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This is just great. So far it's been pretty nice.
"So your name is Chewy, huh?" I said to the little pug in front of me, "I'm fine with you staying here as long as you don't chew on my shoes."
I smiled and put Chewy down. I checked the clock and it was 9:00 am. That was enough time to take a bath, decide on what I should wear, put my eyeliner on and straighten my hair.
I returned to the bathroom and put the sock in the water hole to prevent the water from leaving in order to have a bath. Meanwhile I waited for the bathtub to fill up I brushed my teeth. Once I was done the bathtub was full.
I turned the water off and got some bath salts. The ones I had made me smell like strawberries. I hope Gerard likes strawberries. If he gags on the smell I swear I'll shoot myself.
Once everything was ready I jumped in. I have to admit the water felt very nice on my skin. The warm liquid enveloped me in a nice tight hug. It was like being in a jacuzzi in heaven. I sat in the tub for a while oblivious to the world.
'Ok frank', I thought to my self,'today you will do your best on not being clumsy and stay elegant as if floating in the air. You will not stutter with nervousness. Instead you will let the words flow out of your mouth with confidence.'
-~_~_~_,_,_,_~30 MINUTES LATER_~_~_~;;/;/;/;/;/;/;_~

I came out of the tub and grabbed my towel. I unclogged the water hole and went to my room. Chewy was in the corner whimpering.
"Awwww. What happened Chewy? Did someone hurt you, baby?" I asked. I knew he puppy wouldn't answer but I just wanted to see what was wrong. I picked him up to what was goin on. Turns out the little guy was just hungry.
I went to the kitchen, still in my robe, and cooked a small piece of meat. Even though I was vegetarian it didn't mean my mom couldn't eat meat. The smell of cooked meat sickened me but I had too make or else I'd loose my puppy.
Once the meat was done I put it in a bowl and gave it to Chewy. He dug in as if there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile he ate I went to my room to change. There were so many nice clothes I had to choose from.
I don't know how long I took with deciding but in the end the black vans, black skinny jeans and gray dress shirt had won me over.
I looked at the clock, it was almost 11:00 am. Damn. Do I really take that long to decide on my fashion choices? I'm guessing I do since the clock doesn't lie.
I hurried up and put my clothes on. My next step was to straighten my hair. It only took ten minutes and I came out with a fantastic fringe that didn't curl anymore. Yay for me.
The last and final step was my eyeliner. I usually smeared it all over my eye to look cooler. But today I decided to do a clean eyeliner look. Instead of going outside the eye. I put the eyeliner inside the lids. I did it very carefully not to poke my eye. I succeeded and I have to say I looked pretty sexy. None of that "I look so ugly" shit. Nope, I have to admit I look hot. I smiled at myself in the mirror. I checked the time and it was 11:30 am. Only 30 more minutes and I'd be out of here. In the meantime I decided to tell my mom about Chewy. I went to the kitchen and found him eating the bone left from his meat piece. CUTE!!!
"Hey big boy, lets go talk to mommy about you", I said in my fluffy voice.
I walked to my Moms room only to find her sleeping. That's weird. Usually she'd be up by now. I shook her slightly in hopes of waking her up. She didn't wake up. Chewy started to like her face and she smiled.
"Oh Big Joe, you're such an animal. Come here sexy!" She said in her sleep. Gross!! My own mother was dreaming about a rapper.
"MOM!!!" I screamed. She woke up instantly and had her vision blocked by Chewy's tongue. She pushed him away and wiped her face.
"What in the name of all that's holy is going on Frank ." She said sleepily.
"I just wanted to know if we can have this doggy." I said pretending to be a five year old.
She smiled. "Well he is very cute. I guess we can keep him as long as you clean up all his crap and pee."
I giggled. "Sure mom I'll clean it up. So can we have him?"
She nodded and went back to sleep. Yay. I love my mom. She is the greatest person alive.
The doorbell rang and I ran to it.
I opened the door and saw Gerard with a rose in his hand. He picked up his head. Wow. His eyes are a bright silver today.
"Hello Frank." He said in a low husky voice. Sexy move, Gerard.
"Hey." I said, "Oh and thanks for Chewy. So far he's loving it here." I heard a small bark and Chewy run up at the doorstep. He stood up on his hind legs begging to be picked up.
"Hey buddy," Gerard cooed,"How are ya? Is Frankie treating ya good?"
Chewy's response was a small bark and a lick on Gerard's face. I giggled. It was actually kind of cute seeing them together.
"Alright Chewy Gee and me have to go. Say bye-bye." I told Chewy. I got him from Gerard's arms, kissed his head and got him in the house. "Ready to go?"
"Definitely." Gerard replied. "Oh and here's your rose."
He gave it to me and I mumbled a thanks. We walked to his car silently.
I entered the mustang nervously. This was going to be a great night.
AN:SURPRISE!!!! I'm back. Sorry for taking so long I had writers block. So here I am back and ready to finally update more often. Today in my school I got visited by an author. Her name was Kim Purcell she's the author of a book named "Traficked". It was awesome. I asked her a question about advice for future writers and she basically told me not of give up and to express myself when I write. When she was signing some books for us I told her that I wanted to be a writer and she told me she was proud that such young people like me knew what they wanted to be in life already and that I was a confident girl. So yeah my day went pretty well and because of this awesome author I have been inspired to keep writing more often. So check for mother chapter tomorrow and you will see it there. Btw I update my stories really late. Like at 7:00pm in the US so be patient. And for my British fans it will probably be 1:00am over there. Patience my children.
"Sooo the heck are ya?" Gerard said after two minutes of silence in the car.
"I'm okay. Everything's fine. Thanks for asking. How about you?" I said to Gerard.
