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Well, My Ear Adores Yours.

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Drunkies. Mr. S man himself slips something into G's and Ray's drinks. Silliness ensues.

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“You’re so wasted.” Was what stumbled out of the clumsy cop’s mouth.

“I’m not as wasted as…holy fuck…” Gerard groped his head. They’d maybe had too many beers. Well, martini’s for her highness, Gerard. Ray couldn’t remember how the fuck they got to this dirty street from Frank’s house…or even why the hell he was being so damn irresponsible

“What?” Ray slurred.

“Why…who? Huh?” Gerard tried to point to the ominous smiling man standing and talking with Frank. But, alas, alcohol is a bitch. “Ahmygod.” He screeched. Ray just then had the most amazing thought. What if, what if he poked Gerard and he popped like a balloon? He giggled at the thought, but then started to whimper. Gerard looked over and put his hand on Ray’s shoulder. Well, he really tried, but it landed on his head. Then tumbled to his face as he pat it reassuringly. “Wazzamatter, Raymond?” Gerard laughed. “Hahah. Your name is like almond but with a Ray. You’re a nut!”

“I don’t want you to blow up!” Ray cried out and rocked back and forth.

“I’m not gunna blow up.” Gerard said. Then he thought of Ray blowing up and he started to cry. “I don’t want you to blow up!” They both cried and reached awkwardly for each other, but ended up hugging the sidewalk and openly weeping. It was alright, though. They thought they were hugging each other.

“I’m so so-sorry, G!” Ray blubbered on, Gerard louder.

“’S’okay, Ray…” Gerard muttered and started to fall asleep. “I’m sorry too!” He yelped loudly.

“Let’s be friends again!” Ray stumbled to say through his fucked up alcohol confused mind. Gerard nodded eagerly to the pavement.

“I’d like that!” He whined and flopped his hand around for Ray’s ear.

“Whatchya doin’?” Ray confusedly asked.

“I’m makin’…ear shake!” Gerard giggled and Ray reached for Gerard’s ear. Shaking ears kept them very amused. Frank and Lucipher watched from afar.

“You’re such an asshole.”

“I’m sorry, lovely. But, this is a game. And you are playing against me and it looks like the only people who could help you outta this mess----”

“That you put me in.”

“----Well, yes, that’s right. But, I have given them an alcoholic mixture of some sort.”

“You fuckwad! You’ll ruin their lives! They’ve both been alcohol free for seven months!”

“Honey, I ruin everyone’s lives.”


“And I’m going soft on you.”

“Well, I haven’t even begun.”

Frank walked away from a laughing man. Well, he appeared to be a man. He was really the Devil. Shhhhh. The readers shouldn’t know that.

“Awh. You’re such a cutie!”

“Fuck you!” Frank shouted after him as he crept over to the two on the sidewalk. The devil just grinned and poofed away, shouting something about a president to assassin.

“Raymond! We have company!” Gerard shouted in the most posh voice he could come up with. Ray looked up at Frank and stuck his free hand out.

“Ahhh! Franknfurter.” Gerard laughed manically. “Lend me your ear, my good boy.”

“Guys,” Frank sighed, taking Ray’s hand in attempt to pull him up.

“Ew! Who wants to shake hands? So nasty...” Gerard scrunched up his face. Ray tried to slip out of Frank’s grip.

“No! Lemme go…I wanna be…me!”

“Idiot! S’not me. It’s be!” Gerard replied. Frank rolled his eyes and pulled Ray up.

“You’re both idiots.” Frank said, steadying a drowsy Ray. He took Gerard’s (unwilling) arm and pulled him up with a lot more effort than he’d though. “God, you’re fat.” Gerard started to cry again. Ray was staring at a green car. He pointed to it.

“Is that your car?” He asked as Gerard sobbed loudly. Frank shook his head. He tried to console Gerard who just called him a bitch. Ray walked over to the green car. He poked it and tried to open the door. “Frank. Your door won’t open.” Frank ran over to Ray and tugged him away from the car. “Wah…” Ray looked dazed. Frank felt like a thirty five year old single mother. He pulled Ray over to Gerard, who was now lying back on the ground.

“Get up, Gerard.” Frank said. Gerard shook his head, glaring at Frank.

“I’m too fat to move.” He pouted and started bawling again. Frank sat on the ground, trying very hard to calm Gerard. Ray looked around for somewhere to sit. But he couldn’t find anywhere. He began to grow sad, but then he saw Gerard and he became happy. He could sit! So, that’s what he did. He sat right on Gerard’s legs. Gerard just wept louder. The noise made Ray cry along with Gerard.

“What the fuck was in that drink?” Frank put his head in his hands and was this close to crying along. Yeah, that close.

I just adore you two. Ohmygee, Mirazal. I feel as though I should like, dedicate a chapter to each of you. And special chapters. I’d make them wayyyyyyyy (haahahahaha) better than this crap one I just threw in tonight. :P
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