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We're Cops, Not Saints, Ma'am.

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Well, no sheet, Sherlock. Find out what the others are doing while Frank has tea with the devil.

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It was six months into the job and already, Ray thought he’d commit suicide. Pushing papers was not what he had wanted to do on a Sunday night. He didn’t even want to have this sort of job. He thought he’d be out there on the field with all the other guys, fighting the real crime. But it seemed as though the war was all against him.

“Hey, dickface.” Well, him and his best friend. “I drew this while you were out cold.” The man flopped a piece of paper on his desk, briskly sitting next to where it had landed. “I resisted the urge to stick your hand in warm water.”

“How kind of you.” Ray responded while rubbing the intense pain in his head. They were really the only two left, everyone else on duty had been called in on some suicide mission. I want that, Ray pouted to himself. He picked up the paper and stared at the face. “You finally put a face on the guy that stole from the hospital?” Ray questioned reviewing the mobster like expression.

“What? No!” His friend grabbed the drawing. “It’s James Cagney.” Ray stared at his friend with a blank expression. “Public Enemy! Honestly, Ray, sometimes I think you’re not a real boy.”

“I’m twenty six, Gerard.”

“Well, honey, age has got nothing to do with it.” Gerard walked over to his cubicle and pasted the picture on the wall. He smiled at it and stood back in the most annoying way anyone could. Looking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…It was enough for Ray to slam his head on the desk until he was knocked out. “Besides,” Gerard sighed, still arranging his pictures. “Good people do bad things.”

“Tell me again why you’re working as a sketch artist for the police?” Ray questioned, irately looking over paperwork that didn’t make any sense to him. Gerard waved off the question.

“I’m just saying. Maybe it wasn’t all his doing. Maybe he had to do it. Maybe his wife or some shit was gonna die and he couldn’t afford it.” He sighed and mumbled something to the picture on the wall.

“Well, all I’m saying is that you don’t steal 100 sterile needles and 20 bottles of Ritalin to save someone else.” Ray sighed and Gerard winced slightly at the mention of needles.

“So, this is the case you get. After two years in a Police Academy and two years studying criminology.”

“Oh, stuff it. I don’t see your comic coming out anytime soon.”

“It’s getting there! I’m just in a…a mode! And I can’t deal with your fucked up problems about how you were never loved as a child.”

“My mom loved me, thank you very much.” Ray groaned and banged his head on his desk. Sunday night. Why did it have to be Sunday night? He knew exactly why he was working so late and why all the others were working on the drug cartel. Why they were out there busting strip joints where if you didn’t pay, you were shot in your nut sack. He was just as buff as the other guys and he knew more psychology then they did. Why couldn’t he go on the cases?

“Right. Well, I don’t see any point in staying here when they come in all bloodied and asking me to change their bandages.” He adjusted the picture one more time before deciding that he didn’t even want to hang it on the wall because it was crap compared to his other art. “They’re such asses. Only when they get hurt do they come to me.” Gerard gathered his scarf and flipped it on like the superstar he was.

“Well, what do you suppose they’d come to you for anything else?”

“We’re at the bottom of the food chain.”

“This isn’t high school…”

“What are you talking about? Yes it is, it’s totally high school. All over again, only this time we get paid.”

“That’s not the important part! The important thing is that we’re doing something good for the community.”

“Evil people live the life they chose here. And the ones who make it out alive…well, they won’t because no one gets out of Camden alive. Even the taxi drivers are in on it!”

“What about you’re view on saying things like ‘Good people do bad things’ and all your god almighty stance?”

“I changed my mind.”

“So fast? Why?”

“Since I looked out the window.”

“Why…? What’s out the…” Ray glanced out the window that must’ve led down thousands of feet. “Oh.”

“Yeah…” Gerard pulled off his scarf. “Maybe I’ll just stay here tonight…”

“I’m going out there.” Ray said and grabbed a bullet proof vest.

“They’re not stupid.” Gerard hissed. “If they want to kill you, they’ll just go for your face. What are you gonna do? Wear a bullet proof mask?”

“I’m gonna pray.”

“For your life?”

“For their death.”


Thanks so much, Mirazal for your comments. You make me want to keep writing!
Life’s very confusing so I think it makes sense that it’ll be confusing. Frank and the devil haven’t made it into this scene. I think they will next time. If I keep uploading at this rate, it’ll be the longest story I’ve made.
Whoot. :D
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