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For Future Refference, I'm Not A Real Doc.

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Uhmmmm. Yesh. So. This is really not that funny a chapter...

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“Maybe we should…sedate him.”

“We’re not sedating him.”

“But he’s freaking out!”

They watched the child, absolutely puzzled as his eyes danced around the room. His gaze drizzled over various points in the room. He stared blindly at Ray, covering his mouth, then shifting to a horrified expression.

“Dude! He’s got a fucking torch!” Frank yelled, pulling at his hair. Gerard groaned and ripped out yet another swab. Ray had noticed that the numbers had increased indefinitely. He ignored it for the moment as Frank was grabbing Ray away from that awful sight he saw.

“I’m sedating him.” Gerard decided, reaching for his pocket. He pulled out a large needle with some sort of blue fluid. He cringed, but swallowed up his dread, shoving the needle into Frank’s side. Frank went woozy and fell limp. Gerard and Ray both grabbed him as he slid to the floor.

“Idiot!” Ray shouted at Gerard.

“You’re the moron!”

“How am I the moron?! You just sedated this fuckin' child! We're not liscensed to do that!”

“I think Frank can handle his own. He's barely younger than us! And it’s entirely your fault we got drunk! So, you're the fuckin' moron.”

My fault? You’re the one who pulled out the alcohol!”

“Why would I do that? I’m the one who got us into AA!”

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re an idiot!”

“I’m not a fucking idiot!”

“Who eats rubbing alcohol? That’s just stupid.”

“I don’t eat it, you asshole.”

“My god, you’re such a prick!”

“I’m the prick? You’re so high and mighty about your fucking job.”

“And because I care, I’m the prick?”

“I give a goddamn! Why the hell do you think I put up with all this shit? But that’s not gonna make rotten people stop blowing up the fucking neighborhood!”

“Yeah, sure. You care. All you do all day is sit in your little cubicle and draw your pretty little pictures. You make criminals works of art!”

“Fuck you. I do what I can. At least I know I can’t change the whole fucking world.”

“Fuck you too!” Ray got up and ran to the car. The city should have been named Seattle. It was still pouring. Gerard looked at Frank. He seemed comfortable enough, so Gerard just ran after Ray.

“Where the hell are you going?” He stormed out to the car. Ray opened the door and slammed his fist into the tape deck. It released a worn out cassette of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Gish. He tossed it at Gerard.

“Take your fucking music back.” Gerard reached around his neck and pulled off a chain with a bright purple guitar pick attached to it. It had Led Zeppelin written on it. He shoved it at Ray.

“Fine! Take your goddamn pick.” Gerard yelled and turned to leave, but faced Ray again. “And I want my swabs.”

“Fucking moron!” He shouted and reached around for the swabs. He pulled out ten or so of them.

“I’m not a goddamn moron!” Gerard shouted and grabbed the swabs from him.

“What does that make you, then?!”

“Sugar, if I knew, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell you.” Gerard turned away.

Honey,” Ray mocked as Gerard angrily bit his lip. “You’re not as interesting as you think.”

“Preach it to the fuckin’ choir.” And with that, Gerard flipped Ray off and sashayed in Frank’s house. Ray climbed into his car, smashing his fists on the dashboard and getting the hell outta there.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy. It’s kinda a fucked up one…but.
I’m in a block now so it’s not very funny.
Buuuuuuuuuut, yes! Thank you so much Donnie, Mirazal, upinflames aaaaaaaand KelseyChem.
Buuuuuuuut. Yeah.
X_o pshah....
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