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Shayera had never felt so scared and lost in her life. Because of her stupidity, she might have just lost the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Shayera's vision blurred as she stumbled through a forest. It had been two months, three weeks, six days, twenty-three hours, and eight...nine minutes since she flew off the cliff at Wayne Manor. That had been the last time she had contact with civilization, shelter, and a decent meal. Now she was all alone to defend herself, only equipped with her beloved mace.

She paused and gripped a tree to support herself. She honestly didn't know how much longer she could keep this up for. She never felt her body in this much pain before; she no longer even had the energy or desire to fly. The area that hurt the most was where the Nth metal axe had been thrust into her, electrocuting and burning her. She had refused all medical treatment when the seven of them returned to the Batcave. She knew it was very foolish of her as she could have internal damage yet she was ignoring it.

Shayera began walking again, having no idea where she was or headed towards. She had aimlessly walked for days now. She was hoping she was going to find something...anything. She didn't even know what she was looking for anymore. What...who she wanted, she could never have again.

She told him she loved him, turned, and flew away. He made no attempt to stop her. He didn't take a step towards her or even say a word as she left. She knew with her very being that John hated her and she couldn't blame him. She hated herself.

Her shoe caught on a tree root and she fell onto broken branches, rocks, and other tree roots. Shayera grimaced as she began to pick herself up. Her body collapsed back down after she had lifted herself only a few mere inches.

"It doesn't matter anymore," She mumbled to herself. If she died right there, she deserved it. At this point, she gratefully welcomed death. She had nothing to live for; she lost everything she held dear.

A golden light shone throughout the forest and the last thing Shayera remembered before fading out of consciousness was Doctor Fate lifting her up off the ground.
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