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The Breakdown of California's Sunken Children

by nerds_assemble 3 reviews

Distorted, heartbreaking beats...heartbreaking hearts. Beating hearts demolished...shot dead. BOOM. Life.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2012-12-17 - Updated: 2012-12-18 - 267 words


Breakdown of California’s Sunken Children

“I saw your face today…yeah. Eyes all bloodied, mask disturbed, sweaty in sheer shame. But as much as this face should have been yours, it just wasn’t. I knew it belonged to you but it wasn’t you. Not the way you are but the system you’ve become. And your voice was so unforgiving in its' calm state. You stared right at me with those fucked up eyes…I thought I’d died by the curse of my “savior”.

Though this wasn’t the case. I was slaughtering you, slicing your unimaginable mind into ugly truths and beautiful lies for my sake…in front of a crowd…behind the lights fading into California’s broken dares…everyone just laughed. I laughed although I wasn’t happy. I’m never happy.

But you’re just gone. You look like death and you fence off that shit eating grin you once paraded about. A poor excuse for the person you’re said to be. You’re a fake…and I know I’m the one to blame.

We sit so close, say such stupid things to each other…never really meaning any of it. But we’re not who we’re supposed to be. Only kids shipped to the battlefield, long lost dreams of who we once were. The years are far too gone…are minds too shaken? Are we almost touching the fringe of psychosis?

We’re ghostly beings, doomed to be nowhere never dying in our mirrored fragments. America’s children are far from the snowfall of innocence.”
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