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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 4

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Chapter 4..

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Hey guys!
So,let us begin..

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 4

I rode back to the abandoned theatre as fast as I could that night.
I ran straight through the entrance and into the theatre.
I dropped to my knees in the centre,tears running down my cheeks.

"What have you come to steal from me now?"Zacky said,bringing me to my feet.
"N-Nothing!"I stammer.
"Then why are you here?"He asked.
"Look,Octa bit my best friend Mikey.I-I need an antadote.D-Do you have one?"I stutter with fear.
"Yes,but only a few drops left.Why should I waste it on some kid,who threatened to kill me too?"Zacky asked with a smile on his face,fangs glinting in the dim light.
"I just need it ok?!"I say strongly,fear washed away.
"Fine.On one condition.I'll turn you into a half-vampire,you'll do chores for me,guard my coffin on the road,that sort of bull-crap.You shall be my assistant.You in?"Zacky asked,still smiling.
"Umm..I..Um.."I stutter again,fear coming back.
"Do you wanna go home,ask your Mommy and Daddy?Do they make all the decisions for you?"Zacky teased.
"No,they don't!"I say gripping my teeth.
After a few minutes I agree to the plan.
Zacky tests my blood.
"Your blood is pure,this will work.."Zacky smiles.
Me and Zacky connect hands and exchange blood.
"This may hurt when it gets to your heart.."He whispers.

The icy vampire life ran into my system quick.
It rushed straight to my heart quick.
Then it spread into my immune system and burned away the mortality.
I dropped to my knees in a rush.

"I feel cold"I say when the rush is over.
"Take this.Look at the new you.."Zacky says,handing me a hand-mirror.
I look into the reflective glass.

I have changed,facially.
My skin was snow white,my eyes a deep shade of red,almost black.
My hair was a jet-black colour,shoulder length.
My eyes were coated with thick,black eyeliner.
My lips were a rosy red.

"So,that's it.You'll save Mikey."I say.
"Yes.Now hop on my back,we're going to flit."Zacky orders.
"What?"I ask.
Flit?What the fuck does he mean by flit?
"Just shut up,and get on my back,Gerard!"He orders again,raising his voice.
I got on his back and we flitted out the room at top speed,inhuman speed.

At the hospital,we climbed through Mikey's window.
He looked horrible,the venom really got to him.

"He looks horrible,can you give him the antidote please?"I ask Zacky as I look at Mikey with pained eyes.
Zacky gets Mikey's arm and finds the vein.
He pushes his sharpened nail into the vein and quickly sucked some excess blood away,then applied the antidote.
The bulge on Mikey's chin heals a tiny bit.
"Done."Zacky says,putting the cap back on the empty bottle.
"So,he'll be ok,right?"I ask.
"Good as new in about three days.."Zacky clarifys.
I get a little panicked,and push the alarm buttons above Mikey's bed.
The robotic voice repeats the message:

Code blue,code blue.519...

"Stay away!"I scream as I held my fingers into the crucifix sign.
"You have no idea how ridiculous you look right now.Try not to do something stupid like get yourself killed."Zacky warned before leaving through the window.
I then leave quickly before the nurses arrived.

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