to her sides and looked away. "You instinctively protected your midsection. That's how I know you aren't lying. Besides you kept avoiding the question and had this look in your eyes when I first asked you. You looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Anyway, thinking and being are two different things." Bruce then grabbed her wrist and start to drag her along with him.

"Where are you taking me?"

"We're going to find out if you truly are pregnant." At that she yanked her wrist from his grasp.

"I just can't waltz into a doctor's office Bruce. I'll be all over the front page of the newspaper and there would be too much gossip if I went to League doctors." She argued.

"I never said I was taking you to a doctor."

Shayera's look changed to pure rage. "I am not taking one of those ridiculous, degrading human pregnancy tests!"

"I never said that either," He motioned to a medical table. "Now sit."

"Why?" She cuttingly asked.

"I said sit." He growled.

Shayera quickly sat on the table and watched him clean her left arm with an antiseptic before tying a band around the upper part. That's when she began to have a sinking feeling that she knew what was going to transpire in the next few minutes.

"You're not going to do what I think you are," He remained silent as he lifted up her arm. He started to tap her elbow pit with his index and middle finger. "Don't. You. Dare." He moved away to grab something. In this time Shayera began to move her hand towards the band.

"Take the tourniquet off and I'll knock you unconscious and then perform the blood test." Bruce stated as his back was to her. "Either way it's going to happen."

Shayera stopped and began to rhythmically tap her fingers against the side of the table. She didn't like needles at all. It wasn't as bad as confined spaces but she, nonetheless, had a fear of them. Bruce walked towards her with the Vacutainer blood tube in hand. He attached the tube to the needle and she began to squirm.

"Give me your arm." He directed with his hand held out. She shook her head. "Shayera..." He added warningly.

She reluctantly relented and slowly straightened out her shaking arm. Bruce rolled his eyes under his cowl and yanked her arm out. Shayera began to whimper as he held it tight. She inhaled sharply when the needle punctured her skin and turned her head quickly away. Soon enough she felt him place a cotton swab on her skin and apply a tight bandage around it.

"Funny," Bruce commented as his lips formed a faint smirk. "You can pummel villains into the ground yet the mere sight of a needle makes you act like a frightened child. How are you going to handle childbirth with IVs-"

"Shut up!" Shayera covered her ears.

"Just an observation." Bruce stated as he removed the needle from the tube and sealed the top.

"Yeah real cute so what are you going to do with that anyway?" She asked as he inserted the veil of her blood into some machine that she was sure was going to perform some type of test.

He didn't even bother to look at her as he answered, "Testing your blood for human chorionic gonadotropin."

She gave him an extremely confused look. "Sorry but some of us don't speak Star Trek."

"It's also known as hCG and it's a hormone produced during pregnancy."

"Well that makes more sense." She rolled her eyes. "So if it is in my blood?"

"You're definitely pregnant and if it's absent then you're not. I'm doing a quantitative pregnancy blood test instead of a qualitative pregnancy blood test." He vaguely explained to her as she sighed.

"What's the difference?" She asked. "I don't know all of these medical terms Bruce."

"Qualitative blood tests give a simple "yes" or "no" answer as to whether or not hCG is present. Quantitative blood tests actually measure the exact amount of hCG in the blood. Then the measurement can help give a rough estimate of the age of the fetus, if there is one. It can also help determine if the pregnancy is progressing normally. Which, for you, we have to do. Yours will be unique because of the cross-species heritage."

"And when are we going to find out?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Shortly, your blood about to finish processing."

She looked at the machine as it hummed and blinked a tiny red light back at her. The machine beeped as the light turned green. Bruce moved to the large computer in the cave and began to type.


"Congratulations, you're five weeks pregnant."

A/N: If you think Shayera handled the blood test bad, I faint when I get flu shots. No joke. I actually almost fainted typing this chapter.
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