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Chapter 11

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"Patience is the art of hoping."

~Marquis de Vauvenargues


Shayera sat twiddling her fingers nervously. She was nervous about the hearing. She just hoped that Rachel's hard work wasn't about to go to waste. She knew she was being silly but somehow that didn't stop her nerves. Deep breathing, counting to ten, none of that worked; she was still nervous.

The last time she'd felt this nervous was when she waited for the League's vote after the Thanagarian Invasion. She'd been through countless of deadlier situations before and had never been this nervous. What was so different about this one?

Shayera frowned as she sat there on the bench. She looked up at the doors to the courtroom and sighed. She was getting bored from sitting there alone.

Bruce had told her to sit there and wait to be called; if she was needed. He also told her that if she saw anyone from the press, especially if it was Vicki Vale, to hightail it and hide somewhere. Entering through the backdoor was his idea of a good entrance. No one did see them enter so his plan did work. The paparazzi weren't currently chasing them after all.

Rachel was the one that first expressed concern about Shayera entering the courtroom and Bruce had agreed with her notion. She had said that they couldn't risk Shayera losing her temper in there and making matters worse. So here she was, alone.

The clothing she wore didn't help her mood either. She never felt comfortable wearing dresses or skirts and it added to her agitation. Also Bruce's choice of designer wear just wasn't up her alley. For the past three hours she had been constantly fidgeting, trying to get everything to fit correctly.

The black Panelled Pencil Dress he chose for her was tight around her waist and she had to continuously pull it down to her mid-thighs whenever she stood up or sat down. She was getting a headache from listening to the jangle of the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Set of Three Freeform Bangles around her wrist; Shayera felt like tearing them off and throwing them at Bruce.

The only thing she did like was the necklace that Rachel had picked for her. The 2028 Jewelry Heart of Gold Large Vintage Locket Necklace was more her style. Something that was nice but not grabbing for everyone's attention. It was light and didn't bother her unlike the rest of her outfit.

Though the major complaint she had were the shoes, a pair of black Coloriffics Women's Avalon Slingback Pumps. When she had gone on that date with Carter years ago she wore heels that were barely a half inch tall and she was tripping over herself with those. Rachel had given her a four inch heel to wear. Shayera was practically grabbing onto everything she could so that she wouldn't fall and crack her head open. Thankfully, when she had tripped earlier, Bruce had the reflexes to catch her before she had the chance to hurt herself. Currently the shoes were making the backs of her ankles itchy.

Shayera always hated waiting. She was an extremely impatient woman by nature but today she felt even more antsy than normal. Her nerves were strained to their limits and the constant tension in her body made her unable to sit still.

She glanced at the courtroom doors again. Stupid, useless humans. Always bothering her when she wanted peace and quiet but never there when she wanted or needed them. Though John was willing to be there with her except for the fact that she told him not to come and she now felt terrible for doing so. She had reasoned with him that he had to take her monitor duty shift and he had his own shift right after. He agreed with her even if he did sound disheartened. It would have been easy to find someone to replace them for monitor duty after all but she just had to push him away.

Shayera bit her lower lip and swore lightly under her breath. It shouldn't be taking so long. What if something had happened? What if the reason they weren't coming out was wouldn't allow herself to finish the thought. Everything was going to be fine. They would come out when they could.

She forced herself to take several deep breaths and leaned stiffly back against the bench. She was starting to feel nauseous and blamed her nerves. She started to tap her foot on the ground but the sound soon gave her a headache. She resorted to idly tapping her fingers against the bench.

Eventually the door opened and Shayera sprang to her feet. Rachel and Bruce stepped out, neither of them looking pleased but not particularly angry either. She looked at them curiously. What had happened in there? Why were they staying so quiet?

"What happened?" Shayera finally asked.

"Nothing," Rachel stated bluntly though she sounded annoyed. "Absolutely nothing! The judges are going to look over the paperwork in more detail, as they put it, and get in touch with me to schedule the next hearing. I'm warning you that they'll have you in there talking next time. They said the next hearing will probably be the last because they have better things to do than listen to some Thanagarian plead her case. You're going to have to defend yourself and your reasons for trying to obtain citizenship to them."

"Then they'll decide?" She asked.

"Yes," Rachel answered.

There wasn't much on TV but Shayera was distracted regardless; she was feeling extremely guilty. John was sitting at the far end of the couch from her and she was sitting with her back uncomfortably against the armrest. She could tell that he was still somewhat peeved with her because of her decision to not have him come with her. After she came home, they also got into a minor tiff over her recent strange behavior.

She popped a cracker in her mouth and tried to watch the horribly predictable teen-drama that was currently on; she was extremely unimpressed. She sighed heavily, and rather theatrically, as he glanced over at her.

"Not enjoying the witty dialogue?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood, though she could hear the strain in his voice.

She rolled her eyes and threw a cracker at him. "Don't be silly John. This is scintillating stuff."

He chucked the remote at her, which she easily caught, in retaliation. "Fine, you find something better."

In the end, she cued up Look Who's Talking because it was just the type of mood she was in. It was also the first movie she had ever watched on Earth and she could quote it almost word for word. She had the same feelings for that movie as John did for Older Yeller. Though it meant more to her now then it ever did before.

After forty-five minutes had pasted, Shayera turned off the TV. She didn't know why, maybe because of the movie, but she felt like now was a good time to tell him. She decided to get it over with before her sudden wind of confidence left her.

"John, I /really /need to tell you something." Her answer was silence and she looked over to see him sleeping. "Of course you're asleep," Truthfully she felt relieved because she didn't know what she was exactly going to say to him anyway. She scooted next to him and kissed his cheek. "I'll tell you eventually; I promise."
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