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Cirque Romantique-chapter 7

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chapter 7

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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 7

I was sat eating breakfast the next morning,a nice cooked breakfast.
How did they get the stuff for a full english breakfast around this place?

I was nearly finished with my breakfast when Vampiris showed up with Lupus.
They sat at a seperate table to me and began to eat.
Even though me and Vampiris are half-vampires,we can still eat,y'know.
Anyway,as I saw her eating,I got a weird,warm feeling.
It's like,when I was fully mortal,I saw that comic book and I loved it.
Love her?!

Great,she's coming over!!

"Hey,Gerard,Zacky gave this to me to give to you.."Vampiris trailed off.
"Thanks.."I say back,taking the paper from her hand.
"Ask him.."Lupus whispered to Vampiris.
"Ask me what?"
"There's the moon festival coming up on full moon,in the camp.It's like a dance-type of thing.And,Vampiris wanted to know if you'd go with her.."Lupus said excitedly.
"Well done,Lupus!"Vampiris fumed,storming off.
"Well,will you?"Lupus asked.
That feeling came back again,stronger.
Yep,I was in love with her.
"Yeah,fine.Now,tell me more about the moon festival.."

The moon festival is basically like prom.
Except,no dresses or tuxedos,no fancy ballroom decorations,none of that shit.
Just a celebration of the night.
Where all the supernatural come out and celebrate being supernatural.
Sounds like fun.

After I completed the list and took it back to Zacky,I spotted Vampiris sat on the deck in the middle of the campground.
I went up to her,and it seemed she had been crying.
I pretty much ran up to her then,stupid love feeling made me look like a total douche.
"Hey,why you crying for?"I asked,sitting next to her.
"I just miss my family,my friends,my old life.."She said with tears in her eyes.
"I do too,but you don't see me crying"
Fuck,I just totally insulted her.
Bad move,Gerard.Total douche move,so idiotic.
"You know what,forget I said anything.."Vampiris blushed before getting up to leave.
"Wait,you're lying!Lupus told me you blush when you lie!"
"I'm going to fucking kill her.."Vampiris hissed under her breath.
"Now,what were you crying about..?"
"You.I was crying,over you."Vampiris mumbled,looking down awkwardly.
"Me?Why?"Though I already knew the answer to that one,because it's the same as my answer.
"I..I love you.."Vampiris blurted out.
"Really?"I smiled,then I realised I must look like a dork so I dropped the smile.
"Yes.And I know you love me too,by the way you look at me and how you smiled just then."She smiled.
"Fine,I love you too ok?"I said.
Vampiris then hugged me,taking me by suprise.
"Sorry.."She apologized.
"Don't be."I smiled before I kissed her,softly.

A/N:That chapter might have sucked.I made up the idea of the moon festival,by the way.Other then that,the rest is from the film.
Oh,and in the film,the half-vampire loved the monkey girl,so I edited it so he loved the half-vampire.
Great,this'll turn into fucking twilight!
Anyway,R&R and I shall update later.
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