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Love's not a competition (but I'm winning)

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After my little talk with Gerard I decided to take a little stroll to the park. I got my jacket and left. The walk was short since the park was only a block away.
Kids were playing. Cute ones too. All of them having their moms by their side in case a booboo was made. It was such a loving atmosphere that whenever I came to this park I felt in need of having kids in the near future. Weird I know, but that's how I felt.
I looked around for a free bench. All of them were practically filled with stay at home dads. I felt a pang of anger rise up in my heart. Dad.
'Shake it off Frank. He's an inconsiderate drunk. Be glad he wasn't in your life', I thought.
I go over my anger and decided to leave the father infested park before I blew up in front of 5 year olds. My stomach growled. Loud.
"I guess I should eat", I mumbled to myself.
No shit Sherlock.
Shut up inner voice.
Fuck you, without me you wouldn't be able to read.
You got a point there.
I came to a taco place nearby. My favorite place in fact. It was called "pinches tacos". I searched online to see what "pinche" meant and found out it meant fucking or fuck in Spanish. I laughed so hard that I almost blew my tacos through my nose.
I went in and sat in a booth.
"Hey Frankie dear", one of the waitresses said. Her name was Griselda. She was the only woman working at the restaurant. The rest were all men.
"Hey Elda. Can I have three tacos of veggie tacos please", I asked politely.
"Sure hun. You want the combo?"
"Yes please. Oh and can you tell Max not to put the jalapeños in them this time? I had stomach problems for a week last time." I told her. Max was the chef and not only that, but he was also my uncle.
"Sure babe. I'll be back with your order."
Once Griselda left I stared out watching the cars pass by. They all of a sudden became interesting to my sight. Question were going through my head. Why was the motor the main part of the car? Was it even the main part of the car? Why does the car get weaker over time? Was it because cars were like humans? If so then why don't they last longer than 5 years to die?
Why do they need gas to-
"Here you go Frank", a rough voice said. It's not Elda.
"Oh thanks Max", I said. I looked him up at him and noticed he got skinnier. Impressive.
"So I see your on Jenny Craig", I snickered.
"Oh haha lol what a funny joke", he said sarcastically. "No, I'm not on Jenny Craig, but I'd like to be."
He started to laugh so hard his whole voice boomed throughout the place. I was a bit confused at first. I didn't get what was so funny about a diet program. Until I put the puzzle together and laughed along with him. Unfortunately he already got over the hilarity of his joke so I was left laughing like an idiot.
"So how you been doing, son." He asked me. I wonder why he would ask that. I have him a confused look. "Your mother told me about the whole situation. She said you came home from the date in tears and haven't spoken to her since yesterday."
"Oh that well everything's fine. I talked to the guy I went out with and he apologized and explained." I told him. He still had a concerned face on.
"Why were you crying though." He asked
I then told him the whole situation about Gerard. His face was shocked when he heard about Gerard being a vampire. He didn't know what to say. I told him it had to be between me and him. He agreed on keeping it a secret.
"So he didn't cheat on you after all."
"Nope. He was just feeding so he could go on our date without craving." I explained. All of the story telling made me forget bout my tacos. Damn. I reached for one and dug in. I was finished with it in only one minute. The rest of the tacos were gulped down in two minutes.
"Wow. That is your official record. I've never seen you eat so fast ever since............well ever." He said astonished. I blushed. It's true usually I would take my time eating, but today was a long day so it's better to eat fast and soon then slow and later.
"I was famished. What did you expect."
He chuckled. "Nah I didn't know you were hungry. I have to go back to work so we'll catch up later. Bye." He said.
"Later." I was about to leave out the door when I heard my uncles voice.
"Frank wait. Who is this guys name?" He asked.
"It's Gerard. Why?" Did he know him? I wonder.
"Green eyes and raven hair?" He asked. Wow ok I guess he does know him.
"Yeah. Again why?"
His fists were clenched and eyes were getting red with anger. "I don't want you with him Frank."
"But why? What has he ever done to you? Do you know him?" I asked with anger. He had no right to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. Besides he was my uncle not my father.
"Just get away from him Frank. He's nothing but trouble." He told me.
"No, I'm not gonna stop hanging around with him. Just because you tell me to doesn't mean I have to." I yelled at him. I turned around and bolted to my house. How could he? After all the times he told me to get more friends. I finally get one and he tells me get away from him.
I arrived at my house. The t.v in the living room was on. What the hell? I went to the living room and found my mother watching her soap opera.
"Hey honey." She said sweetly.
"Hey." I greeted back.
"I want to talk to you about what happened yesterday. Why did you come home in tears?" She asked concerned. I couldn't tell any more people about Gerard's secret. My uncle knowing was already a mistake I didn't want to make another one with my mom.
"Well ummmm. You see Gerard is into acting and when we were on the date I went to the restroom and when I came back I saw him kissing another girl." I lied.
"Ok so what does this have to do with that scum bag liking acting." She said with a sneer. I don't think she likes Gerard so far.
"Well what actually happened was that meanwhile I was in the restroom the host of the restaurant was looking for volunteers to do a scene of Romeo and Juliet. So he volunteered along with another girl. And turns out the scene was the kissing scene. So that's how and why I came home in tears." The whole story was a lie and it was killing me. I hated lying but when it was necessary I just had to.
"Oh I see. So he told you the whole story?"
"Today. You were still at work."
"Did he apologize?"
We at there on the couch in silence. It got awkward after a while. So I left and told my mother goodnight.
I fell on my bed. Exhausted by the events done.
First Ray told me he loved me. Then Gerard told me he loved me. Next I was told by my uncle to get away from Gerard. And finally I had to make up a whole other story for my mother.
What a great life.
My eyes were gettin heavier just remembering and before I knew it I was asleep.
Ok so I'm really sorry for missing another week. I'm a lazy bum who can't get her life straight so I have made a decision. I will be updating once a week. I'm sorry and if you disagree go ahead and review. Bye my lovelies.
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