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Will meets the boy with six arms.

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Note: I do not own Sky High or any of its characters.

"This party blows." Warren says, downing his cup of punch and grabbing another one off the table.

"Yeah." Will shrugs. "At least it's got good food, though."

"Mmm." Warren grunts in agreement.

The two are seated at a table, watching the other students dance. Will's pretty sure that they're the only ones out of their group that aren't having a good time. Layla's dancing with her new boyfriend and Zach's dancing with Magenta. Warren's last girlfriend was Freeze Girl and they'd broken up months ago, after only three dates. Even Ethan, although he doesn't have a girlfriend, is off dancing somewhere in the crowd.

Will's only here to make Layla happy. She bullied him into going, saying that it would be fun. Will thinks she just feels guilty for dumping him three weeks before the dance. He doesn't mind, though. He had only been with her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings; they worked better as best friends. He just wishes that she hadn't forced Warren to go, as well, to keep Will company. Now both of them are bored out of their minds.

"So-" Will starts to suggest that they fly off to see a movie or just hang out somewhere, but he's interrupted by a hand being placed on his shoulder.

"Hey, Will." Will looks up to see Dan, a kid who can sprout two extra pairs of arms, looking at him.


"Mind going over to the bleachers with me? I've got something I need to talk to you about." His eyes flicker to Warren then back to Will. "Alone."

"Umm…okay." Will has no clue what the other boy could possibly want to talk to him about; he's pretty sure that they've never really talked outside of the one gym class they share. But, why not? He turns to Warren. "I'll be right back."

The pyro nods and Will gets up. Dan leads the way across the room, until they're next to the bleachers. Except for a few couples who've come here to be alone, there's no one else here; everybody's either on the dance floor or sitting at the tables, on the other side of the gym.

Will turns to Dan. "So, what do you need to talk to me about?"

The other boy looks slightly nervous. "Nothing. Just wanted to get you away from Peace." Dan swallows. "I've wanted to do this for years."


Will's reply is cut off as Dan presses him up against the bleachers, drawing Will into a kiss. At first, Will's too stunned to do anything. Dan's hands are, quite literally, everywhere. Two hands are pinning him up against the bleachers, another is holding the back of his head, another has crept up Will's shirt, stroking his chest, the fifth has made its way around Will to grope his ass. It's when the sixth starts to slip beneath the waistband of Will's slacks that Will gets ahold of himself and tries to pull back. Dan doesn't take the hint, so he brings his hands up to push against the other boy's chest. Before he can put any real pressure on, though, Dan's jerked back.

Warren has the boy by the throat, holding him up in the air. "Keep your hands to yourself." The flame thrower growls.

"Hey, man-" Dan starts to protest, but Warren's hand engulfs itself in flames, causing Dan to let out a yelp.

Before any real harm can be done, Warren drops the boy to the floor. "Now, get out of here, Spidey, or-"

Dan doesn't wait for Warren to finish his sentence. Scrambling backwards, using his feet and all six hands to move, he goes off, probably getting as far away from Warren as he can. Catching his breath, Will steps forward.

"Thanks, War. I- Mmf!" Will's words get muffled as Warren shoves him back up against the bleachers, covering Will's mouth with his in a kiss. It's nothing like Dan's kiss. This one's nice, slow, unintrusive, and very, very warm. Warren's hands don't wander, but Will's not sure that's such a good thing. This time, after the shock wears off, Will doesn't pull away.
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