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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 6

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chapter 7

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A/N:chapter 7 of this fic!
Read too!

Cirque Romantique:Chapter 7

Zacky opened the coffin door.
He then pulled me out of the coffin and handed me a shovel.
"Fill the hole back up"He ordered.
"No way,my legs are still stiff!"I protest,stretching my legs about.
Zacky hit me in the legs with the shovel.
"Feel that?"
"Ow!Yeah,dude I do!"I shriek.
I take the shovel from his hands and begin to fill up the hole.

"Do you smell a rotting corpse?"Zacky asked,leaning off one of the headstones he was perched against.
"Haha.Very funny."I say sarcasticly.
"Get back in the hole,Gerard."He ordered,standing in a battle position.
"No way!"I shout.
Zacky then shoves me in,just as Murloch tackles Zacky in the hole too.
They began to fight,and I quickly climb out and take to running.
Murloch catches me,and shoves me into a sack,then he ran off with me over his shoulder.
"Put me down!"I squirm.
Murloch then gets tripped up,and Zacky grabs me and we flit.

We end up on a busy highway.
A truck then blares it's horn,and Murloch arrives.
"Don't look behind you.."Zacky smiled evily as we flitted again.
I turn back to see Murloch get hit by the truck.

After a few thousand flits,we arrive back at a campground.
"Here is the Cirque's winter campground.This is where you will live from now on."Zacky informs me as we walk into the site.
Everybody was waiting for us.

"Right,Gerard,you already know M.Now,time to meet the rest of the gang.That there is Frank,the wolf-boy and there is his sister,Lupus,"Zacky introduced,pointing at the two acts with fur on them.
"Next,you have Pynthia and her boyfriend,Ray,"Zacky said,pointing at the serpent girl and the man with the large afro.
"Hey,I'm Ray!"Ray greeted friendly.
"Ray is our food smasher,he has a hidden metal in his hand that can smash anything."Frank smiled.
"Like Galleger.."I mutter.
"Moving along,Gerard.This is Animistique.She's Frank's Girlfriend."Zacky said,pointing at the girl who was petting her cat.
"And I love him,because I love animals!"Animistique smiled,going over to Frank and kissing him.
"Right,anyway.There's Bruits.She's a proper vampire."Zacky added,pointing to the girl sat on the decking,reading.
"What are you reading?"I asked her.
"A Splitting Of The Mind,it was made into a book a few years ago."Bruits smiles before looking back at her book.
"I think that's about it.You already know Corma and Evra.I think that's everybody.."Zacky said.
"Welcome to the Cirque!"Ray and Frank mused.
"Right,I've assigned you a roommate.You can sleep with..umm.."M said,confused.
"I'll take him.."Vampiris mumbled.
"Oh,yeah,Gerard,that's Vampiris.She is a half vampire too.She's the youngest of their kind,only 15 years old."Zacky said.
Vampiris stepped out of the shadows.
I looked at her in bewilderment.
She looked just like Sadie,exactly like her.
"Gerard?"Zacky asked.
"Huh?"I stammered,snapping out of the staring.
"Do you want to room with Vampiris?"
"Yeah,sure.."I responded.
"Right,group break,it's late.."M ordered and we all walked off to our tents.

"So,what do you do around here?"I asked Vampiris.
"Well,the youngers,me and Lupus do chores during the day.You have to aswell,no exceptions."Vampiris said,climbing into bed.
"Where do I sleep?"I ask.
"Over there,the other area of the tent."Vampiris stated,pointing over to the right side of the room.
"Okay,then.."I say quietly,walking over to the other bed.
"Close the curtain too,I need privacy."Vampiris says.
I draw the curtain over the room.
"Good-night.."I say,but I get no answer.
I sigh as I climb into my bed and sleep.

A/N:The character Vampiris is me by the way.
Also,d'ya like it so far.
I edited it a little bit too,adding extra diolouge,cutting a couple scenes from the movie etc.
R&R and I will update tomorrow,I make that a promise!
Love yous!
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