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Cirque Romantique:Chapter 3

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A/N:Chapter 3 is here!

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 3

After the show,I ran straight back to Zacky's room.
I opened the door and surveyed the room before creeping in.
I saw a cage marked 'Octa'.
"Hey Octa I'm a big fan.I'm Gerard."I whisper as I play a tune.
Then I heard voices,so I took Octa's cage and put it in my bag,putting an empty covered cage in it's original place.
I then hid in the closet.

After a while,I heard the second voice,that belonged to somebody named Gavner,leave the room.
"You've been awfully quiet under there,Octa.."I heard Zacky say.
I opened up a door to a secret passage and ran through it.
I got to the end and climbed the ladder.
I ran out the stage door to find that limo again.
"Get in"The voice inside called and I climbed in.
The car then sped off,leaving Zacky standing in the alley.

"So,are you the one known as Mikey?"The voice,or Mr.Tiny,asked.
"No,I'm the one known as Gerard.."I replied shakily.
"Oh,well.We can work with that,can't we Murloch?"Mr.Tiny asked the man beside him.
"Yes,we can"Murloch replied with a brisk,russian accent.
"Now,Gerard.Do you believe in the immutabilty of the human soul??"Mr.Tiny asked.
"No.."I replied with nervousness.
"Knows nothing of souls,does he?Knows only of blood.The ruby red.."Murloch whispered.
"I actually had a bike,which I can get tommorow.In the daylight."I say,trying to change the subject.
"No worries,it's in the trunk"Mr.Tiny smiled.
"We have much to discuss,Gerard.."Murloch says,with a hint of evil in his voice.

The next day,at school,I opened my bag.
"Hey Octa,I'mma go get some food for you ok?Some flies off the window.."I whispered.
"Hey!"Mikey said cheerfully as he walked up to me.
I put my bag back in my locker quickly,then smiled.
"What have you got in there,Gee?"Mikey asked,getting my bag from my locker.
"Nothing"I lied.
It was too late,Mikey had already opened my bag.
"Yeah,I went back there after the show.I kinda borrowed it"I say.
"You stole from a vampire?"Mikey asked with his voice raising.
"No!It's called 'borrowing'!"I say calmly.
"Wait.When you went back there,what did you see?"Mikey asked.
"I saw everything.Why would you wanna be a vampire,Mikes?"I asked.
Mikey sighed,then said "You wouldn't understand,you have everything,what do I have?"
Mikey took Octa out my bag then looked at it,closely.
Suddenly,the bell ring and Mikey dropped her cage.
Octa quickly ran out,causing havoc.
She ran up onto the ceiling.
Mikey got a broom from the janitor's closet and knocked Octa down.
He was ready to stab her,but I tackled him.
"What the fuck?"Mikey fumed,then saw Octa trying to climb out the window.
He shut the window down.
"I killed the spidey.."He smiled.
I looked at the bulge from his T-shirt.
"Um...not exactly!"I shout.
Everyone screamed as Octa climbed up to Mikey's face.
She sank her teeth into his cheek.
Mikey then collapsed.
Octa then ran away,back to Zacky.
The bulge on Mikey's cheek began to appear.
Octa's venom.

There we go,guys!
I'll update tomorrow,maybe twice since it's friday!
Xoxo Sadie
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