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They Got Our Guns, Our Hearts and Our Boys

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...I just am terrible at titles...Gerard is just in this chapter.

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Gerard bitterly nursed the bruise on his elbow. Daylight was slowly seeping in the large windows and Gerard grew angrier with each passing second. How could Ray just go off like that, pushing Gerard aside violently? He had fallen to the floor and Ray hadn’t even apologized! Okay, maybe Gerard was being a bit overdramatic, but…his elbow! The phone pulled him into an even more annoyed mood. He pulled the phone of the hook and waited impatiently for someone to say something.

“What?” he snarled. “Oh. Hi, Heather…no….Yeah, I thought you were Ray…that fucker? He went on a suicide mission…not even authorized…I know! He’s a bastard…bastard’s gonna get killed…huh?...oh…yeah…no, I’ll tell him if he makes it back…yeah…alright…eh, I gotta go…say hi to Tommy and Gavin for me...uh huh, bye now.” Gerard hung up the phone just as two of the cops he worked with rushed in, dripping of blood and alcohol. “Aw…are you guys through playing hero?” Gerard cooed as one of the men who was covered in someone else's blood, rather than his own glared at Gerard.

“Piss off, fanboy and help us. Gibson got shot.”

“Well, no shit.” Gerard muttered, while walking over to his desk and pulling out bandages and alcohol patches.

“Just hurry it up.” The man replied anxiously as Gerard walked over to the bloodied guy known as Gibson. “Where’s Toro?” He asked uneasily. Gerard couldn’t manage someone calling when he’s alone…he’d panic. Gerard shook his head and pointed out the window.

“He went to save your asses.” Gerard knelt down, opened an alcohol swab and looked carefully at Gibson. He eyed the blood, feeling slightly woozy. He breathed in and smirked. “I’ve been shot in the leg before…don’t be such a baby.” The man who helped Gibson up the stairs hissed out a sigh of annoyance.

“Ah…fuck…didn’t you try to stop him?” He looked accusingly at Gerard. But Gerard was paying close attention to Gibson’s leg. He held out his right hand, expectantly, while tearing off half of Gibson’s pant leg. He glowered up at the man.

“Pliers. Now.” Gerard demanded as the man rushed around, looking hysterically for the pliers. Gerard sighed. “Third drawer down, next to the Pez.” Gerard glanced at Gibson, who looked like he was in terrible pain. He didn’t have any pain meds. “Hell, Ryan, bring me the Pez too.” Ryan looped around and ran to Gerard’s side. Gerard handed Gibson the Pez. “Bite on the strawberry ones. They’re the best.” He sighed deeply and looked at Gibson. “I’m not gonna lie to you…this is going to hurt like hell.” Gibson nodded and opened the Pez package with shaky hands.

“Do what you gotta do, doc.” Gerard smiled sadly because he unfortunately knew what it felt like. He stuck the pliers in the wound, Gibson yelped and Gerard tried to get the bullet out as fast as he could…it didn’t sink in too deep and he was very good with his hands. The bullet came out within a half a minute. He looked sympathetically at Gibson and held the bullet in his hand, wiping the blood off. He handed it off to Gibson, who’d look like he’d just given birth.

“It’s a Spitzer!” Gerard tried to lighten the mood, getting a meek smile from Gibson and a sneer from Ryan. He pouted and finished cleaning out the wound, sealing it off with a bandage lined with Powerpuff Girls bandaids. Gibson laughed a little and looked over at Gerard, who grinned in return.

“What, no tape?” Gibson questioned.

“No. There’s tape.” Gerard replied, pulling out another alcohol swab and popping it in his mouth. He hopped up and held his hand out to Gibson. Gibson hobbled up to Gerard. “You’re good to go now…You should probably see a real doctor though…”

“Thanks, G.” Gibson shook his hand and walked over to his cubicle. Gerard smiled and stuck his tongue out at Ryan.

“You shouldn’t have let him go.”

“Hey. Lady.” Gerard started off, pulling the swab out of his mouth. Ryan frowned but didn’t say anything. “He wouldn’t let me stop him. I tried, I swear on my sweet baby Jesus. He’s adorable. Seven months old, such a sweet little kitten, in case you were wondering.”


“Lives with my brother now…city’s not safe for cockroaches.”


“Hard to believe that the Big Apple is safer than here by the looks of it…but…man.”

“Gerard!” Ryan shouted. Gerard bit his lip. “I don’t think…I mean…I don’t know how the fuck…how…how Ray could still be alive.”

“…he’s a better cop then you think.”

“He’s not careful! He’s too risky. He talks to the criminals!”

“At least he does something besides hide behind his pals.”

“What are you saying, Way?”

“That Gibson took a shot for you and now Ray’s putting his life on the line for you. You’ve done shit for him! That’s how good of a guy he is. More of a cop then you’ll ever be.”

“Just…just, fuck off.” Ryan shoved past Gerard, who just shook his head and placed the alcohol swab back in his mouth.


Mirazal, I seriously love your comments. I came home and I was like, duuuuuuuuuude. Mirazal wants you to keep writing and you MUST now.

So there you have it...Not that great because I have to go back to school now. More when I get home...most likely. More funniness next time around. I'm a bit rushed now.

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