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Sweet Monday kisses

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I woke up to the sound of barking and my mom yelling. Oh god, what did Chewy do? I instantly got up and followed the noises. They were coming from the bathroom. I entered and found my mom in the shower holding the curtain to cover her naked body. Chewy stood on his four feet and barked at my mom.
"What the hell is going on?" I said frustratedly. My mom gave me an angry look and began to explain.
"Your dog decided to be a pervert and join me in my shower!!!!" She screamed disgustingly.
"Chewy!!! Bad boy. You do not get in the shower with an old lady." I scolded him. He started to whimper and I picked him up to pet him. He was wet and smelled like Pantene. I giggled and took him to the kitchen.
"If the dog wants anything I got some kibble while you were out. Feed him that." My mom yelled from the bathroom.
I got the kibble from the lower cabinet and got a cereal bowl. I put the food in cup by cup and stopped when it was filled. I gave it to Chewy and he started to eat up. I left him there while I started to change for school. I'm not gonna shower this morning. Most likely because its 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I do not want to get pneumonia this year.
I picked out one of my misfits shirt and some ripped skinny jeans. I decided to go with converse today instead of vans.
I combed my hair and put some eyeliner on carelessly. I got my backpack and went out the door petting Chewy goodbye and yelling my mother goodbye.
I practically skipped to school with excitement. I was gonna see Gerard again and hopefully he was as happy as I was to see him.
The school grounds came to view and I saw Ray. He was talking to some guy. I walked up to him and said hi.
"Oh hey. This is Bert." He introduced. And when this Bert guy turned at a better angle I saw his face better. He was skinny with really long black hair and blue eyes. He looked kind of creepy to me.
"Hi." He said in a raspy voice. Damn boy. You crazy.
"Hi. Ray I was wondering if I could talk to you in private. After school." I said in uncertainty.
"Sure. Anything for you." He aid with a wink.
I mumbled and 'ok' and left him to talk with his friend. I went to class and found Gerard sitting next to my assigned seat. He was looking out the window as if the trees were more interesting than anything else in the world.
No one was in the class yet. Not even the teacher so we were alone. Oh god.
I went to my seat and that's when he looked my way.
"Hey babe." He said in a cool voice and leaned in to give me a soft kiss. It was short but sent me flying to cloud nine.
"Hey." I said back. I blushed. Why was I so girly around him? It's not that I want to. It's just the way Gerard made me feel and act.
"How are you doing?" He asked politely.
"Very good thanks for asking. And you?"
"I'm fine."
"Uh huh."
"Just kiss me already."
I giggled. "Sure thing."
I leaned in and kissed him hard. He smiled into the kiss and kissed back. His lips took over mine. Him being more dominant.
We sat there kissing. It was pure bliss. I couldn't have thought of a better way to make out.
I pushed away from Gerard. Hearing the bell, I knew the students were coming in. He had a small frown, but I caressed his cheek reassuring him we'd continue it later.
The whole class period was spent with us staring at each other. Sometimes in the middle of staring Gerard would do a silly face and we'd laugh as quietly as possible. Trying not to disturb the class.
After first period was over I mouthed a goodbye to Gerard and went out the door. I didn't go very far. Gerard had grabbed me from my waist while walking in the corridor and put his lips on mine.
I felt kind of uncomfortable because every student in the school was walking the hallways. But Gerard didn't seem to care. So if he didn't then I didn't have to.
I kissed back full force and enjoyed the moment. He bit my lip and picked me up a little so that my face was hovering his face.
I realized then that I was gonna be late for my next class. Shit!!! I pulled away from Gerard reluctantly.
"I'd love to kiss you all day but I have to go." I told him. He seemed unhappy but nodded and let me go. I kissed him one last time and ran to my next class.
That was the bell for seventh period which was my free period. I went to the music room and checked up on the piano. I was eager to get my hands on the black and white keys.
I entered and saw no one there so I just made my way to the piano. I noticed it was cleaner. Usually dust covered the top of it.
I sat on the bench and worked on some notes. I noticed that today wasn't really my day for piano. I guess I would have to play guitar for today.
The guitar to me was equally exciting to the piano. Both instruments had won my heart.
I made my way to the guitar and played a little. I admit I was a little bit rusty since I hadn't played it in a long time. I played a little song called "Demolition lovers". I didn't sing. Just played. My voice was feeling a little soar.
Once I was done with the song I heard clapping. It was Gerard. Smiling contently at me. I blushed and made my way over to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my forehead on his forehead.
"Hey." He said in a light voice I'd never heard before. It voice was normally low and deep but right now it was sorta high and cute.
"Hi." I greeted back.
He smiled. "So are you gonna kiss me or what?"
I laughed and said "Sure."
I was leaning in when all of a sudden I hear Mrs. Garcia's voice.
"Stop right there. I'm sorry boys but I will not let PDA be shown in my class. Even if it is emptied." She said in a joking yet serious tone. I giggled and took Gerard with me to the hall.
There was only 5 minutes until school was gonna end. So I took him to the front of the school and under a tree.
Before he could speak I kissed him and continued what we were interrupted from. He instantly kissed back and wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt good to be in his arms like this. I felt secure somehow. This might seem strange but his kisses made me wanna-
I pulled away from Gerard the second time that day. I was guessing he got used to it since he just continued and kissed my neck. I sighed happily.
While Gerard was kissing my neck I looked around and saw Ray getting out of the school doors. I was so eager to talk to him that I ran and left Gerard by himself. Sorry babe.
"RAYY!!! OVER HERE!!!!" I screamed loudly. He turned his head my way and walked towards me.
This was it. This was when the truth was coming out.
"Hey shorty. What did you wanna talk about?" He asked with a smile.
"Ummmm...........ok. I have decided on who I want and I wanted to tell you as soon as possible." I told him. He face got suddenly serious. God, please down let this get ugly.
"So who do you choose?" He asked. Before I could answer I made sure Gerard wasn't looking out way. But he was and he had a smirk on his face, probably overhearing our conversation with his vampire hearing, thinking he knew the answer to Ray's question. Though he didn't.
"We'll I decided that I will choose...................
CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! I'm sorry but I just had to do this. I wanted to create some tension and guess I'm doing pretty well at it. Anyways I said this a long time ago on one of my chapters that I will make a oneshot for the person who knew what the OD in MCROD means. So good luck and see you tomorrow.
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