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An angel from hell

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Trouble in franks wonderful forest clearing.

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"Hey Frankie", Ray said when he saw me in the school front grounds. 
"Hey there president Bush",I said hoping he would get that I making fun of his hair. 
"Oh haha very funny look at me I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off haha", He said in an over exaggerated  sarcastic drawl. 
"Quit the sarcasm it's my birthday you should cheer up",I said with a smile after all that always cheered everyone up although I never knew why. 
He gave a closed mouth smile and said "oh alright but only because it's your birthday...........oh yeah and you might want to get a big plate from your house first",he said. I don't know what he was gonna give me for my birthday but I'm thinking it's a cake or maybe it's one of those tres leche  cakes. Which by the way is the best cake there is in vegetarian form. 
"Ok so do you mind if I go to my house by myself or do you want to come to?", I asked. 
"You know what I can't i forgot I still have to do some things for the present to be perfect so I'll see you at my house when you get the plate bye",he said and ran to his house. 
"Why won't anyone give me a chance to say bye to them all they do is just run off",I murmured to myself and continued to walk back home. When I got there my mother wasn't home so I left a note to tell where I had gone, got a plate and left to go with Ray. 
  Strangely enough the Walk to Rays house was intense which is weird because I usually feel very calm when I walk to his house since its filled with nice people and is far from ghetto or whatever people think a bad neighbor hood is like. It's actually very calm and safe. But this walk just didn't feel right so I walked faster in hopes of getting to Rays house in one piece. 
Though when I did get to Ray's house no one was there so I decided to wait. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Where the hell is that piece of mushed up fur balls. I've been waiting for ONE DAMN HOUR and what do I get? Nothing, no call, no text, no nothing. I decided I would ignore him for the rest of the month and ran to the woods leaving the plate on his doorstep. 
 I know what you're thinking 'holy shit his kid is deep if he wants to go to the woods' yeah no it's not that I'm deep I just like how peaceful it is. And I don't just hang out under just any tree that comes around oh no honey. See I found this clearing in the middle of the forest with these beautiful flowers called violets with some other flowers I always forget about........oh yeah their called forget me nots. I know strange right? 
When I came to the clearing it was just as I remembered except the grass is about an inch lower. I guess someone mowed or something. As I walked further into the clearing it got foggy for some reason and as I struggled to look I noticed one big wait two figures.........and their their holy shit their fighting on hell no not in my garden you don't. 
"HEY YOU TWO EXACTLY WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR!!!!!!",I asked while Yelling and when I got closer I noticed it was Ray fighting with........Gerard?!? I defiantly got to separate them. 
I ran over and got in between  but little did I know they were the hardest son of a bitches to separate. 
"STOOOOP", I yelled the loudest way I could and that apperantley  helped a lot since they both backed away  covering their ears with a pained expression on their faces.
"What on Earth is going on here",I said in a voice I hoped sounded soft and interesting. 
"JUST GO AWAY FRANK", Ray yelled. In a very harsh way too. 
"DON'T YOU DARE SCREAM AT HIM DOG",Gerard said while grabbing me by the waist. I was about to tell him to back off but his chest was so comforting and broad I just had to stay in his arms. Wow ok desperate much?
"GET AWAY FROM HIM COLD ONE",Ray said albeit that was kind of a lame comeback. Gerard wasn't even cold. That much. 
Gerard seemed to ignore Ray's statement and grabbed me from my arms to look me in the eye. His we're red then he blinked and they turned back to their normal green color. How mysterious. 
"Don't follow the pack", was all Gerard said then in just a flash he was nowhere in sight. 
"Ray?" I asked. 
"What's going on?"
"I'm a werewolf"
And that's where I passed out. 
Ok guys this is the third chapter so now that ray told frank what he really is what do you think will happen next?  Well that's for me to know and for you to find out so see you guys tomorrow 
Stevie out!!!!!! >.
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