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A Long Way From Home

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Chapter 2

Darcy woke first, hwading to the kitchen to fix up some breakfast. She stopped by the bathroom first to brush her teeth, and comb her hair. She never liked her hair, she often compared it to Hermione's hair, since it was usually a mess of dark curls. Darcy brushed her teeth, wondering if last night was actually a dream. She shrugged, reminding herself that she met a Norse god before. She finished, walking out of the bathroom towards the kitchen. Darcy froze. There, by the very same window she was gazing out of last night, was Loki. His back was facing her, his hands clasped behind him. He seemed to be looking up at the sky, a scowl on his face. Darcy coughed.
"You want anything to eat, or drink?" She asked, stepping closer to him. Loki turned around and grinned.
"Yes, if you do not mind." He replied, his green eyes bright. Darcy nodded and got out two bowls, milk, and Cheerios, placing them on the table nearby. She served herself, and then Loki, grabbing two spoons for them to use. Darcy sat down across him, preparing to wolf down the food before Loki asked: "What is it?" He sat down, poking the Cheerios with his spoon. Darcy shoved a spoonful in her mouth, wolfing it down.
"That's Cheerios. They're a type of cereal. And before you ask," She said, watching him open his mouth, "Cereal is a type of food made from either wheat or corn." She shoved another spoonful in her mouth, quickly wolfing down her bowl. She felt awkward, eating in front of Loki. It was completely silent as they both started to gulp down their food.
After finishing their breakfast, Darcy changed into a t-shirt and shorts, putting her glasses on. She yawned a bit, and cleaned up, placing the plates in the sink.
"So, Darcy. How does it feel like?" She turned to Loki, her brows furrowing.
"What?" Darcy asked. Loki smirked, standing up.
"You know what I am talking about," He says, getting closer to her. "being lonely. All the time. How does it feel like?"
"Well, for starters you should know..." She quipped, raising her eyebrow. Loki visibly tensed. "Besides, why should you care? In your eyes I'm just a plain mortal girl."
"You're absolutely right!" He snapped. Darcy stared wide-eyed, she expected him to snap, but not so soon. Loki went on, rage boiling within him. "Why should I care about some mortal girl no one cares about?! After all, I could snap your neck and no body would care-"
"That's not true!" She cried, feeling her eyes well up.
"Then why would your only two friends leave you? They surely do not care for you-"
"They do! They honestly do!" She shook her head, trying to ignore his harsh words.

Loki felt a bit guilty, but went on. She's pathetic! Look at the way she cries when she realizes no one cares for her! A voice in his head growls.
"Face the facts, mortal!" He got closer to her, smirking. "You're all alone!" Suddenly, Darcy looked up, a look of pride in her eyes. The pride of any cornered prey of a bully, not wanting to back down, and showing that they're tough.
"I remind you of yourself, don't I?" She asked. She is right...I remember a time when this was me, when Thor's friends mocked and bullied me He thought, backing away from her. What was he doing?! Darcy posed no threat to him! She was only mortal, and with no weapons with her.
"I am sorry, I don't know why I did that....I should be heading to New York now." Loki muttered, running a hand through his raven hair. Darcy squinted her eyes up at him.
"New York? Why?"
"My punishment is to join the Avengers. I promised Allfather this, and for the sake of my honor, I will carry my promise out." He replied, looking down at her. Darcy raised her eyebrows, placing her hands on her hips.
"Did you just say sorry?" She mused, her mouth gaping. Loki smiled sheepishly.
"Yes. Would you like to hear it again?" He paused, then went on. "I am sorry." Darcy smiled, her eyes no more sad, but bright.
"Oh my God..."
"Yes, yes. I know! Now is there any way to travel to New York?"
"Can't you teleport there?" Darcy asked, shrugging. Loki shook his head.
"No, I can't. If I did, then Fury would most likely kill me before I had the chance to explain myself." Darcy furrowed her brows in thought then looked up at him.
"I could call my ex-boyfriend! He has a plane we can use, come on!" With that, Darcy took out her phone, quickly texting her ex. Loki watched on in amusement, as Darcy smiled up at him. "Okay, he said yes!" Loki followed her to the car, siting down nervously in the passenger's seat. He gulped as she started the engine, driving the car out of her garage. Loki watched on as the car sped out of town, pulling up to an airport a few miles away.


Darcy snickered as Loki attempted to put on his seatbelt in the airplane. He shot her a glare.
"Sorry!" She giggled, helping him. She sat back after making sure the seatbelt was okay, and sighed. The plane started without a problem, and soon they were flying, heading towards the JFK Airport. Darcy ran her hand through her hair, smiling softly. Loki, however, looked pissed.
"You alright?" She asked him, raising her eyebrows. Loki shook his head, sighing deeply.
"Uh....what's the problem?" She questioned him, turning to him.
"If I could teleport to New York, then this would be much more simpler! Instead I'm stuck in this contraption!" He groaned. Darcy smiled.
"Maybe you can?"
"What you suggesting?" He smirked, his eyes glowing mischievously. Darcy smirked.
"That we teleport in the middle of a conference with the Avengers."
"Mmm, I like your thinking." Darcy smiled, as green smoke enveloped them. Within a few seconds, she was met by several pairs of wide eyes. She noticed Loki was holding onto her arm, smirking at the eyes.
"What the-"
"Greetings, Director Fury!" Loki said coolly, smiling. "Due to my terrible actions to your race, my punishment is to join your little group." The whole room was stunned, except for Thor, who smiled.
"Brother! I wondered when you'd show up!" Thor said, reaching over to Loki. "My friends, Loki means no harm, I am sure of it!" The others were still shocked to say the least. Loki sincerely smiled, letting go of Darcy. Thor smiled at her. "Darcy!" He hugged her, making her yelp. "It is good to see you!"
"Yeah, you too, Thor." Darcy replied, smiling. Fury stood up, his face showing no emotion. He walked over to Loki, scowling slightly.
"Explain yourself..."

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