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Cirque Romantique

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Story based of the 2009 film Cirque du Freak:The Vampires Assistant,starring Josh Hutcherson and Chris Magnolia Guest starring in this fic:Zacky Vengance and M.Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold.

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Right,new fic!
Hope you like it...!!

Cirque Romantique:Chapter 1

Hey,my name's Gerard Way.
I'm 16 years old and go to Belleview High.

Up until recently my life was pretty sweet.
I always got good grades,cuz my allowance was tied to it.
Every Friday I'd head down to Mel's comics and get the newest edition of 'Doom Patrol'.
No one bullied me about it,everyone was my friend.
But I always have one friend who drives me crazy,but I still love him.
My best friend.

"C'mon,let's cut!"Mikey,my best friend,whispered as I was about to walk into Mr.Lenord's history class.
"Mikes,we're already at class"I warn him,but he doesn't take no for an awnser.
"I can't deal with him today"Mikey says.
From inside the class,I hear Mr.Lenord.
"So class.."He trails off and scratches his nails on the chalkboard,as he always does.
"What'cha got for me!?"He says excitedly.
I give in to Mikey's idea and chase him down the hall.

On the roof,Mikey is chucking stones at the AC's
I was busy staring at the spider in amazement.
I was obsessed with them.
I picked it up and looked at it closer.
"So,I'm thinking of going to England,wanna go?"Mikey calls.
"Yeah,sure"I say,looking up from my spider-study.
"Yeah,you're not going anywhere,Mr.Goody-Two-Shoes.I was joking.Wanna throw one?"He says,holding out the stone to me.
"Mikey,we'll get busted!"I warn him.
"Oh,Mikey we'll get busted"Mikey mocks my tone before bursting into laughter and throwing the stone at yet another AC.
Mikey sees the spider in my hand and squishes it.
"It's now a rock.C'mon,Gee.."He pouts at me.
I gave in.
I stood in the aim of the first AC I could see,and threw it.
It smashed not only the AC,but the light next to it.
Next thing I knew,me and Mikes were being carted off the roof and to the principal's office.

Mom and Dad had found out.
I was in deep shit.

"I am so sorry.."I stutter.
"It's that Mikey boy isn't it?Always causing trouble.."My mom trails off,on the verge of tears.
"Did Gerard tell you he got an A on his art exam??"My 13 year old sister,Sadie,asked,trying to change the subject.It clearly didn't work.
"Yes he did,hon.Go to your room"My mom says to her,pushing her lightly into the room.
"You are not to be friends with him no more,Gerard."My mom said,near tears again.
"I'm not 5 years old!You can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with!"I say in protest.
"You are on a good path,Gerard.To a great college,a great job and a family of your own.A happy,productive life.College,Job,Family!And one day,if you're really lucky,you'll be here yelling at a teenager of your own!"My dad raises his voice at me.
Those words echoed in my head as I saw myself and my future before my eyes.





"Gerard,are you listening?!"My mom shrieks at me,snapping me out of the horrible fantasy.

Right,R&R and all that!
And,I took a few bits from Cirque Du Freak,just for this fic..
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