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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 8

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chapter 8-the moon festival..

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A/N:Chapter 8 is here,all from my imagination!
Enjoy this and Rate and Review,I'll answer back to the reviews I promise.

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 8

The moon festival was today.
Tonight at 7pm.
I was excited.

I woke up that morning in my bed,then slipped into Vampiris' bed.
I wrapped my arm over her while she slept.
I then fell asleep too.

"Gerard?"Ray woke me up.
"Yes,Ray?"I say,looking up at him.
"The moon festival is today,in about 4 hours.."Ray trailed off,because he knew that I wanted him to go away.
"Shit,I'd better get ready then.Oh,fuck!Zacky's gonna kill me!"I say,getting out of Vampiris' bed and going over to my wardrobe.
I pulled out a pair of worn down jeans and slipped them on,buttoning them up.
Then I found a black shirt and slipped that on,then grabbed my Vans and put them on,lacing them up.
I then started to frantically search for my eyeliner.
"Dude,you seen my eyeliner?"I asked Ray.
"Does it look like I live here?"He asked.
"Here it is!"I smile as I pick it up off the bedside table and apply it.
"Ok,ready to go!"I smiled as me and Ray walked out the door into the late evening sun.

"Zacky,I know I'm late!I guess I over slept"I apologize as I enter Zacky's tent and close the door behind me.
"I'll let you off,since it's the moon festival tonight.I have something to discuss with you."Zacky said,motioning for me to sit in the worn out living room chair across from him.
I sat down in the seat.
"You know Mikey?"He asked.
"Yeah,we've been best friends since 1st grade.Why,is something up with him?"I reply,sitting forward in the seat in curiosity.
"Yeah,there is.He isn't him anymore.Not himself."Zacky said,pouring a drink.
"How?"I asked.
"Forget I said anything.You'll find out soon anyway."Zacky said,sipping the drink and pointing towards the door.
"You may leave now,you have the festival to attend."He smiled,and I got up and left,closing the door behind me.

Later that evening,the festival began.
I was sat on the bench,in a white shirt,buttoned up until the second from the top,and black skinny jeans and converse.
Not too casual,yet not too formal either.
Just the way I like it.
Frank and Animistique came and sat next to me.
"Hey,guys!"I greet them.
"Looking sharp,man!"Frank compliments."You smell nice too!"
"Unlike you,you stink like a dog!"I joke.
"'Cause I am one!"He laughs,just as Ray and Pynthia arrived.
"Yo!"Ray greeted me and Frank with fist-bumps,while Pynthia sat by Animistique.
"Where's Vampiris?Did she arrive with you,Gerard?"Pynthia asked.
"No,she's still getting ready,she was showering when I left."I tell her.
"There she is!"Animistique smiled.
Vampiris then arrived and sat down next to me.
I placed my arm around her and kissed her.
"Nice to see you too!"She smiled.

The night passed slow enough for me.
Everybody was having fun,so I left the group to sit on my own for a while.
Vampiris showed up a few minutes after that.
"Hey,I was looking for you!"She smiled as she wrapped her arm around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder.
"You found me"I laughed as I pulled her towards me,kissing her.
A small smile formed on her lips.
"D'ya wanna go back to the group or.."
"Or...?"I asked.
"Or,do you wanna go back to the tent?"She smiled.
"Hm..I like that tent idea.."I smiled as I stood up and raised her into my arms,wedding style.
I then carried her back to the tent.

A few hours later,we laid in Vampiris' bed,breathing heavily.
That,was fun.
I stroked her hair as she drew a pattern on my chest,using her finger.
She then closed her eyes and slept,while I looked at the candle by the window flicker.
In the end,I fell asleep too.

A/N:That's it for this chapter!I hope you liked it,I enjoyed writing it.I was gonna add smut,but I thought I'd better not,cuz it'd make me feel awkward,since I didn't put romance as one of the chapters.But,you can tell there was smut,it was so easy to tell!Right,back to the point.Rate and Review and the next chapter will be added either tonight before 8pm,cuz that's the time I go to bed cuz it's sunday (no!school tomorrow!fuck!) or I will update after I come home from school tomorrow at about 3pm..Bye guys

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