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Sudden decision

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Gerard. That was the only thing on my mind ever since Friday. I awoke on Saturday only to find my pillow wet and flowers on my vanity. I was distraught. Since when did someone ever give me roses? Sure there was that when time when I did my communion and my mom gave about ten dozen roses. But that was a long time ago. For now I was focused on the ones colored a rich red with green colored stems. They were beautiful. I picked them up and a note fell. I ignored the fallen piece of paper and smelled the roses. Blood. They smelled like blood. What a weird scent. You'd think they'd smell like some kind of channel perfume, but no they smelled like blood. I put the roses down and read the note.

Dear Frankie,
I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn't mean to cheat on you, but in all honesty I have a perfectly good explanation. Today I will pick you up, so we can talk it over. If you're not willing talk then I shall take you by force, so don't try ditching. I can just follow your scent. I will be at your house at exactly 7p.m. See you then.
With all my passionate love,
My head was filling with questions. How could he show his face to me after what he did? Should I go? He did say he would explain. Do I bail? Bailing wont work he already knows my scent.
"Just go Frank there's no point in denying you love him", a croaky voice said behind me.
I jumped and turned only to find Ray shirtless in front of my window. How did he get here? And how did he come all the way up to my window? Oh yeah he's a werewolf duh.
"What the hell Ray you scared the shit of me", I scolded. He only chuckled. "Wait why are you shirtless?"
"I just came back from hunting", he said with a smirk. "Do you like what you see?"
I didn't notice how fit he was until he said that. He wasn't Taylor Luatner but he did have good abs. His arms were a muscular kind of shape. How did I not notice these things before?
"Yeah I guess", I said uneasily. He smiled a laughed a bit. "So what are you doing here?"
"I wanted to confess something really important", he said while looking down. I wonder what he needs to say? Probably something about werewolf powers or something like that. Which reminds me.
"Hold up Ray before you start spilling your guts out, how exactly did you know that I was thinking about going with Gerard somewhere? And why do you think I love him?"
"You were mumbling and it's obvious that you love Gerard. He's got everything a girl or gay guy wants. And unfortunately it worked on you too", he said sadly.
"Ray you're scaring me. What's going on?", I said while backing away a little.
"The truth is I love you and I have ever since we first met in kindergarten. You were alone in the corner during nap time and I decided to talk to you. Remember what I first told you?", he asked. His eyes were lit up while telling me this. I recited the memories of our first conversation.
"Oh yeah, you told me "Everyone thinks you're creepy but I just think you're shy. Wanna be friends?" and then you gave me this toothless smile.", I giggled remembering that day. Even then people still thought I was creepy. Jerks. Wait did he just say he loved me? Oh no.
"Yes that's true, and now here we are eleven years later, teenagers and all grown up. Now that Ive waited so long will you do me the honor of being my boyfriend? Please Frank I don't want you loving that son of a bitch bloodsucker. I want you to love me. Spend the rest of your life with me. And I know I'm asking for a lot, but please just hear me out. You don't even have to answer me now. I will give you anytime you need to think it through. So what do you say?" His face was filled with so much hope. I dont want to be mean. I guess I'll think it through.
"Ok but I need one month to just think it through. And I need you to stay away from me as far away as possible.", I said with unintended harshness.
He was a little hurt and it showed but he shook it off quickly. "Alright I'll do it but just for you." He turned around and was almost out the window when he turns around again slowly coming towards me. I didn't do anything except hold his gaze. We were chin to forehead when he swooped down and kissed me. I was stunned I didn't know what to do. We stood there for a while. Ray pulled away. He had a heartbreaking expression. I hate that face. So I responded honestly.
"I don't know what to do", that being said his face softened.
"Just copy me",he said and went back to kissing me.
I did what he said and to be honest it felt good. But not as good as it felt when Gerard kissed me. His kisses were filled with so much passion. While Ray's kisses were filled with sweetness and delicacy. I was so confused. Ray pulled away for the second time and left out the window so quickly I thought it was a gust of wind.
So there I was, left to think. To be honest I was already decided on who I loved most and who I wanted as my boyfriend. It was Gerard. Sure even though we barely met two days ago and he has already cheated on me before we even started a true boyfriend and boyfriend relationship. I already have fallen in love. All these current events got me hungry with exhaustion.
