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Secret Santa One Shot!

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I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry that it's up late. Since my computer had broken down a few months ago I had written the one shot on my phone but because I got a netbook for Christmas I had to re...

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In the darkness of the cold Christmas Eve a girl walked alone on her way home. Underneath the street lights, the pale snow glistened and with each step she took it would be followed by a loud crunch. She had let her hood fall to allow the tiny white snowflakes to land on her black hair. A little smile played on her lips as she neared her apartment, knowing that her boyfriend would be waiting for her inside. She reached the door and unlocked it, stepping into the dark front room she threw her keys down onto the coffee table.

"Jen? Is that you?" A familiar voice called out from somewhere else in the apartment. But Bob was no where to be seen.

"Yeah it is." She replied. "What are you doing?"

"Hold on." She could hear his footsteps getting closer. "Close your eyes for a few minutes."

"Um why?" She said.

Bob sighed. "Come on just close them."

She did so "Ok ok, they're closed." She shouted and then she waited. The footsteps were now in the same room and had stopped right in front of her. Jen wondering exactly what was going to be in front of her when she opened her eyes again.

"Ok open them." She looked at Bob, who grinned at her. His arm was stretched out into the air and as she lifted her head, Jen could see a piece of mistletoe dangling above her head. She laughed slightly and Bob silenced her with a kiss. It was moments like these that Jennifer could scarcely believe that she was lucky enough to have found a guy as perfect as Bob. Her lips melted onto his in a soft kiss that was every bit as special as their first kiss was.

As he pulled away, he smiled at her. Bob wondered how he had managed to be loved by such a beautiful woman. He cupped her face in his hands, her brown skin contrasting against his pale tone. He stared into her dazzling brown eyes. The gaze that locked onto him on, leaving him powerless to her. Every time he looked into those eyes, all he wanted to do was make her happy.

"I love you, Jen." Bob whispered.

With a little smile, Jen replied. "I love you too, Bob."

Bob took her hand in his and lead her out to the balcony of their apartment. A few blankets and cushions had been laid out on the floor and a rainbow of fairy lights was strung around the balcony ledge. They sat down together and Bob wrapped one of the blankets around both of them before stretching out an arm around Jen's waist, pulling her closer to him. She let herself fall slightly, her head landing gently on Bob's shoulders. He kissed her head softly and then they looked up into the night sky, watching as the tiny snowflakes floated down and land on and around them.

They sat together for what seemed like forever, but this was what they hoped forever would be like for them.

A tiny beeping noise came from Bob's watch, like the sound of an alarm. He checked his watch to see that it was now midnight. Christmas Day. He pressed a button to silence the beeping before whispering to Jennifer. "Merry Christmas perfect."

"Merry Christmas." She replied.

Bob fidgeted slightly. With his arm still wrapped tightly around Jen's waist, the other hand slide into the pocket of his jeans. Pulling it out again he revealed a small, red velvet box. He then removed his arm from Jen and moved to kneel down on one knee infront of her.

"Jennifer Flores, will you marry me?" He asked.

The box lid flicked open. Revealing a silver band with a single diamond resting in the centre of it, lying on the cushioned inside of the box. Jen's eyes flicked between Bob and the ring and back again. The fairylights were glowing around him, giving the image of the light coming from him instead. As if he was an angel. Well he was. He was her angel.

A million questions circled through Jen's mind. What would their future be like? With Bob going on tour with the band all the time, would she be the wife waiting patiently at home for him to return? Would they ever have kids together with Bob gone so often? Would they grow apart from the little time that they would spend with each other? But as she looked at the ring once more and then into Bob's eyes, those questions were forgotten. They weren't important. Jen loved him and that was what mattered. Everything else would fall into place and so Jen knew her answer.

"Yes" Jen whispered, and then louder. "Yes, yes of course I will Bob."

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again. Allowing her lips which had grown cold from the snow, to warm up from the heat that radiated off of Bob. He pulled away from her reluctantly, as he has wanted to continue their kiss. Instead he plucked the ring out of its box and took Jen's hand. Carefully and gently, he slid the engagement ring onto her finger, causing her to gasp out as she properly took in its beauty and realised that it wasn't a dream. Well it was a dream come true for the both of them,

5 Years later…

“Jen? I need to go now.” Bob called out to his wife.

”Just give me a minute.” She shouted back to him.

Bob waited at the front door of their home. Thinking back to the day he and Jen met. The day she agreed to marry him and the day-

“DADDY!” Jen walked into the front room, carrying a flailing 2 year old girl in her arms. The little girl was set down on her feet and she staggered over to her dad. Bob crouched over to his daughter and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up.

“Hello sweetheart.” He smiled at the hazel eyed girl that he was happy to be able to call his daughter. “Are you going to miss me Pru?”

“Yes,” she replied, tears beginning to fill in her eyes. “I don’t want you to go Daddy.”

Bob glanced over at Jennifer who was smiling weakly. “I’m sorry sweetheart but you know that I will be back with you and Mummy as soon as possible.” He put Pru down again and turned to Jen.

“I’m going to miss you too.” He said taking his wife’s hands and kissing them gently, his lips brushed past the wedding and engagement rings that Jen hadn’t taken off for the last 5 years.

“I love you Bob” Jennifer smile was beginning to waver and her eyes blinked furiously in an attempt to stop the tears from escaping.

Bob cupped her face in his hands and whispered. “I love you too.”

Their lips met for a moment only as the horn of the tour bus beeped, letting them know that Bob needed to leave. He gently kissed Jen and then Pru on the top of the head before picking up his backs and leaving, closing the door behind him.

Bob handed his bags to the driver of the tour bus and before he stepped on board, he turned to look at his beautiful wife and adorable daughter standing by the window, waving him goodbye. With Pru balanced on her hip, Jen blew Bob a kiss. This touching moment assured him that no matter how far he was or how long he would be gone, his family would always be waiting for him when he got back. He wouldn’t have it any other way.
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