"I'm feeling a little bit love sick. But it's nothing this date with you can't fix." Gerard said in a low sexy voice with an amazing smirk. I blushed. How can he be so romantic? I thought vampires were always depressed. I guess I was wrong.
"So where exactly are we going? I don't think any restaurants are open 'til the night." I told him. I wonder where we're going. It's not exactly everyday that I get to go on a date with a cute guy.
"It's a surprise." He said.
I hate surprises. They never turn out well for me. For example my sixth birthday. I was supposed to have a unicorn at my party but what had actually happened was that it turned out to be a small donkey that my dad bought at the back of a flea market. So yeah I guess you could say I'm traumatized.
20 minutes later and we were at the park. It was beautiful. The leaves were turning reddish orange and the grass was as green as ever. It's surprised me that it hadn't snowed in New Jersey yet. Usually it would snow somewhere in the end of October. But I guess this year is different.
Gerard got out of the car and in just a millisecond he opened the car door for me. I got out and mumbled a thank you. The cold air hit me like a ton of bricks. It felt surprisingly good.
"We are going to have a picnic if you don't mind. The weather today is rather fresh." Gerard said politely. God, I loved his vocabulary.
"I don't mind at all. I actually love the idea." I smiled at him and he smiled back. I felt flutters at the pit of stomach. Why does this happen to me?
Gerard went to his trunk and got a blanket along with a basket. We walked to the hill farther away from the park. While walking to the top we talked and caught up with each other. I learned that he had a brother named Mikey. He likes rock music and was basically on his own since his father found out he was bisexual when he was seventeen. His mother passed away when she had Mikey.
"I'm sorry for your lose." I said sympethatically. I had my mom my whole life so right now I'm feeling lucky that I have her.
"It's okay. It wasn't your fault. Besides, it happened a long time ago, no worries." He said carelessly. I couldn't help but feel like there was something more to it. But I left it alone knowing it was a topic for another time.
We finally got to the top of the hill. We set up the blanket and basket on the grass. Once everything was done I turned and had a good look of the park from above. Everything seemed so tiny and weird beneath. I giggled a little knowing it reminded me of myself.
"What's so funny?" Gerard said with a small smile.
"Oh nothing. The park just reminded me of something." I said with a blush.
"Alright, well stop doing what you're doing and eat up princess." He said with a laugh. I looked at the food on the blanket. It looked delicious.
Vegetarian lasagna, fruit salad, vegetable salad, 2 blood pouches and for dessert macadamia coconut dream cake (vegan, of course). Although, the blood pouches didn't seem very tempting to me.
I sat down next to Gerard and dug up.
All the time that we spent on the hill was amazing. We talked about each other and our life's. Then when I started to talk about my father he got quiet and distant. I later changed the subject feeling the atmosphere too uncomfortable to settle in.
He told me about how it was to be a vampire throughout all these years. It really changed how he saw the world. That was all he said about vampire life. He didn't tell me anything else about his father. He didn't even say if he turned his brother into a vampire or not. He probably did. If not then Mikey would already be dead.
Hours had past. Although they felt like years. Every moment with Gerard made me feel like I had just met the person I've been dreaming of. My one true love.
'No Frankie. Don't decide just yet. Remember about what you told Ray.' I thought to myself. After all I did promise him I'd think about it. So lets not rush things.
I checked the time on my watch. It was 8:00pm already.
"Oh man. I have to go already. My curfew is 8:30." I said.
"8:30? Does your mom trust you?" Gerard asked. He had a face on that said "That shit's crazy".
I laughed. "No it's not that. It's just not very safe in New Jersey. My mom wants me to get home in one piece and 8:30 is usually the time that trouble wakes up." I explained. Besides, oddly enough I love my curfew. It's fair and safe.
We packed up our things and were on our way back to my house. The car ride was silently peaceful. He didn't talk. I didn't talk. It was just calm.
He stopped the car in front of my house. I got out of the car at the same time he did. We walked up my porch and got ready for our goodbyes. I could hear Chewy barking in the house. I giggled.
"Looks like o the puppy missed you." Gerard said with a smile.
"I'm guessing he did. I can even hear him scratching the front door." I said to him. We both laughed. The humor in the air died down slowly.
"I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow." I told him. I reached for my keys and was about to get in when...........
"Woah there. Aren't you forgetting something? Like maybe a kiss?" Gerard asked innocently. Cute. Now lets play a little game called "Hard to get".
"I'm sorry to say that I don't kiss on the first date. So..........good night." I said fiercely. You go Frankie. Play feisty like you mean it.
"All that will change." I heard Gerard murmur.
"What?" I asked but before he could answer he got me from my waist and dipped me.
"I said all that will change." He said evilly. Slowly he started to lean in to my lips. I couldn't help but feel a little turned on by this.
His lips collided with mine. So soft with such bliss and passion. I instantly kissed him back. Claiming his lips as my property. His hand slowly made its way to my ass. I gasped. He took advantage of the opening and slid his tongue in my mouth. I moaned and got my hand to tangle in his hair to push him closer to me.
Everything was perfect until my front porch's light went on and off. That was my mom's signal to get in the house. I pushed away from Gerard and he picked me up.
"I have to go now." I said shyly not wanting to look at him in the eye. He picked up my chin and gave me one last kiss. So soft.
"Leave now before I ravish you this very moment." He said with a low growl. I giggled, said my goodbye and went inside my house.
I went straight to my bed and screamed in my pillow.
Today was just the best day EVER!!!! As soon as I stopped my girlish ways Chewy came in to lick my face.
"Hey hun. Do you mind if daddy sleeps? He's got a really big day tomorrow." I told him. He barked and got comfortable.
I slept soundly thinking about he kiss that was between me and Gerard. With a smile on my face I fell into sleepy darkness.
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