I went downstairs and into the kitchen. There was a note on the refrigerator from my mom. I didn't read it all just the small parts that said something about an emergency at work and blah blah blah. A stack of pancakes were left forms in the microwave. I scarfed them all down not even caring about putting syrup in them. My tummy was full and aching. Ten minutes after my pancake concussion I decided to take a shower. I jumped in the bathtub and engulfed myself in warm bliss. The steam suddenly started to catch my interest. It was transparent, yet foggy and hard to see through at the same time. You could see through it just not so easily. Just like Gerard, he was hard to figure out before I knew he was a vampire. I pulled away from my trance and turned off the shower. Already shampooed and conditioned. I went into my room to figure out what I would wear for the meeting with Gerard. I decided to go with a simple white T-shirt and some skinny jeans.
When I was fully clothed I heard my bed creak. I rotated my self and found Gerard sitting on my bed.
"Ok is it so bad to knock that you just have to come through my window? I mean, seriously how hard is it to do that?",I said with frustration. Not only is Ray coming through my window, but so is Gerard. Can you believe that?
"I'm sorry I couldn't wait to talk to you", he said with his head down. Why was he so upset? I'm the one who should have my head down not him. But then again he might be little disappointed in himself.
"We'll you're here now so talk", I said. I crossed my arms just waiting for the excuse he would throw.
"I'm sorry for what I did. And in all honesty I wasn't having sex with her or doing anything intimate in any way. You see I hadn't had human blood in two months and my energy was running low. I wanted to have full control over my thirst when I was taking you out. That way I wouldn't suck you dry on our first date. I was planning on taking you to a lovely restaurant and when the date ended I was planning on having my way with you. Because I have now realize that I don't just like you Frank. Dammit, I love you. But now that I went ahead and gave you the wrong idea I know that I won't have a chance at loving you anymore", he said with so much anger and regret. I didn't know what to say. Then it came to me.
"You love me how?",I asked.
"Frank I don't think that-"
"You love me how?", I asked again ignoring the interruption I made.
He took very confident strides toward me and kissed me with full on passion. I was in heaven. My lips followed his in a magical kiss. We stood there for I don't know how long when I pulled away in order to breathe. I looked into his eyes. They were closed. As if admiring the moment we had. Before I knew it he picked me up bridal style and laid me down on my bed gently. Was I ready? How am I supposed to move? Should I be bottom?
All those questions subsided when he started to kiss me again. This time with lust. I kissed back unsure of the upcoming events. He sensed this and pulled away.
"You're not ready", he said. Looking me straight in the eyes.
Even though it was true I didn't want to admit it. I was a virgin. Untapped resource. Fresh water. Basically innocent and unexperienced. I nodded at his statement. He gave a soft closed mouth smile.
"You are the most precious human I've met. It's hard to believe you haven't had suitors calling for you yet", Gerard said. His eyes were filled with love. I was uncomfortable with what he said. I slided out under him. Which was difficult to do since he had such a good grip on me.
"Did I say something wrong, my love?", he asked.
I shook my head.
"Now it's my turn to tell you something", I told him. He had a confused face and sat up straight on my bed. Should I tell him? He needs to know. Can he take it? He's a vampire, connect the dots. Will he get angry? The man just said he loved you, why wouldn't he?
"Darling, I'm waiting", he said with patience.
"Ok here it goes. Ray told me he loved me and has ever since we first met. He also wants me to be his boyfriend", I said quickly. But apperantely not quickly enough. Before I knew it Gerard was cursing and screaming weird things in italian.
"Cazzo stronzo gli ho detto di non toccare ciò che era mio", he said. I was scared. He noticed. He stopped walk back and forth and looked me in the eyes. "Please tell me you didn't say yes."
"I said I had to think about it."
"For how long?"
"A month."
"Ok good. Frank I'm going to ask you something and you will answer truthfully. Who do you love most so far?", he asked. Wow. That was unexpected.
"You." I answered truthfully. I didn't want to hide anymore. I was gonna say it loud and say it proud.
He smiled, cupped my cheek and kissed me.
"I have to go, my love. But I'll come back tomorrow", he said and with that he left.
After that I knew this was going to be an unforgettable weekend.
Ok so here I am now. Free from any sickness. Sorry it took so long my parents are really overprotective and they actually took me to the hospital thinking it was severe. When in reality I was just throwing up, having headaches all the time and coughed a lot. Basically something a little robotussin can fix. Don't worry my darlings I will be back tomorrow. With a new story. Oh and I will write a one shot for anyone who knows what the OD in MCROD stands for.
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