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California, A-Z

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Devil never lies.

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“Donny.” A tired lady in a blue dress questioned.

“Hmm.” A man with sinking eyes responded.

“We have to talk about this…” the steady beep…beep…beep…beep of the machines that kept their son alive tried to softly break the tension.

“What is there to talk about?” the man asked, not looking anywhere in particular. The woman sighed and shut her eyes in pain.

“I don’t want to lose him…he’s too young to go!” She avoided the sight of the numerous tubes that held the boy together. Just the thought of it made her weep. Donny was never a comforting man. He didn’t know how he’d want to be treated in such a situation, so he never did anything. Just sat there and stared, saying absolutely nothing. When all his wife wanted was to be held, just to know that he wasn’t a heartless bastard.

And she wasn’t accusing Donny of anything. She of course knew in her heart that she would never be that well off without Donny working so hard at the bank six days a week.

“…mrah….” The kid’s eyes fell open as he glanced around the room. Both of his parents leaped from their seats to his bedside.

“Frank! You’re okay!” The mother fussed over the boy as he groaned tiredly, Donny gently holding her back as not to disturb the lad too much.

“Yeah…I don’t think I’ll be able to have kids…” He weakly responded and tried grinning but managed only to grimace as he remembered the actual pain in his chest. “Jesus…shit, this hurts!” That’s the only good thing about being ill. You get to swear in front of your parents. Well, that and you don’t have to wash yourself.

“Oh, sweetie, we’re just so happy that you’re okay!” She cupped her son’s face and stared into his eyes. “What were you doing out there so late anyway?”

“Mom…” Suddenly, a pink flash filled the room. Frank was blinded by the colorfulness. Time seemed to stop. He felt as if he were being lifted up by someone only half of him was left behind.

“Soooooooooo, these are them, eh?” An all too familiar voice stated.

“Not you again. They’ll think I’m crazy!”

“Relax. Don’t be such a pussy.”

“I’m not a pussy!”

“Mhhhhmm. Sure you’re not.”

“Hey! I don’t have to talk to you, y’know.”

“Of course you do. No one has to do anything. They do it ‘cause they want to.”

“…why are you here, anyway?”

“Frankie, it’s been eight whole years since I last saw you!”

“I just saw you like, forty seconds ago. You were all ‘I can feel it in my balls’.”

“Huh. Earth time…I forgot that God won that in the last rapture.”

“Wha…last rapture?”

“Eh, don’t question it. Very weak point for me. I’d just discovered porn, I was a little off my A game, if you catch what I’m saying.”

“...I don’t catch what you’re saying…”

“Anyhow. Yeah. So. I suppose this is where I read your rights and all that.”

“I know my rights!"

“Enough to know that you literally belong to me?”



“That can’t be true.”

“Yeah dude, American/Italians, American/Irish, some bits of Africa and Hispanic people belong to me.”

“How is that working for you?”

“Gotta be honest with you; God should be doing my job. The middle east is just so far off…it’s not even in my zone, man.”

“Looks like you got the shitty end.”

“Well, fuck me, I guess you’re right.”

“I feel like that was sarcasm.”

“It might very well have been.”

“What is it you want?”

“Oh, right. Well, since I’m such a nice guy...I’m giving you a second chance to redeem yourself and belong to God.”

“But I don’t wanna belong to anyone.”

“No. Don’t take that route. You’ll end up in limbo and there’s a guy there who gives you apricot milkshakes. Everyday. It’s just awful.”

“You were in limbo?”

“Served there two years, kid.”

“How does that…?”

“No. Just, no. Stop right there. I've got to tell you, you fuck up this time, you’re all mine.”

“What do you mean?! You shot me!”

“I won’t admit to anything until my lawyer is present.”

“Square in the chest!”

“…I won’t say anything else.”

“And my ass!”

“…you’ve got my card.”

“I’ll be shitting blood for half a year!”

“…devil’s out.” With a snap and a puff of pinkish dust, the gross lighting of the hospital flickered through, time started up again and Frank thought he’d gone absolutely insane.


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