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Chapter 2

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There's a 'party' at Gerard's house..

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I went into the bathroom and stared into the mirror. I had it all. A beautiful wife,amazing children but none of that felt right. I wanted him. I wanted Gerard. My phone started to vibrate in my back pocket. I took it out it was a message from him.;

Hey Frankie,
We're having a little party at mine because of the release of Conventional Weapons. You're invited hope you can make it!


I stared at the phone. I looked back up to the mirror. I looked terrible. Dirty. I quickly got in the shower and then got changed into something better. I grabbed my coat and walked downstairs.

"I'm going to Gerard's,bye!" I shouted as I walked out the house. I forgot it was still raining so I ran to the car trying to dodge the rain but failing. As I started to drive I put the stereo on and listened to his voice.

The drive seemed to last forever. I finally got to Gerard's house but no cars seemed to be there. I didn't see ray's or mikey's or even lyn-z's. I slowly got out the car and walked to Gerard's house. It had stopped raining by then. I got to the door and knocked.

"It's open!" Gerard shouted.
I went in and closed the door. I walked into the front room to see Gerard sitting by himself.
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