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Chapter 19

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"Everything go as expected sir?" Alfred asked as Bruce climbed out of the Batmobile. "I'm guessing Miss Vale saw things your way like Judge McCillion?"

"Vicki won't be problem anymore, at least for Shayera. I can't speak for Bruce Wayne." He replied.

"Well if you don't mind me being so blunt but that's what happens when you have many angry exes." Alfred stated as they walked over to the computer and Bruce took a seat in the swivel chair. "Perhaps you should try to repair your relationship with Rachel. If I recall correctly the two of you were inseparable, except for the times you were patrolling Gotham. Though I have noticed your interest in Princess Diana and she seems to be quite intrigued by you too. You two would-"

Bruce cut him off, "Dating within the League and even a team leads to issues. You saw what happened between Barbara and I. It didn't last long and the end result was disastrous. Diana and I are different, vastly different. We're not as suited for each other as most people believe. I'll admit that I thought about...a lot for the past few years. In the end it wouldn't work, relationships never do. Especially the ones I get involved in. If it's not me pushing Rachel and Diana away or chasing after Selina, then Zatanna and I had a very brief relationship that couldn't last. But it's always someone like Vicki that pops up and ruins my hope. Janice Porter is another prime example. Just like Harley Quinn except that she's obsessed with Harvey Dent and in turn Two Face. She put me in danger and nearly got me killed. Vicki ended up slandering me all over the newspapers when we were over." He sighed. "Then the whole mess with Andrea. The only woman I truly thought I would marry and ended up leaving. She became Phantasm and tried to kill people Alfred. Every woman I have ever loved or had feeling for either left me or I left them. And don't even get me started on Talia."

Alfred sighed. "Honestly you had a few not so wonderful experiences, that doesn't mean you should give up. Look at Miss Hol and Mr. Stewart, if they had given up on each other then where would they be today?"

"Their situation is completely different from mine Alfred. They know what their future holds and so do I." He said quietly. "I saw myself as a lonely, old man with some punk kid running around as Batman. There's no point in me trying to build a relationship that will ultimately fail."

"Maybe because of seeing your future self, you're reluctant to defy destiny. Maybe that is why you're a 'lonely, old man' later on." Alfred said as he continued, "You said that you saw Warhawk, Miss Hol and Mr. Stewart's future son."

"What of it?" Bruce asked. He wasn't in the mood to discuss his love life any longer. Why did Alfred always have to be so persistent?

"The child Miss Hol is currently pregnant with, do you know if the child is Rex Stewart for certain?"

"No," Bruce replied. "It's not set in stone that Rex Stewart will exist."

"Then how is it set in stone that you're to grow old alone without a Mrs. Wayne and children of your own?" Alfred asked as he walked away. "Just something for you to ponder Master Wayne in your spare time."

Bruce sighed heavily. He didn't want to think about his love life, or rather a lack of one. His mind started to wonder through the list of the most influential and memorable women he had ever dated.

Andrea was the first and was almost the only. He still loved her but he also despised what she had become. She was consumed by her desire for revenge and retribution. She broke his heart not once but twice. Though, he noted, that was the only relationship where he wasn't the one breaking hearts.

He and Zatanna had a small fling as young adults and once again during Bruce's early years as Batman. They both knew it wouldn't last and there were no hard feelings between them. They were still close friends as the break up didn't affect either of them. It was a mutual agreement between them to end the relationship.

Years later he would meet Selina Kyle. Bruce always saw Selina as a lost soul and had faith that he could help her become 'good' and set her on the right path. She was just misguided. They dated casually but then the revelation that she was Catwoman was just too much. He couldn't be with a criminal, the type of person he swore to take down.

He grouped Janice Porter and Vicki Vale together. They were trouble from the start. Though it was partially his fault for dating both at the same time. Vicki tried to ruin him through the Gotham Gazette, which lead to her being terminated and going to Gotham Daily. Janice on the other hand was Two-Face's very own Harley Quinn. She had helped Harvey with trying to kill Bruce in a rather poor attempt at getting his fortune. To say the least, he was happy that neither were in his life anymore.

Barbara and him grew close over the years of fighting crime together. Why Dick let her go was something Bruce would never understand. Their relationship lasted almost a full year but Bruce's cold demeanor got the better of him. He hadn't seen her wear the mask and cowl since then. Well she did don the Batgirl uniform only when Bruce wasn't in Gotham. The Bat-clan was officially disbanded. Dick left for Blüdhaven, Tim could never be Robin again after what the Joker did to him, and Barbara couldn't bring herself to be around him anymore.

Diana brought just an itch of hope for a brief time. Though Bruce had thought through what could happen and decided that they would never work. She was a literal princess and he was a playboy. They were like yin and yang; he was the yin while she was the yang. Diana was just too naive to know what she would be getting herself into. He couldn't bring himself to break Diana's heart like how he did to so many other women. She didn't deserve that at all. It was because she was so special to him that he couldn't do that to her.

Then finally there was Talia al Ghul. Their values different yet similar. Both walked the path of darkness but never quite went over the edge. Talia was obsessed with following her father, Ra's al Ghul, while Bruce was determined to stop him. The two were clouded by their misjudgments on society. Ra's more so than Talia. Talia was just blinded by her devotion to her father. She reminded him of Selina and perhaps that was why he grew such an interest in her. Ra's was beyond saving but Bruce still held hope that he could save Talia before it was too late.

Hours later Alfred came back down the stairs of the Batcave with Rachel Dawes in tow.

"Sir," He began. "Miss Dawes is here to see you. She says it's imperative that you listen." He then smirked as he began to walk away and muttered, "Please get through his heart of ice madam."

Bruce spun the chair around slowly as he faced her. "What is it Rachel?"

"What did you do to the judges?" She asked as she marched over to him and roughly jabbed her finger at his chest. "They just agreed to give hawky citizenship without even hearing her."

"Judge McCillion and Vicki Vale were an /item/. That's how she got the information. I simply told them what would happen if they didn't listen."

"You threatened them," She said. "I'm disappointed in you Bruce."

"Get in line," He muttered.

Rachel shook her head. "So who's going to tell her? Though there is a slight catch that I have to mention."

Bruce raised an eyebrow. "Which is?"

"She has to take a civics test. And it's not a typical answer ten questions and get at least six out of the ten right. She has do a 100 question test and get at least 80 right." She then frowned and shifted uncomfortably. "It's in one week."

"She'll never pass it. She can't even understand street addresses let alone memorize the U.S. Constitution and the history of America in a mere seven days." Bruce scowled. They did this on purpose. It was their last stand against her. "Shayera may be smart but I don't think even she could pull this off."

Rachel sighed as she gave him a sympathetic look. "It's like we just went five steps forward and twenty steps back."
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