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First Taste of Hellish Freedom

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The lies we make to feel better about the end.

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“Do you know why you’re here, my son?”

“Well, let me think…uh, NO! What the fuck, man? Do you ask everyone that?”

“I’ll tell you why you’re here.”



“Okay, I’m walking out the exit door.”


“No way! This thing is getting too creepy for my taste!”

“But I mean good!”

“But you’re Satan!”

“Satan can mean good!”

“That’s SO not in the job description.”

“C’mon. I’m good for it…er…bad for it, if you prefer?”

“Since when is Satan nice?”

“Since when are humans so cocky towards me?”

“Since you created me!”

“…No. I didn’t create you. The big guy upstairs did.”

“This is nuts. Besides, how do you know if I’m…if…if I’m dead?”

“I can feel it in my balls, my son.”

“Awh, you’ve got a creepy sense of humor.”

“That wasn’t me being humorous. I can literally feel it in my balls.”



“How ‘bout them Yankees?”

“I don’t watch games. I play games.”

“They’re doing shit, by the way.”

“Ah. Glad to hear it, I can finally sleep.”

“Well. Can’t you let me go now?”

“No, no, no, no, my little nutcase.”

“What the fuck?”

“You’re not ready yet.”

“Aw, c’mon! I lived through shit and apparently I’ve died that way.”

“No. I think you’re going back.”

“You said that you felt it in your balls that I was dead.”

“Balls lie. Bros don’t.”

“Awh. You’re the devil! I’m not your bro.”

“For the first time in ten thousand years, you’ve brought a tear to my little eye. How could you? All I’ve done is loved you!”

“You killed me!”

“And it was worth it seeing your face right now.”

“I’m out.”


“What is it, Lucipher?”

“Classy, classy. Uhm, yeah. Since I’m so magical and you’re not, I’ve decided you get a second chance…”

“Where’s the catch?”

“…to destroy your life! Hahah, no, but really. I’m giving you one more chance to prove yourself worthy of devilish deeds.”

“I don’t want to be worthy of devilish deeds.”

“Well, tough. You should have thought that through when you were shot in the head by me.”

“What? That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Honey, this whole setup doesn’t even make sense.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, either I’m a talking wall or you’ve gone nanners.”



Okay. I know it's confuddling now but I can't do the descriptive things right during banters between two characters and it's best not to ruin things.
Anyhow! You tell me what you want in the next part of the story, whether it be a simple "Applebees and roofies" or a "GOD THIS SHIT IS FUCKED UP WHY CAN'T YOU WRITE LIKE A REAL FAN? THIS BLOWS ASS!" To which I will respond quite simply with "Up yours, dearie."
ANYHOW. Your move.
Keep the killing alive and all.
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