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Chapter 23

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A flower has to go through a lot of dirt before it can bloom.


"Isn't Shayera supposed to be here?" Bruce asked John as he strode up. He was quite curious why the Green Lantern was on monitor duty in the Metrotower.

John turned his head to the vigilante and lightly shrugged, "Shay didn't sleep well last night and came home exhausted after that test. I wasn't about to let her go on monitor duty. She's at home, passed out asleep."

Bruce remained silent for a few moments before he spoke, "Try to talk Shayera into getting an ultrasound within the next week. Also tell her to stop by at the Batcave around that time too. She needs another blood test to check her tCG levels."

John gave him a nod, "Got it."

Bruce took a seat next to him, "How's she handling it so far?"

"Well aside from the frequent nausea, she's-"

"No," He cut off John. "I meant, how is she handling the thought of being a mother?"

"Oh," John remained silent for a moment. "She's thrilled but worried all the same. I think it's her insecurity in her own ability to be one. I think she'll be fine in a few months. She just has to wrap her head around it."

"How about you?" Bruce asked. "How are you handling this?"

"Bruce," He began. "I'm well prepared for this. We knew this was going to happen eventually. We saw Rex."

"Who said she was pregnant with Rex?"

John gave him a confused look, "What are you talking about? We didn't see him have any siblings."

"Exactly," Bruce stated. "We didn't see nor did we ask. Some things aren't adding up. First thing, where's Virgil? He said himself that Shayera was a cranky pregnant lady yet he's not in the League yet."

"For all we know Static will be here as a raw recruit next week," John replied. "Why are you bringing this up?"

"Something Alfred said made me start thinking," He said. "The future isn't exactly lining up the way it should. I let curiosity win over when we were in the future and I looked at some of their files. Rex isn't supposed to be born for another couple of years and he had no siblings listed. Either he's being born early by a few years, he's not the one she's pregnant with, we changing the timeline, or she's going to..." Bruce didn't finish his sentence. "It's just something you have to consider."

"Bruce we can't tell Shayera about this," He stated firmly. "I know the problem between us of keeping secrets but this would destroy her. I couldn't bear to look her in the eyes and tell her that Rex isn't going to exist or this pregnancy isn't going to last. It would crush her beyond belief."

"I think we're justified in doing so this time," Bruce said. "Let her enjoy the feeling while it lasts. In the meantime, we just have to hope that nothing does happen."

John sighed as he frowned. Shayera was at the happiest he had ever seen her. If she lost this baby, she would be beyond devastated. He honestly didn't know how she would handle it and quite frankly he hoped he wasn't going to have to find out. Heck, he didn't even know how he would handle it.

"I'll take over both your shifts today," Bruce said, breaking the silence. "You can go tell your wife-to-be that she passed."

John immediately looked at him, "Are you serious?" Bruce had to be pulling his leg. Especially about taking over their monitor duty shifts. He had not done one shift in the past three years.

"Surprisingly passed with 100%," He flatly responded. "I honestly believed that she wouldn't be able to pull it off let alone get everything right. She proved me wrong."

John smirked, "Shayera's smart and shouldn't be underestimated. Didn't she teach you that during your chess matches?"

Bruce smirked back, "Just go tell her before I change my mind about monitor duty."

John watched Shayera as she slept. He couldn't bring himself to wake her up. She looked too peaceful and at rest. Though he felt let a firecracker ready to explode. She had been sleeping for roughly three hours and could probably just as easily fall right back. Well maybe not, she was a very light sleeper and had problems falling asleep.

Shayera's brow furrowed as her eyes slowly opened, "John?"

"Hey Sunshine," John smiled at her. "You should go back to sleep."

She rubbed her eyes as she sat up. "Not happening." She glanced at the clock. "You're back early. My shift is supposed to run for another hour."

"Bruce took over for the rest of the day for both of us," John told her as he sat down next to her. She rested her head on his shoulder as she sighed. "You really should go back to sleep Shay."

"I already told you that's not happening. Something's up, I can feel it. Start talking," She demanded as she closed her eyes.

"You got every single question right," He said to her as she nodded. He chuckled; she must be too tired to even realize what he just said to her. "Do you know what that means?"

"Yeah," She quietly replied as she yawned. "I actually managed to pass. I would show more enthusiasm but I'm too exhausted. Can we just stay like this for awhile or until I fall asleep? Please?"

John wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. "Whatever you want."

"So what's bothering you?" She asked. "And don't give me a garbage answer either."

John exhaled, "It's just something Bruce brought up. He got me a bit paranoid."

"Pocket full of smiles isn't he?" Shayera sarcastically asked.

"Shayera," He started slowly, "What if Rex doesn't exist?"

Shayera frowned as she opened her eyes and pulled herself out of John's arms. "Alright look, we got back together to prove that destiny wasn't controlling us and that we were doing so on our own freewill. It doesn't matter if Rex exists or not. You saw a potential future. Nothing is set in stone John. For all we know, you seeing Rex in the future distorted the timeline enough so that he doesn't exist in ours. I think you're worrying too much about this. Think about the present and not the future, especially an ambiguous one."

John stared at the Thanagarian sitting next to him. She was right. The future he saw may or may not happen. Could Bruce be right? Yes. Could Shayera be right? Yes. Could they both be wrong? Yes. There were a lot of possibilities that could happen but the path their future held was clouded. It had been far too altered to even predict at this point.

"How did you get to be so smart?" He kissed her on the cheek.

She smirked, "I've been around the street a few times."


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